Safety Driving for Teenagers - Teenage Distractions causing Accidents by hkksew3563rd


									Teen drivers generally tend to be irresponsible and easily distracted, thus resulting in
them making wrong moves. Many teen drivers have been seen talking on the phone or
texting when driving. These tendencies have led to an enormous number of accidents,
causing injuries, fatalities and skyrocketing insurance rates.
  Today, too many teenagers have been caught texting on their cell phones, while
driving, thus causing accidents. Taking your eyes off the road, even if it is for a
second only, can cause crashed and other serious damage. Electronic gadgets and
chatting with friends can easily distract you. Reports have shown that nearly 44% of
teenage deaths occurred in the United States due to these causes.
  Other major causes for distractions while driving include: Drinking & Eating
Emotional State of the Driver Using the Cell Phone Talking to Friend/ Friends in the
Car Listening to Music Learn the tips for defensive driving class FL and keep yourself
safe while driving on roads: Set a curfew along with driving limits: Although it is
legal for teens above the age of 16 to drive, their lifestyles and carelessness tend to
make them very distracted drivers. Keeping a curfew for them would not do any harm.
Make a driving contract: Make a contract with your teen and if they break the contract,
they should then lose the privilege to drive. Teens must inform where they are driving
to at all times: If the plans change, the teens to use a cell phone off the road. Prohibit
teens from texting while driving: If you want to enforce this rule, you can also have
the text messaging option automatically turned off by he phone company. Don't allow
your teen to talk on the phone while driving: Parents should regularly check their
teens phone bills to check whether teens are talking while driving. Holding a driver's
license is not proof that you are a good driver. As a new driver, you will be unskilled
at handling unexpected problems. So, make sure you attend any of the various
defensive driving courses in FL.

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