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									                                   A NONPROFIT NEWS PULLOUT SUPPLEMENT

         Guide to Leadership Programs
The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Leadership Program
is pleased to present this pullout supplement to Nonprofit                                 Icons at the bottom of each listing
News, listing active leadership development programs                                       indicating the following:
throughout Minnesota and the nation. Throughout this
                                                                                             1    The program has one-time or stand-alone
Guide, you will find an alphabetical listing of 58 leader-
                                                                                                  trainings, including conferences, single-
ship-building programs offered by university systems and
                                                                                                  day trainings, etc.
nonprofit organizations, 19 of which are based in
Minnesota. Please use this guide to learn about programs                                          The program provides ongoing
to grow your leadership skills and strengthen your organi-                                        programming, including institutes,
zation and Minnesota's nonprofit sector.                                                          enrolled programs, etc.

                                                                                                  The program offers degree or certificate
Learn more about MCN’s Leadership Program, including                                              opportunities.
the upcoming Nonprofit Leadership Institute for Seasoned
Managers and Strategic Connectors, online at                                                      The program is based in Minnesota.

Amherst Wilder Foundation James                       Amherst Wilder Foundation                           Arizona State University Center for
P. Shannon Leadership Institute,                      Neighborhood Leadership Program,                    Nonprofit Leadership and
St. Paul, MN,                                         St. Paul, MN, www.wilder.org/nlp.0.html             Management, Phoenix, AZ,
www.wilder.org/shannon.0.html                                                                             www.asu.edu/copp/nonprofit
                                                      The Neighborhood Leadership Programs (NLP)
The Institute works to nurture the creativity and     teaches leadership skills with the intent of        The Center facilitates both academic programs
vitality of proven leaders of philanthropic, civic,   strengthening community. Authentic leadership       and professional development programs.
and community-serving organizations. It pro-          and active neighborhood involvement arise           Academic programs include certificates and
vides a structured, challenging and supportive        when passions are fueled by a vision for posi-      degree opportunities at the undergraduate and
opportunity for experienced community leaders         tive change and citizens have the courage,          graduate level. Professional development edu-
to clarify the purpose of their work and the core     commitment, and necessary skills. All these         cation programs offer courses, one-day and
values they want to exemplify, enhance their          ideas come together in NLP.                         multi-day seminars, and a certificate program,
focus and effectiveness, and increase their                                                               all designed to enhance the skills of nonprofit
sense of fulfillment.                                                                                     professionals.


Blandin Foundation Leadership                         Bush Foundation Bush Leadership                     Case Western Reserve University
Programs, Grand Rapids, MN,                           Fellows Program, St. Paul, MN,                      Mandel Center for Nonprofit
www.blandinfoundation.org/html/leadership.cfm         www.bushfoundation.org/fellowships/                 Organizations, Cleveland, OH,
                                                       leadership_overview.asp                            www.case.edu/mandelcenter
The Foundation’s leadership programs are
designed to serve the Foundation’s mission of         The BLF is one of the oldest leadership pro-        The Mandel Center offers a pre-eminent gradu-
strengthening rural Minnesota communities. The        grams in the country. Since 1965, it has been       ate program in nonprofit management distin-
programs, which assist rural leaders in building      improving the skills of motivated people who        guished by its faculty and strong ties with
on their communities assets, include: Blandin         want to take on greater leadership roles in their   nonprofit professionals. It offers a graduate
Community leadership Program; Reservation             communities and workplaces. Applicants plan         degree or certificate which can be obtained in
Community Leadership Program; Partners-in-            academic or self-designed programs that will        combination with a degree in social work, busi-
Leadership Program and Editors & Publishers           help them reach their personal goals. Fellows       ness or law. Classes are in the evenings and
Leadership Program.                                   are encouraged to choose challenging learning       weekends.
                                     A NONPROFIT NEWS PULLOUT SUPPLEMENT
City University of New York Center                       Cleveland State University Center                    DePaul University Public Services
on Philanthropy and Civil Society,                       for Nonprofit Policy & Practice,                     Graduate Program, Chicago, IL,
New York, NY, www.philanthropy.org                       Cleveland, OH,                                       www.publicservice.depaul.edu
The Center is committed to strengthening civil                                                                The MPS Program at DePaul offers four Master
society through education, research and leader-          The CNP&P was founded to support and foster          of Science degrees, eight concentrations, four
ship training. CPCS focuses on giving, volun-            the health of the nonprofit sector through train-    certifications, on-site professional training and a
teerism and nonprofit entrepreneurship by                ing and technical assistance that support the        multitude of study abroad programs. Geared to
individual donors, foundations and corporations          role of nonprofits in civil society, scholarly and   the working professional, the program empha-
in the United States and around the world.               applied research, and undergraduate and              sizes applied learning and the graduate faculty
Since its inception, CPCS has worked to high-            graduate education in the leadership and man-        is committed to practical research and student
light the philanthropic activities of different insti-   agement of nonprofit organizations.                  success.
tutions and groups, with a particular emphasis
on multiculturalism.

