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                                               What do you do with experiences that hurt,
                                               experiences that are difficult to handle, that
                                                 drain and even threaten to destroy you?
                                                How do you explain what a            chamomile and ignatia, aconite         it can support you when you feel       help, Neuroforce can be a winner
 Estie Schreiber                              peach tastes like to someone           and passiflora are a safety net for    as if your wheels are falling off.     for both. For road rage Neuroforce
Living Naturally Health Advisor               who has never smelt or tasted          the central nervous system. All        Take it every ten minutes in very      calms the central nervous system
                                              one? Words are limiting. How           of us will feel pain at some time      stressful situations, otherwise        and assists in dealing with
                                              do you know what sour is, if           in our lives. Disappointment,          two to five times a day until you      problems and stressful situations
“It is gratifying                             you have never tasted sweet?
                                              And so it is in life as well. Each
                                                                                     anxiety,     anger,    a    broken
                                                                                     heart, loneliness... that all-
                                                                                                                            feel that you are over the worst
                                                                                                                            and there is light at the end of
                                                                                                                                                                   soberly and rationally.
                                                                                                                                                                     Neuroforce is a product you will
to know that                                  day brings its own challenges
                                              and life experiences. But what
                                                                                     encompassing word, depression,
                                                                                     is part of being human. At such
                                                                                                                            the tunnel. You will know when         always want at hand, because
                                                                                                                            it is no longer required.              you never know when you are
in the same                                   do you do with experiences that
                                              hurt, experiences that are difficult
                                                                                     times these plants can provide
                                                                                     valuable support to us all.               Neuroforce is excellent for         going to need it.

way as nature                                 to handle, that drain and even
                                              threaten to destroy you? My
                                                                                        Dr     Alfred    Vogel,    Swiss
                                                                                                                            crisis situations like exams, birth,
                                                                                                                            a driver’s test, an interview, a
                                                                                                                                                                     Let us make rich compost
                                                                                     naturopath, knew grief and                                                    and enjoy and cherish all life’s
provides us with                              dear Mom Irma once shared a
                                              wonderful story with me, of the
                                                                                     depression all too well. During
                                                                                                                            new job, or if you are moving
                                                                                                                            and find it difficult to leave the
                                                                                                                                                                   experiences. Thank you, Mom
                                                                                                                                                                   Irma, for the wisdom shared and
food, clothing                                garden in every person’s heart,
                                                                                     his own 94 years on earth he
                                                                                     experienced immense pain at
                                                                                                                            familiar behind. When babies and       to Dr Vogel for the supportive,
                                              the place where we keep all                                                   mothers have to say goodbye            natural products. May your
and shelter;                                  our experiences, easy, difficult,
                                                                                     times. His daughter died after
                                                                                     she hit her head against a bath.       because Mom must return to             legacies live through us 7x7x7
                                              happy, hurtful, sad.                                                          work and leave the baby with the       times...
it also offers                                   The ‘inner garden’ comes
                                                                                     His first wife died of cancer. He
                                                                                     felt as though his whole life had
remedies for
                                              complete with the house in which       come crashing down. How does
                                              we live, a pathway from the gate       one continue living after such
when we feel                                  to the front door, and a beautiful
                                              white picket-fence enclosing it
                                                                                     experiences? You want the world
                                                                                     to stop moving, people to call
physically sick
or emotionally
                                              all. In the garden you’ll find two
                                              areas. One symbolises all the
                                              happy, comfortable, wonderful,
                                                                                     their lives to a halt, because your
                                                                                     world is in pieces. Your ‘inner
                                                                                     garden’ shouts: Help me! But the
                                                                                                                              Neuroforce Formula
                                              fantastic emotions: your loved         world does not stop moving, and          Nerve tonic drops
drained. When                                 one is the strong oak tree; children   people carry on with their lives.
