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Samsung Galaxy- A rising star


									If there is one phone that stands out from the plethora of options a user has at his
disposal while considering which mobile phone to buy, it's the Samsung Galaxy. The
first feature you will notice regarding this marvel of technology is its 4 鈥?SUPER
AMOLED screen that speaks volumes about the level of technical advancement that
has gone into the making of this gem of a phone. To start off with, there is a fantastic
amalgamation of top of the line hardware inside this 9.9 mm thick smartphone.
Resuming where we left off, the screen lets the user enjoy watching movies, playing
games, and basically enjoying all kinds of visual media in a never-before manner.
What's more, even the brightest of sunlight can't impede the screen from delivering
crystal clear picture quality. The Galaxy also has a 1GHz processor, 16 GB hard disk
& support for Micro SD card and last but not the least, super-fast data transfer,
making it a fantastic package.
  One of the most unique additions to this phone is the Google Maps application,
which allows one to locate any destination within a matter of seconds, and find out the
shortest route to reach there. The cherry on the cake are three different views 鈥?real
street, satellite and traffic 鈥?that can help in locating specific landmarks.
  Sending text messages, always thought of as a big problem in case of touch screen
phones, is not an obstacle in case of the Samsung Galaxy, thanks to 鈥楾 ext at
Hyperspeed 鈥?by Swype Technology, which allows a user to send messages 1.5
times faster. And in case you are having many contacts spread across various kinds of
platforms, the Galaxy's phonebook, which features an integration of all the IM, SNS,
calendar and email accounts, so that the user can easily stay in touch without having
to open separate sites. The integrated messaging feature also allows the user to sync
and manage the history for all IM and SNS accounts.
  Going further, the Layer Reality Browser is a treat for all kinds of users because of
its utility. Using this, one just needs to take a photograph using the Galaxy's integrated
camera, in order to get a POI view of the location, which helps in knowing phone
numbers, addresses, price listings and similar information instantly.
  Another revolutionary feature in the Samsung Galaxy is the AllShare, which allows
the user to connect wirelessly in order to share photos, music and videos with a
television or PC. The Wireless Tethering feature, on the other hand, allows a user to
connect via the web through 3G in places like parks, cafes and even while sitting
inside a car. On the whole, this phone is the personification of everything that can
possibly be imagined as a part and parcel of a mobile phone. There might be many
other handset options that one can consider, but if compared on the basis of pricing
and features, there is no other choice that can be as gratifying as the Galaxy, in every
sense of the word.
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