Duke University Center for the                           George Mason University                              Georgetown University Center for
Study of Philanthropy and                                Nonprofit Management Studies,                        Public and Nonprofit Leadership,
Voluntarism – Terry Sanford                              Fairfax, VA, pia.gmu.edu                             Washington, DC, cpnl.georgetown.edu
Institute of Public Policy, Durham, NC,
www.pubpol.duke.edu/centers/philvol                      Undergraduate and graduate students receive          The Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership
                                                         unparalleled educational opportunities via           provides advanced education in public policy,
The Center was created in 1986 to conduct                George Mason's close proximity to the nation's       public and nonprofit management, advocacy
scholarly research and expand the dialogue               capital. The University is home to nationally-rec-   and philanthropy, with domestic and interna-
about these pursuits. The Institute offers a profes-     ognized political science and public administra-     tional applications. Their multi-sectoral
sional Master’s degree in public policy analysis         tion programs and world-renowned faculty,            approach, public policy orientation and
and management as well as an undergraduate               some of whom are experts working in                  research focus on effective practices ensure the
major in public policy.                                  Washington, D.C.                                     breadth and relevance of the educational expe-
                                                                                                              riences offered.

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                                  A NONPROFIT NEWS PULLOUT SUPPLEMENT
Georgia State University Nonprofit                  Grand Valley State University                         Hamline University Graduate
Studies Program – Andrew Young                      Dorothy A. Johnson Center for                         School of Management, St. Paul, MN
School of Public Policy Studies,                    Philanthropy and Nonprofit                            www.hamline.edu/nonprofit
Atlanta, GA, www.aysps.gsu.edu/nonprofit            Leadership, Grand Rapids, MI
                                                    www.gvsu.edu/jcp                                      Hamline’s Master in Nonprofit Management
The Young School is known for its education of                                                            degree is dedicated to preparing professionals to
nonprofit leaders in the region, preparing those    Established in 1992, the Dorothy A. Johnson           meet the complex fiscal and operational chal-
who aspire to be future leaders in the sector,      Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership      lenges that are unique to nonprofits. The curricu-
and enhancing the skills of those already work-     is an academic center that enhances the impact        lum combines the theories of nonprofit
ing in positions of leadership. It offers a joint   of foundations and nonprofit organizations,           management with best practices. Students learn
PhD in public policy, an MPA with a career          improves the quality of community decision-mak-       skills that help practitioners define goals, adhere
track in nonprofit management and a graduate        ing, and develops the habit of civic engagement       to mission, and respond to demands of their mul-
certificate in nonprofit management.                among students and faculty at Grand Valley State      tiple stakeholders.

Harvard University Hauser Center                    Indiana University - Purdeu                           Johns Hopkins University Center
for Nonprofit Organizations,                        University Indianapolis The Center                    for Civil Society Studies,
Cambridge, MA,                                      on Philanthropy, Indianapolis, IN,                    Baltimore, MD, www.jhu.edu/~ccss
www.ksghauser.harvard.edu                           www.philanthropy.iupui.edu/
                                                                                                          The Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society
The Hauser Center seeks to expand understand-       The Center addresses the issues that are at the       Studies seeks to improve understanding and the
ing and accelerate critical thinking about civil    center of philanthropy. Through groundbreaking        effective functioning of nonprofit, philanthropic,
society among scholars, practitioners, policy       studies, pioneering academic programs like the        or “civil society” organizations in the United
makers and the general public by encouraging        first-of-its-kind PhD in Philanthropic Studies; and   States and throughout the world in order to
scholarship, developing curriculum, fostering       by training and convening nonprofit leaders           enhance the contribution these organizations
mutual learning between academics and practi-       through The Fund Raising School and the               can make to democracy and the quality of
tioners, and shaping policies that enhance the      Philanthropy Summit, the Center ensures that          human life.
sector and its role in society.                     life-changing philanthropy succeeds in our com-
                                                    munities and around the globe.


