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									  Home to 100,000 friendly Texans.

Your guide to goodtimes.
The big picture.

                                                                  Producer’s Livestock Auction
                                                                  Historic Fort Concho
                                                                  Historic Santa Fe Depot &
                                                                  Railway Museum of San Angelo
                                                                  Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum
                                                                  Home-cooking, Steakhouses, Tex-Mex
                                                                  Historic Downtown
                                                                  El Paseo de Santa Angela

                                                                  San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts
                                                                  River Walk on the Concho River
                                                                  Concho Music Series
                                                                  San Angelo Symphony
                                                                  Chicken Farm Art Center
                                                                  Civic Theatre
                                                                  Shopping on Concho Avenue
There’s something for everybody.
You‘ll be surprised and delighted with the wide range of          The Cactus Hotel
attractions and activities available in San Angelo. From our
scenic River Walk, to the rugged San Angelo State Park;         Goodtimes
from our grand historic structures like the Cactus Hotel          Outdoor Activities including Cycling & Hiking
and Fort Concho to our culturally sophisticated art galleries     San Angelo State Park
and Museum of Fine Arts – San Angelo has it all.                  Hunting & Great Outdoors Exploration
                                                                  Year-Round Fairs & Festivals
Discover a getaway that offers the perfect blend of West
                                                                  Boating, Fishing, Wind Sailing & Wakeboarding
Texas charm, outdoor recreation, culture & arts, and just
plain old fun.                                                    Stock Show and PRCA Rodeo
                                                                  San Angelo Colts Professional Baseball
San Angelo. Downhome. Uptown. Goodtimes.                          Live Concerts at the River Stage
                                                                  Stampede Intense Football
Historic San Angelo

History                                                       The Concho Pearl
San Angelo’s rich history weaves together centuries of        Unique to the waters of West Texas, natural Concho pearls
Native American, Texan, and Pioneer culture. Today,           have been coveted for centuries because of their alluring
thanks to a tradition of preservation, San Angelo’s history   pink and purple hues. It is even rumored that the Spanish
is very much alive and proudly on display.                    crown jewels contain these exquisite gems. The pearls,
                                                              which make treasured gifts and keepsakes, can be found in
Fort Concho                                                   jewelry shops around San Angelo.
This national landmark was established as an Army
outpost in 1867, and served to protect burgeoning West        Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum
Texas settlements. Once home to the famed Buffalo              The ladies of Miss Hattie’s entertained San Angelo’s
Soldiers, Fort Concho is considered the nation’s best-        gentlemen for fifty years, before the bordello was closed

preserved Indian Wars fort, and is part of the Texas          in 1946 by the Texas Rangers. Today, you can tour Miss
Forts Trail program. The museum and grounds are open          Hattie’s for a glimpse of one of the more colorful outposts
Tuesday through Sunday, and periodically feature living       of the Wild West.
history demonstrations.
                                                              The Cactus Hotel
Historic Downtown                                             Built in 1929 by Conrad Hilton, this grande hotel was a
Discover unique shops, historical buildings and museums.      most ambitious and expensive venture. Newly renovated
Along the way, view beautiful murals by local artist          and transformed into San Angelo’s cultural center, the
Crystal Goodman depicting the city’s transportation and       Cactus Hotel still features the lavish decorations and
blacksmithing history.                                        crystal ballroom of its past. It is also host to the city’s
                                                              annual Cactus Jazz Festival.
Old Town
Located at El Paseo de Santa Angela, this designated          Historic Santa Fe Depot & Railway Museum
historic district showcases vintage architecture from the     The Railway Museum is located in the beautifully restored
1880s to the early 1900s. Tour the Cumeñez Grocery            1910 Orient-Santa Fe Depot. Tour the permanent railcar
Store, Victorian residences, and homes and businesses         collection or view the railroad artifacts and memorabilia
designed by Oscar Ruffini, San Angelo’s pioneer architect.      on display for a glimpse into San Angelo’s past.

