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What Doctors Should Look For When Choosing A Medical Office


									         What Doctors Should Look For When Choosing A Medical Office

Finding a medical office requires careful thought and consideration. You want your
practice to be centrally accessible to your patients since you will be competing with
many other physicians in the area. When looking for a medical office for lease Los
Angeles doctors should keep in mind a few key features that will make their practice
more accessible and successful. In addition to making sure the building is well
maintained with a professional appearance, medical suites require specific amenities to
comply with all the codes and regulations a doctor must follow.

As a doctor, it is especially important to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act
(ADA). Patients are more likely than the general public to have special needs, and if
patients can’t access their doctor’s office word will spread and the practice will lose out
on business. The building should have wheelchair ramps and handicap accessible
bathrooms, as well as sound assistance devices for the blind installed in the elevators.
Complying with ADA requirements ensures that all of your patients will be able to get to
their appointments without hassle.

A doctor has to be careful about patient confidentiality issues so when deciding on a
medical suite lease Los Angeles physicians should find a property manager that is used
to dealing with doctors and has confidentiality agreements written into the leasing
agreement. For example, most property management companies allow janitorial
services free access to the building after hours, but this could compromise the integrity
of a doctor’s practice. If you would rather take care of your own office cleaning, it may
be possible to negotiate lower rent.

Another thing to consider regarding janitorial services is that hazardous waste materials
are properly disposed of. When looking for a Northridge medical office for rent it is
beneficial to lease space from a company accustomed to dealing with medical
professionals. Most landlords will outline strict regulations for how hazardous waste
should be dealt with to ensure that their building is not creating environmental hazards.
The lease will most likely specify which chemicals can be dumped down the drains, who
can touch the hazardous waste, and where it must be disposed of. Also, doctor’s offices
are likely to have X-ray machines or CT scans, which produce harmful radiation and
require careful placement to avoid interference so these machines will work properly.
When looking for a doctors office for lease Brentwood and the surrounding areas may
provide all the amenities a medical professional requires at less cost than an office in
the heart of Los Angeles.

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