                                                                                                          Louisiana State University –
                                                                                                          Shreveport, Institute for Human
                                                                                                          Services and Public Policy – College
                                                                                                          of Liberal Arts, Shreveport, LA,

                                                                                                          The Institute for Human Services and Public
                                                                                                          Policy is an academic unit of Louisiana State
                                                                                                          University. The mission of the Institute is to con-
                                                                                                          duct research and disseminate knowledge
                                                                                                          about nonprofit organizations. The Institute
                                                                                                          offers both credit and non-credit courses and

                                                                                                          MACC Alliance of Connected
                                                                                                          Communities Leadership
                                                                                                          Development, Minneapolis, MN,

                                                                                                          MACC develops leadership opportunities in the
                                                                                                          context of people’s day to day work. They estab-
                                                                                                          lish work groups and affinity groups of staff with
                                                                                                          similar jobs. These groups undertake projects at
                                                                                                          the request of MACC’s board or create their own
                                                                                                          agendas and projects. Note: Participants must
                                                                                                          be employed by a MACC member agency.

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Minnesota Association of Volunteer                    Metropolitan State University                       Minneapolis Chamber of
Administration Volunteer Resources                    Masters of Public and Nonprofit                     Commerce Leadership Twin Cities,
Leadership, Maplewood, MN,                            Administration, Minneapolis, MN,                    Minneapolis, MN,
www.mavanetwork.org/VRL.htm                           www.metrostate.edu/com/mpna                         www.minneapolischamber.org/
Volunteer Resources Leadership is a three-year        This program equips leaders and managers at
capacity building initiative to expand and            all levels of government and nonprofits with the    This nine-month program is designed for lead-
strengthen volunteer leadership across the state      skills and understanding necessary to build and     ers who seek a deeper understanding of issues
through strategies that create widespread sys-        improve our communities. It is available in three   affecting the region; ways their organizations
temic change. With a special emphasis on tar-         formats: in regular classroom-based courses, in     can directly impact community issues; and ways
geting diverse and grassroots communities, the        Web-enhanced courses where students meet            to expand their leadership abilities and use
initiative will build infrastructure, tools, and      every other week and do online work in              those skills in a volunteer capacity.
capacity for successful volunteer leadership.         between classes, and online-only.


Minnesota Council of Nonprofits                       Minnesota State University -                        The New School Nonprofit
Leadership Program, St. Paul, MN,                     Mankato Nonprofit Leadership                        Management Program – Milano,
www.mncn.org/leadership.htm                           Certificate Program, Mankato, MN,                   the New School for Management &
                                                      sbs.mnsu.edu/nplc/                                  Urban Policy, New York, NY,
One of MCN's strategic goals is to build leader-                                                          www.newschool.edu/milano
ship within Minnesota's nonprofit sector. To this     The Nonprofit Leadership Certificate Program is
end, MCN has launched a comprehensive pro-            an 18-credit undergraduate certificate that         The New School offers leadership training
gram of services and trainings to expand the          draws from the fields of sociology; urban stud-     through Milano, the New School for
leadership of the nonprofit sector, strengthening     ies; recreation, parks and leisure; and social      Management and Urban Policy. Milano trains
individual nonprofits and the communities they        work to provide an exciting program that will       leaders for the nonprofit, public, and private
serve, including: a Nonprofit Leadership Institute,   change the way you look at the community and        sectors by blending theory with hands-on prac-
Social Leader Roundtables, and additional lead-       enhance your professional opportunities in the      tice and progressive thinking with social com-
ership tools and trainings and conferences.           nonprofit sector.                                   mitment.


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New York University School of Law                    New York University Wagner                            Northwestern University Center for
National Center on Philanthropy                      Public and Nonprofit Management                       Nonprofit Management – Kellogg
and the Law, New York, NY,                           and Policy Program, New York, NY,                     School of Management, Evanston, IL,
www.law.nyu.edu/ncpl/                                www.nyu.edu/wagner/                                   kellogg.northwestern.edu/research/nonprofit

The National Center on Philanthropy and the          The Wagner Graduate School of Public Service          The Center provides thought leadership to non-
Law was established at New York University           offers advanced programs that educate future          profit organizations, enabling them to manage
School of Law to explore a broad range of            leaders of public, nonprofit and health institu-      more efficiently and meet their missions more
legal issues affecting the nation’s nonprofit sec-   tions as well as private organizations serving        effectively. Uniting Kellogg School faculty and
tor and to provide an integrated examination of      the public sector. Trained in management, pol-        students with seasoned practitioners, the Center
the legal doctrines related to the activities of     icy and finance, NYU Wagner students gradu-           offers executive education, research and techni-
charitable organizations.                            ate with the skills they need to confront society's   cal assistance to nonprofit organizations world-
                                                     most pressing problems.                               wide.