Cultural Attractions                                           Angelo Civic Theatre
San Angelo is alive with culture. Enjoy our year-round         A tradition since 1885, the Angelo Civic Theatre has
presentations of world-class music, theater, fine arts, local   delighted generations of residents and visitors with a wide
artisans, plus downhhome favorites like country & blues,       variety of stage productions.
dancing, and folk art.
                                                               Paint Brush Alley
Concho Avenue                                                  For a one-of-a-kind art experience, visit San Angelo’s Alley
Head down to the Historic Block One located on Concho          Scapes – a collection of murals that range from whimsy to
Avenue for an eclectic mix of shopping and dining,             nostalgia. Simply park your car and walk through.
including jewelers, a general store, an antique mall, and a

River Stage                                                    Chicken Farm Art Center
The Bill Aylor, Sr. Memorial River Stage showcases a           This unique compound of galleries, studios, restaurants,
broad spectrum of events, including touring musicals,          and a bed and breakfast features works by visual artists of
dance reviews, pop concerts, youth shows, and the annual       all mediums, and hosts colorful events and workshops.
Cactus Jazz and Blues Festival in September.
                                                               Angelo State University Planetarium
San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts                                 The fourth largest university planetarium in the country
Adjacent to the River Stage lies the new 30,000 square         features dazzling programs throughout most of the year.
foot San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts – home to a
renowned permanent collection and the site of diverse          Producer’s Livestock Auction
traveling exhibitions.                                         The Producer’s Livestock Auction is the largest cattle
                                                               auction in the Southwest, as well as the largest sheep
San Angelo Symphony                                            auction in the entire United States.
Since 1949, the San Angelo Symphony has presented
world-class performances throughout the year. The
annual Town & Country July Pops Concert is the second
largest 4th of July celebration in Texas.

Outdoor Attractions                                           Outdoor Activities
From a gorgeous display of water lilies to the River Walk     With wide open wilderness for hunting – including deer,
along the Concho River to one of the largest university       turkey, antelope, javelina, quail, dove, and exotic game –
planetariums in the nation, San Angelo offers an               plus fishing, horseback riding, biking, or just plain relaxing,
abundance of natural beauty for your enjoyment.               San Angelo is an outdoorsman’s dream come true.

International Water Lily Garden                               San Angelo Nature Center
The International Water Lily Garden is a brilliant display    This regional museum and learning center, located at
of lilies from around the world – including the Victoria,     gorgeous Lake Nasworthy, features lush nature displays,
the world’s largest water lily.                               hiking trails and a small collection of live animals.

Paint Rock                                                    San Angelo State Park
Visit the Campbell’s Ranch at Paint Rock to view San          With 7,500 acres of wide-open wilderness, there’s plenty
Angelo’s oldest artifacts – including 1,000 year-old          of room for virtually any activity under the sun –or
Indian Pictographs.                                           even on the water. Regular buffalo herd viewings and
                                                              llama treks delight wildlife enthusiasts year-round. And
River Walk                                                    prehistoric dinosaur tracks bring out the paleontologist in
Considered one of the most impressive landmarks in the        everyone.
City, the San Angelo River Walk is packed with activity.
It features beautiful gardens, the Bill Aylor, Sr. Memorial   Boating & Fishing
River Stage, a four-mile jogging/walking trail, and a nine-   Any boater, skier or fisherman can find what they’re
hole golf course, all in downtown San Angelo.                 looking for at either Lake Nasworthy or Twin Buttes
                                                              Reservoir. Canoeists may opt for the placid, winding
                                                              waters of the three local rivers. And throughout the
                                                              year, sailboat regattas, skiing exhibitions, wakeboarding
                                                              tournaments and fishing tournaments provide excitement
                                                              for participants and spectators.

Golf                                                           Spectator Sports
Golfers of all levels can enjoy a mix of scenic private and    From live college sports to professional rodeo and
public golf courses as diverse as San Angelo’s landscape.      everything in between, San Angelo offers sports fans
                                                               more options than a remote control ever could.
San Angelo is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Home to        San Angelo Colts Baseball
some of the state’s best hunting opportunities for white-      The San Angelo Colts professional baseball team has
tailed deer, pronghorn antelope, Rio Grande turkey, quail,     called Foster Field at Angelo State University home
dove, and seasonal waterfowl. Local ranches even offer          since 1999. Their games always make for a good time at
exotic game hunts.                                             the ballpark.

