Sakineh Ashtiani and Nasrin Sotoudeh are Facing Iranian Hell by hkksew3563rd


									The way Sakineh Ashtiani and Nasrin Sotoudeh are currently being dealt with in Iran
can only be called Iranian hell. Even right after a number of protests issued by
influential politicians like Hillary Clinton and Bernard Kouchner, the French Foreign
Minister, the Iranians are not ready to modify their techniques. Why would they?
Discuss is cheap and the Iranians know neither of these countries will use force.

Sakineh and Nasrin are Suffering

Sakineh Ashtiani has previously been punished for her alleged adultery conviction
with ninety nine lashes by a whip, and is awaiting the execution of her loss of life
sentence that has been altered to "hang until finally death" from becoming "stoned to
dying." But, Nasrin who is a human rights lawyer is in a negative situation because
she is on a dry hunger strike and has stopped the consumption of foods and h2o, as a
protest towards the inhumane situations in the prison and therapy of ladies, and
towards how her circumstance is currently being handled. She was arrested for her
actions towards state safety and harboring some propaganda against the Republic of

A Horrible Spot

Nasrin in fact defended a number of activists and political campaigners in the current
presidential election. In a standard court, Sakineh Ashtiani would have been able to
interact a lawyer for herself to defend her scenario. In Iran, there is no such rule.
Freedoms are restricted in Iran.

All Corners Coated

Sakineh would have been ready to engage a divorce lawyer if and when necessary for
dissolving her marriage in a democracy, pretending or assuming if her husband was
even now alive of program. Divorce lawyers can help negative marriages finish
amicably. Divorce lawyers take care of all the legalities, and the specifics regarding
any property involved while handing a divorce situation.

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