Portland State University Institute                  St. Paul College College Business                     Seattle University Center for
for Nonprofit Management, Mark                       Program, St. Paul, MN,                                Nonprofit and Social Enterprise
O. Hatfield School of Government,                    www.saintpaul.edu/academics/programs/                 Management, Seattle, WA,
Portland, OR, www.inpm.pdx.edu                       BusinessCareers/BusinessMgmt/index.aspx               www.seattleu.edu/artsci/npl

The Institute works to meet the needs of non-        Building on a rich history of offering unique         Seattle University offers a Masters of Nonprofit
profits through educational and training pro-        business programs, the College recently               Leadership oriented toward working profession-
grams. INPM supports the development of a            launched a new specialty in business manage-          als in the nonprofit field. Some core competen-
strong, informed and effective nonprofit sector.     ment. It awards Associate in Science degrees in       cies include creating vision, maintaining a
INPM’s educational and training programs             business management, with separate focuses on         client focus, developing resources and bulding
teach what leaders need to know to build com-        entrepreneurship, human resources, and inter-         a diverse, empowered workforce. The program
munity through management and leadership in          national business.                                    includes networking with established profession-
nonprofit organizations.                                                                                   als, leaders in philanthropy and faculty with
                                                                                                           real-world experience.

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Seton Hall University Center for                      Southeast Asian Resource Action                         Twin Cities LISC The Careership,
Public Service, South Orange, NJ,                     Center Southeast Asian American                         St. Paul, MN,
artsci.shu.edu/gdpha                                  National Leadership Training,                           www.lisc.org/twin_cities/programs/
                                                      Washington, DC,                                         careership_6664
The University offers graduate degrees, graduate      www.searac.org/comempld.html
certificates and continuing education in nonprofit                                                            The Careership Program is a multi-year, collab-
management, financial management of nonprofits,       SEARAC is a national organization advancing the         orative effort designed to train new leaders,
arts administration, etc. The University provides a   interests of Southeast Asian Americans through          particularly people of color, for professional
blend of academic theory and hands-on experi-         leadership development, capacity building and           positions in the community development field.
ence with local organizations. Scholarships are       community empowerment. Through their training,          The program’s is funded by local funders,
available for the graduate program that has been      emerging leaders learn necessary tools for advo-        including the Otto Bremer Foundation and the
listed for almost 10 years by U.S. News and           cacy and spend a day on Capitol Hill meeting            Family Housing Fund, as part of the Changing
World Report as among the top ten MPA programs        with congressional staff on policy issues that affect   the Face of Housing in Minnesota initiative.
in the country for its nonprofit concentration.       Southeast Asian Americans.

University of Albany – SUNY                           University of California Berkeley                       University of California Los
Center for Woman in Government                        Nonprofit and Public Management                         Angeles Center for Civil Society,
and Civil Society, Albany, NY,                        Program – Haas School of                                Los Angeles, CA, www.spa.ucla.edu/ccs
www.cwig.albany.edu/                                  Business, Berkeley, CA,
                                                      groups.haas.berkeley.edu/nonprofit/                     The Center focuses on nonprofit leadership and
The Center provides opportunities for certifica-                                                              management, grassroots advocacy and philan-
tion in nonprofit management, collaborative                                                                   thropy. The program has both a local and inter-
                                                      The Haas School of Business provides coursework
learning and a Fellowship for Women and                                                                       national component that blends with the diverse
                                                      in nonprofit strategic management, marketing and
Public Policy. Dedicated to publishing research                                                               atmosphere of Los Angeles. Objectives of the
                                                      fundraising, nonprofit consulting, finance and
relevant to the public life of New York and the                                                               program include improving understanding of
                                                      board governance. Hands-on experience on local
nonprofit sector, the Center is part of the                                                                   nonprofits, informing policy, educating practi-
                                                      boards of directors, internships and career devel-
Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy.                                                             tioners and monitoring major developments
                                                      opment are all part of this degree aimed at
                                                                                                              affecting civil society.
                                                      preparing students for positions of leadership in
                                                      public and nonprofit organizations.