Birding                                                        San Angelo Stampede Express Indoor Football
With a varied habitat for birding including farm and ranch     San Angelo’s newest professional team, the Stampede,
lands, lakes, streams and hills, San Angelo is home to over    competes in the Intense Football League. Take in a dose
300 species confirmed since 1980. The Hummer House,             of adrenaline-pumping arena football throughout the
located in the nearby town of Cristoval, is famous for the     Spring and Summer at the San Angelo Coliseum.
hummingbirds that migrate there each spring.
                                                               Angelo State University Sports
Cycling                                                        With football, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball,
San Angelo’s varied terrain makes it an ideal location         track & field and soccer teams at ASU, college sports
for cyclists of all levels. Choose between open roads and      fans will always find something to cheer about.
smooth wilderness paths for leisurely rides, or rugged hills
and challenging mountain bike trails for serious cycling.      San Angelo Stock Show & PRCA Rodeo
San Angelo also hosts regional competitions throughout         This nationally recognized event features today’s
the year.                                                      top rodeo cowboys, the 6th largest purse in the U.S.,
                                                               livestock show and premium sale, rodeo parade,
                                                               commercial exhibitors, arts & crafts competitions,
                                                               displays and a carnival.


                                                                                              1                           2
                                                                                            Angelo State University       San Angelo Museum
                                                                                                                              of Fine Arts
                                                     Q                                        3                           4
                                                       E           R
                                                        N            T                         Concho Avenue &        San Angelo Nature Center
                                                          8     5 2                           Historic Downtown
                                                     10          9 7
       D                                                 A U
                                                                                              5                           6
                                                 J                                          Orient-Santa Fe Depot         San Angelo State Park
               C                                         F
                       K       B
                                                                                              7                           8

                                                                                                  Fort Concho                   San Angelo
                                                                                                                               Visitor Center

                                                                                              9                           10

                   4                                                                              River Walk &                 International
                                                                                                   River Stage                Water Lily Garden

                                       Mileage:                Austin               A   America’s Best Value Inn      M   Holiday Inn Express
                                                                                                                          Hotel & Suites
                                                                 205 mi.            B   Benchmark Comfort Inn
                                                                                    C   Best Western
                                                                                                                      N   Howard Johnson Inn
                                                               Dallas / Ft. Worth                                         of the West
                                                                 223 mi.            D   Comfort Suites                O   Inn of the Conchos
                                                               El Paso              E   Country Inn                   P   La Quinta Inn &
                                                                  400 mi.           F   Days Inn                          Conference Center
                                                               Houston              G   Dun Bar East                  Q   Motel 6
                                                                 370 mi.            H   El Patio Motor Inn            R   Quality Inn & Suites
                                                               Midland / Odessa     I   Executive Inn                 S   Ramada Limited
                                                                 110 mi.            J   Fairfield Inn                  T   San Angelo Inn &
                                                               San Antonio          K   Hampton Inn                       Conference Center
                                                                  217 mi.                                             U   Santa Fe Junction
                                                                                    L   Hawthorn Inn & Suites
                                                                                                                          Motor Inn

                                                                                  Handicap Accessible Rooms

                                                                                                                                                                                                                High Speed Internet Access
Breakfast: C = Continental, F = Full

                                                                                                                                                                                          Internet Connection
                                                                                                                                                                    Exercise/Rec. Areas
Internet Connection: S = Single Port, W = Wireless

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Business Center
                                                                                                              Meeting Rooms
                                                                    Total Rooms



