Savor the Fun with Unofficial Guide Walt Disney by hkksew3563rd


									Cartoon characters have been part of our childhood and so kids are very excited once
their parents tell them stories about Cinderella and other classic Disney characters. As
the years passed by more and more new characters were known from the movies and
television shows produced by Walt Disney. The company has developed the best
amusement park that is widely known worldwide. The place is wide enough so as
unofficial guide to Walt Disney parks is needed to get the best enjoyment in exploring
all the parks.

The Walt Disney amusement park are scattered around the world to be able to provide
the best enjoyment to all the people. The Walt Disney World is only one of it that is
filled with amazing rides and shows that the whole family can take pleasure with. The
smart decision that a family should do is to have unofficial guide Walt Disney has to
explore all the wonderful spots in each park. Each park has different features and all
provide the same feeling of excitement.

· Magic Kingdom - every kid that goes to this park has a wonderful experience
because they can look like their favorite princess in the salon located here. Anyone
can even be impressed seeing the kids to be dressed as a pirate and enjoy the place for
the pirates of the Caribbean. They can even take pictures in the beautiful castle of

· Epcot - this is the most advance park because it features the innovations that will
amaze even the parents. There are restaurants available in this area that features the
best cuisines of many countries in the entire world.

· Hollywood Studios - this is the best park for all the movie lovers as it features
behind-the scenes glimpses of the Hollywood actions including live shows. Kids will
be enjoying as well being at the spotlight with the American Idol Experience spot
present in this area.

Animal Kingdom - this is the park that features the amazing thing about nature and
everyone will have a wonderful view about caring to the environment after they have
explored this park. The park is consists of Discovery Island, Africa, Dinoland, USA,
Oasis, Camp Minnie-Mickey, Asia and Rafiki's Planet Watch.

· Blizzard Beach - this park enables all the members of the family to enjoy the
water with its amazing free-falling water slides. There is also a kid-sized, snow castle
fountain play area where every kid can get the best fun and excitement.

· Typhoon Lagoon - this park has fast water slides and Shark Reef as well as the
6-foot waves in the Surf Pool that teens and parents will love.

Each park is as wide as 300 hectares so first timers will surely have a hard time
exploring all the amazing spots in it. Any family do not want a delay in their
wonderful day so as there should be no time to debate or stress in reading the map.
Choosing an unofficial guide to Walt Disney is better than a map because they are the
ones who are experts in exploring the wide amusement park. Map may be inexpensive
yet the fun you will be getting is not as good as what you can get when you are with
your friendly guide.

Everyone wants to be in the Walt Disney world to enjoy and have fun so they should
savor the enjoyment in each minute of their lives inside the park. Families get to be
closer with each other and kids feel the love of their parents because of a single yet
memorable day that they have spent with them. Disney is not only providing the best
entertainment to all because they have deeper reasons that that. The developed all the
amusement parks to give happiness to everybody and to provide the best bonding that
will keep the family to be closer.

Wade Giles is a family-oriented person who loves to share his memorable experiences
having an unofficial guide to Walt Disney. The unofficial guide Walt Disney has is
very hospitable and funny that makes a family to be more happy about their tour to
the amusement park.

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