University of Delaware Center for
Community Research & Service,
Wilmington, DE, www.udel.edu/ccrs                       Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

The Center for Community Research and                   NONPROFIT
Service provides technical assistance to local
organizations, offers many certificates in non-         LEADERSHIP
profit management, works on issues of racism
and family leadership and is a leader in rede-
velopment and environmental justice.
                                                       a part of

University of Maryland University
College Nonprofit & Association                               Nonprofits
Management - The Graduate                                  and Communities
School of Management &
Adelphi, MD, www.umuc.edu
                                                         Apply now to join this
                                                         intensive learning experience.
The University College offers graduate certifica-        Two experience level tracks avail-
tion in Nonprofit Financial Management and is            able: Executive Directors and
part of the Center for Creative Leadership’s net-        Season Managers and Strategic
work. Leadership programming features individ-           Connectors
ualized executive education.
                                                               Learn more at

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University of Michigan Nonprofit                      University of Minnesota – Duluth                       University of Minnesota Humphrey
and Public Management Center,                         Masters in Advocacy and Political                      Institute of Public Affairs,
School of Social Work,                                Leadership (MAPL), Duluth, MN,                         Minneapolis, MN, www.hhh.umn.edu
Ann Arbor, MI,                                        www.d.umn.edu/~maplwww/index.shtml
www.umich.edu/~nonprofit                                                                                     The Institute offers graduate degrees in public pol-
                                                      The MAPL program is an applied degree,                 icy; urban and regional planning; an MS in sci-
The Center's mission is to equip future leaders       designed for persons with interest in having an        ence, technology and environmental policy; and a
in the private, public and nonprofit sectors with     impact on and changing public policy through           mid-career MPA. Humphrey students have
interdisciplinary insight that can help them          positions as local community leaders, government       extracurricular learning opportunities, including
operate more effectively when working for or          relations specialists, advocates, inter-governmental   with the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center.
collaborating with nonprofit and public institu-      relations, lobbyists, elected and appointed offi-      In addition, Policy Fellows participate in monthly
tions.                                                cials. Round-trip transportation from the Twin         seminars and attend Policy Forum conferences,
                                                                                                             read briefing papers and journal articles, take a
                                                      Cities is provided for each class weekend.
                                                                                                             study trip, and complete a group project.


University of Minnesota Humphrey                      University of Minnesota Humphrey                       University of Missouri Kansas City,
Institute Public and Nonprofit                        Institute Public Policy Fellows,                       Midwest Center for Nonprofit
Leadership Center, Minneapolis, MN,                   Minneapolis, MN,                                       Leadership and Bloch School of
www.hhh.umn.edu/centers/pnlc                          hhh.umn.edu/centers/cspg/policy_fellows.html           Business & Public Administration,
                                                                                                             Kansas City, MO, bsbpa.umkc.edu/mwcnl
The purpose of the Center is to enhance the lead-     The Policy Fellows program prepares a new gen-
ership of nonprofits, philanthropy, and the public    eration to assume the responsibilities of leader-      The Bloch School and Midwest Center are dedi-
sector to work together to advance the common         ship and to encourage their participation in           cated to building nonprofit capacity in the
good. The Center brings together core strengths       public affairs. Fellows participate in monthly sem-    Midwest. The school’s MPA program offers gradu-
of the Humphrey Institute. It builds on the 20-year   inars, attend Policy Forum conferences, read           ate education to prepare sector leaders and,
record of the former Reflective Leadership Center     briefing papers and journal articles, take a study     Center programs help nonprofit leaders and orga-
to support high-quality, well-trained, and experi-    trip to Washington, D.C. and complete a group          nizations effectively serve their communities.
enced leaders who understand how to work col-         project.
laboratively for change and for the public good.


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University of Missouri St. Louis                      University of Notre Dame Masters                       University of Pennsylvania Center
Nonprofit Management and                              of Science in Nonprofit                                for Community Partnerships Penn
Leadership Program, St. Louis, MO,                    Administration, Notre Dame, IN,                        Program for Public Service,
www.umsl.edu/divisions/graduate/ppa/npml              www.nd.edu/~mna/                                       Philadelphia, PA,
The program offers comprehensive education            Rooted in the Notre Dame tradition, the
and training for individuals pursuing careers in      Mendoza College of Business MNA degree's               The Center brings to bear the broad range of
the nonprofit sector, for professional staff, board   mission is to develop exemplary leaders serving        human knowledge needed to solve the complex,
members and other leaders of nonprofit and vol-       nonprofit organizations. The program develops          comprehensive, and interconnected problems of
untary organizations, and for public sector pro-      the administrative leadership skills of people in      the American city so that society benefits.
fessionals. Managers and leaders in a wide            nonprofit organizations. It offers a flexible struc-
variety of nonprofit fields benefit from the pro-     ture with on-site courses held in the summer and
gram, which also features fellowships awarded         electives offered via e-learning during the fall
to students.                                          and spring.