                                              are lavender and lilies; the lush      They say time heals everything...
life gets tough,                              green lawn and deep, welcome           but I would rather say that time         An excellent central nervous
                                              shade could represent Sunday           makes the experience easier to
plants such as                                lunches      with    grandparents,     accept. You gradually become             system tonic if you are:
                                              holidays with the family, an ‘A’ in    more used to the idea that it
chamomile and                                 Maths, a plate of warm food on         happened. It isn’t that much of
                                                                                                                              •	   Depressed,	tearful
                                              a cold day, and your relationship                                               •	   Irritable,	over	sensitve,	insecure
ignatia, aconite                              with your Creator. The other area
                                                                                     a shock any more. Time does
                                                                                     not erase pain, only you and             •	   Emotional,	sad,	unhappy,	angry
                                              of the ‘inner garden’ symbolises
and passiflora                                the hurtful, difficult, exhausting
                                                                                     the Creator can achieve that. No
                                                                                     pill, drop of medicine, holiday or       •	   Hypersensitive,	apathetic,	confused
are a safety net                              emotions. In it are weeds and          amount of time can do it. Pills and      •	   Nervous,	scared,	fearful,	on	edge
                                              thorn bushes, chaos and jagged         medicines can provide support,           •	   Tired,	restless
for the central                               rocks that cut your feet.              yes – but erase emotions, no.
                                                 You tend your ‘inner garden’          This is where I am so grateful
nervous system.                               every day. Where do you spend          for Vogel’s legacy. A. Vogel
                                              your time? Trying to put right the     Neuroforce is a natural product
All of us will feel                           chaos, with the thorns scratching      that provides support to the
                                              your old wounds open, or under
pain at some                                  the oak tree on the green lawn
                                                                                     central nervous system. Each
                                                                                     person reveals their emotions in a
                                              with the sweet smell of lavender
time in our lives.                            and lilies? I stared at Mom with
                                                                                     unique way. Some of us swallow
                                                                                     what we are feeling, and get
Disappointment,                               great interest and suggested that
                                              we need to tend to the negative,
                                                                                     a lump in the throat or a highly
                                                                                     sensitive digestive system. Others
anxiety, anger,                               hurt garden, to clear and organise
                                              it. Yes, she said, but how are you
                                                                                     become quiet and reclusive. Some
                                                                                     of us feel as if a great weight lies
a broken heart,                               going to do that? You cannot
                                              destroy your past experiences, or
                                                                                     on our heart, and even breathing
                                                                                     is problematic. These people
loneliness...                                 erase them from your memory.
                                              They will always remain part
                                                                                     often sigh heavily when they talk
                                                                                     about the things bothering them.
that all-                                     of you. ‘Pull it all out!’ I replied
                                              excitedly. ‘Throw it away or
                                                                                     Some of us remain dry-eyed and
                                                                                     appear strong and in control.
encompassing                                  burn it!’ Wisely she advised me
                                              rather to remove every weed
                                                                                     Others become infuriated and
                                                                                     want to break things! There is a
word,                                         and thorn bush with care and           picture for every emotion, and
                                              compassion, to chop it up and          none of them is right or wrong.
depression, is                                make compost from it, because          Each is what it is.
                                              the beautiful garden also needs
part of being                                 food! I experienced a light bulb         Dr Vogel’s Neuroforce contains
                                                                                     14 different ingredients, each one
                                              moment when Mom Irma shared
human. At such                                this insight with me. Yes, we          working like a key. Your body will
                                              must make compost! Forgiveness         choose and use what it needs.
times these                                   makes compost. 7x7x7 times…              Neuroforce cannot and will
plants can                                       It is gratifying to know that in
                                              the same way as nature provides
                                                                                     not remove your emotions, but

provide valuable                              us with food, clothing and
                                              shelter; it also offers remedies
support to us                                 for when we feel physically sick
                                              or emotionally drained. When
all.”                                         life gets tough, plants such as
                                                                                                   Available from Community Pharmacies and Health Stores
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