Name                          Address                Phone
America’s Best Value Inn      1601 S. Bryant         325-653-1323   80                2                        0                       C            •        •                            W                         •                          •
Benchmark Comfort Inn         2502 Loop 306          325-944-2578   100               5                       10               •       C            •        •         •                     S                      •                          •
Best Western                  3017 W. Loop 306       325-223-1273   55                 3                         1             •       C                     •                               S                      •
Comfort Suites                4450 Houston Harte     325-944-8600   65                4                          1             •        F           •        •         •                  S/W                       •                          •
Country Inn                   402 W. Beauregard      325-653-1351   41                 1                       0                       C            •
Days Inn                      4613 S. Jackson        325-658-6594   113               2                          1             •        F           •        •                               S                      •                          •
Dun Bar East                  1728 Pulliam           325-653-3366   90               0                         0                                    •
El Patio Motor Inn            1901 W. Beauregard     325-655-5711   90                2                         3              •                    •        •                                                      •                          •
Executive Inn                 4205 S. Bryant         325-653-6966   78               0                           1             •       C            •        •                               S                                                 •
Fairfield Inn                  1459 Knickerbocker     325-482-8400   73               6                          2              •       C            •        •         •                  S/W                       •                          •
Hampton Inn                   2959 Loop 306          325-942-9622   64                5                        0               •       C                     •                            W                         •
Hawthorn Inn & Suites         1355 Knickerbocker     325-653-1500   80               6                           1             •        F           •        •         •                  W                         •                          •
Holiday Inn Express           4613 Houston Harte     325-223-2200   68                4                          1             •       C            •        •         •                  S/W                       •                          •
Hotel & Suites
Howard Johnson Inn            415 W. Beauregard      325-653-2995   75                2                          1             •        F           •        •                               S                                                 •
of the West
Inn of the Conchos            2021 N. Bryant         325-658-2811   125               5                         2              •       C                     •                               S                      •
La Quinta Inn &               2307 Loop 306          325-949-0515   171               2                         4              •       C            •        •                            W                         •
Conference Center
Motel 6                       311 N. Bryant          325-658-8061   98                5                        0                                    •        •                               S
Quality Inn & Suites          333 Rio Concho         325-655-8000   105               4                         4              •        F           •        •         •                  S/W                       •                          •
Ramada Limited                2201 N. Bryant         325-653-8442   39                2                          1             •       C            •                                        S                      •
San Angelo Inn &              441 Rio Concho         325-658-2828   148                1                        5              •        F           •        •         •                     S                      •                          •
Conference Center
Santa Fe Junction             410 W. Ave. L          325-655-8101   80               0                         0                       C            •        •
Motor Inn
Calendar of Events

January                               August
Cactus Music Series                   National Cutting Horse Association
National Cutting Horse Association     (NCHA) Series
 (NCHA) Series                        Woolman Triathlon
February                              September
San Angelo Stock Show & PRCA          Fiestas Patrias
 Rodeo                                Cactus Jazz & Blues Festival
San Angelo Symphony Series            National Cutting Horse Association
                                       (NCHA) Series
March                                 Original Team Roping
Cactus Music Series
San Angelo Symphony Series            October
                                      Arttober Fest
April                                 National Cutting Horse Association
Texas Wine & Food Festival             (NCHA) Series
San Angelo Mesquite Art Festival      Roping Fiesta
San Angelo National Ceramic           San Angelo Symphony Series
 Competition                          Taste of San Angelo
San Angelo’s Annual Picnic & Music
 Festival                             November
San Angelo Symphony Pops Concert      Cactus Music Series
                                      Annual Barrel Classic
May                                   San Angelo Symphony Series
Cactus Music Series
Professional Bull Riding              December
San Angelo Extreme Classic            Christmas at Old Fort Concho
 Team Roping                          Santa’s Santa Fe Christmas
Memorial Day Week Concert at the      Concho Christmas Celebration of
 River Stage                           Lights
                                      San Angelo Symphony Series
Best of the West Texas Jr. Golf
Festival on the Concho
Frontier Day at Fort Concho
Juneteenth Celebration
Silver Spur Circuit Horse Show

Pops Concert at the River Stage
Open Horse Show
National Cutting Horse Association
 (NCHA) Series
Goodfellow Air Force Base Fireworks
National Cowboy Day Festival

           CALL: 1-800-375-1206 OR VISIT SANANGELO.ORG

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