University of St. Thomas Center for                   University of San Francisco                            University of Southern California
Nonprofit Management,                                 Institute for Nonprofit                                Center on Philanthropy and Public
Minneapolis, MN,                                      Organization Management,                               Policy, Los Angeles, CA,
www.stthomas.edu/cob/centers/nonprofit                San Francisco, CA, www.inom.org                        www.usc.edu/schools/sppd/philanthropy

CNM develops affordable leadership services           USF’s Institute for Nonprofit Organization             The Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy
and programs to help nonprofits achieve higher        Management strengthens nonprofit organiza-             promotes more effective philanthropy and
impact. As a premier resource in education, the       tions by: conducting and publishing research           strengthens the nonprofit sector through
University and CNM have earned a national             for use by managers, leaders, policy-makers            research that informs philanthropic decision-
reputation for their Mini MBA for Nonprofit           and scholars; improving and supporting profes-         making and public policy to advance public
Organizations, Institute for Executive Director       sional education in nonprofit management; and          problem solving.
Leadership, Community Leadership Institute,           convening practitioners, scholars and leaders to
Leadership Institute for Ministry Excellence, and
                                                      develop new strategies for strengthening non-
MBA with a nonprofit track
                                                      profits and philanthropy.

University of Texas Austin RGK                        University of Washington Nancy                         University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee,
Center for Philanthropy and                           Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits                        Helen Bader Institute of Nonprofit
Community Service, Austin, TX,                        and Philanthropy, Seattle, WA,                         Management, Milwaukee, WI,
rgkcenter.utexas.edu/index.shtml                      evans.washington.edu/research/nbec                     www.helenbaderinstitute.uwm.edu

The mission of the RGK Center is to build             The Center conducts and supports theoretical           The Helen Bader Institute is a comprehensive
knowledge about nonprofit organizations, phil-        and applied research, serves as an incubator of        nonprofit academic center offering a 39 credit-
anthropy and volunteerism and to prepare stu-         nonprofit and philanthropic education for              hour MS in nonprofit canagement and leader-
dents and practitioners to make effective             University of Washington students and Pacific          ship and a 15 credit-hour graduate certificate in
contributions to their communities and countries.     Northwest executives, and convenes and con-            nonprofit management. In addition, the Institute
RGK Center initiatives emphasize collaborative        nects members of the academic, nonprofit and           offers a non-credit professional certificate in non-
approaches and international perspectives in          philanthropic communities to stimulate thinking,       profit management consisting of seventeen one-
order to foster research and dialogue across          share research and best practices, and promote         day workshops.
fields and across borders.
                                                      increased collaboration.

YWCA of Minneapolis Leadership                        Virginia Tech Nonprofit and Civil                      York University Nonprofit
Registry, Minneapolis, MN,                            Society Program, Blackberg, VA,                        Management & Leadership
www.ywca-minneapolis.org/community-                   www.spia.vt.edu/nonprof.htm                            Program - Schulich School of
programs/registry/index.asp                                                                                  Business, Toronto, ON,
                                                      The Nonprofit and Civil Society Program                www.schulich.yorku.ca/nmlp.nsf
The goal of Leadership Registry is to increase        includes two PhD programs and three Masters
the number of women and people of color serv-         programs: master of public and international           Schulich offers Canada's only MBA in nonprofit
ing on nonprofit and government boards in the         affairs, master of urban and regional planning         management and leadership. In Canada, almost
Twin Cities metro area so that boards reflect the     and master of public administration. Students          one in five paid jobs is in a nonprofit organiza-
diversity of the populations that they serve. It      may earn graduate certificates in nonprofit            tion -- more than in manufacturing or retail, and
does this by recruiting, training and placing         organizations and management and administra-           almost three times as many as in the financial
people on local boards.                               tion and leadership and integrate these into           services industry. Schulich offers a range of spe-
                                                      their degree plans of study.                           cialization opportunities with increasing degrees
                                                                                                             of focus.

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