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					                   F ACTS                                                                                        Newsletter

                                                                                                       December 2007

           The Star Seta
         ddressing Fasset stakeholders, staff     signed onto Fasset learnerships during
         and media representatives at Fasset’s    the year under review. “Although the
         seventh AGM, it soon became clear        number of learners on learnerships is
that Fasset Deputy Chairman, Robert Capper,       often used as the yardstick for success,
had good reason to describe Fasset as “the star   these learners only represent around
Seta”.                                            23% of the beneficiaries of Seta funds,”
                                                  Capper informed.
“Skills are in demand. We have met all of our
NSDS targets and we are on track to meet          Huge strides have been made in terms
our NSDS II targets. We take pride in our         of   attracting   18.2   learners,    the   so
achievements and we recognise that this is a      called   unemployed      learners,   into   the
team effort,” Capper explained.                   sector. “Nearly 44% of our learners are
                                                  18.2 learners,” Capper recounted. Fasset, in
The ‘cherry on the top’, was the fact that        partnership with its sector, has really ‘pulled
Fasset obtained its seventh unqualified audit     out the stops’ to improve the demographic
report in a row. “We are justifiably proud of     profile of its learners. “In 2001/02, 29%
this achievement. It confirms that Fasset is a    of our learners were Black, now 45% of
very well run organisation, with the necessary    our learners are Black. We want to get this
structures, policies and procedures in place,     higher every year. The Learnership Cash Grant
                                                                                                        An additional R30,6m in National Skills Fund
to ensure minimum risk,” Fasset CEO, Cheryl       encourages learners to sign on Black learners.
                                                                                                        (NSF) funding was obtained enabling Fasset to
James, remarked.                                  There were 218 applications in respect of 612
                                                                                                        extend the scope of its Bonani Work Readiness
                                                  learners,” Capper revealed.
                                                                                                        Programme and its Thuthuka Small Practices
Success within the Seta environment is often
equated with the number of learners signed        Fasset has registered 18 learnerships to date
onto learnerships. Over the past seven years      and these are all needs driven. “No additional        • Continued overleaf ...
Fasset has signed over 27 000 learners onto       learnerships were added during the year under
its learnerships. Some 3 372 learners were        review. We do not waste funds or effort on
                                                                    things that are not needed,”           INSIDE
                                                                    Capper emphasised.
                                                                                                           Defence Force Conference ..................... 2
                                                                                                           Fasset Recognised as a Top Seta ............. 2
                                                                    Fasset is probably the only            Lifelong Learning No Shows ................... 3
                                                                    Seta that can boast a 100%             Finding a Job, Keeping a Job .................. 4
                                                                    placement rate on completion           Staff Update ........................................... 4
                                                                    of its learnerships. “Every            Lifelong Learning Update ....................... 6
                                                                                                           Thusanani Graduation ............................ 6
                                                                    single learner that has finished
                                                                                                           Virtual Office Graduation ........................ 7
                                                                    a Fasset learnership has been
                                                                                                           Customer Satisfaction Survey ................... 7
                                                                    placed in employment. The              Thusanani Community Projects ................. 8
                                                                    national average is around             Grant Deadlines ..................................... 8
                                                                    71%,” Capper observed.

                                                                                                                                INVESTOR IN PEOPLE
Star Seta ...                                                     Fasset Impresses at
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                                                                  Defence Force
Lifelong   learning    has    always     been    a
flagship initiative, but this has really taken
off in the sector, with attendance increasing
significantly over the past financial year. As at

31 March 2007, 24 307 stakeholders had
                                                                        asset was invited to present on learnerships at
attended this training.
                                                                        the Department of Defence’s recent Conference
                                                                        for   People     with   Disabilities,     held    in   Brits.
All unclaimed budgeted grant funds amounting
                                                                  Fasset ETQA/Learnerships Assistant, Nomadlozi (Dlozi)
to some R50 727 505, for the period
                                                                  Buthelezi presented.
1 April 2006 to 31 March 2007 were allocated
to strategic skills development projects identified
                                                                  Fasset received a letter of appreciation from the conference organiser, Dr Laetitia
by Fasset’s Management Board. “While our
Financial Reports may reflect ‘unspent monies’
in the Fasset bank accounts, the Generally
                                                                      “Thank you for your willingness to come on board at this late stage, to put such
Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP) does
                                                                      a professional presentation together, and for your patience with us to get you
not allow for committed funds to be reported                          to the conference. In my opinion, your presentation was one of the best.”
as a liability. This creates the impression that
there are unspent funds. This is not the case.                    What makes Buthelezi’s achievement even more commendable is the fact that this
No money or unallocated funds are available:                      was her first public presentation, ever, and to 121 delegates to boot. “It was a very
100% of budgeted funds have either been spent                     successful day. Fasset was the only Seta present. I will be following up with Sasseta,”
or formally allocated to formally contracted                      Buthelezi concluded.
projects which are currently in progress and on
which payment is only due on completion of all
deliverables,” James explained.

Fasset’s seventh year of operation has proved
a very good year. “Fasset is very cognisant of
the fact that none of these achievements would
have been possible without the unwavering
support and commitment of its stakeholders.
This support has enabled Fasset to become ‘the                        Dlozi captivated attendees at the Conference for People with Disabilities

star Seta,’” James concluded.

                                                 Fasset is Recognised as
                                                 a Top Seta
                                                      “We are very pleased to be recognised for                 is premised on strong stakeholder and sector
                                                      the very good work that we are doing. Our                 commitment, and the fact that all of our skills
                                                      seven years of good work is paying off. We                development initiatives are closely aligned to
                                                      have put very good systems in place and this              the NSDS,” James informs.
                                                      has resulted in excellent delivery,” says Fasset
                                                      CEO, Cheryl James.                                        Going forward, she says the quality of

             asset was recognised as one of                                                                     skills   development     and      the   extent   to
             South    Africa’s   top   performing     James says the award is testimony to the                  which Setas have embraced best practice
             Setas at the 2007 National Skills        sector’s commitment to skills development. “We            will serve as differentiators within the Seta
Conference in Boksburg.                               are very cognizant of the fact that our success           environment.

‘No                                         Editor’s Note
                                                                                        007     has    communities.
                                                                                        proved an      Having raised the

at Fasset-                                                                  and
                                                                                        year    for
                                                                                                       bar, we cannot
                                                                                                       wait to see what
                                                                                                       learners        come

funded                                                                     Fasset.
                                                                           read     our
                                                                                                       up with at the
                                                                                                       next Thusanani

                                                                           report       and     our    Trade      Fair.      We
                                                                           lead story on our           also showcase two Thusanani achievers and
                                                                           AGM, I am sure you          hope their story inspires learners to ‘raise their
                                            will agree with our Deputy Chairman, Robert                game’.

                                            Capper that Fasset is indeed “the star Seta”.
         s   custodians     of    public
                                            We are very proud to report in this issue that             While many of our learners have proved star
         funds, we are sure that as
                                            Fasset was recognised as one of South Africa’s             performers, it is important to recognise that we
         Fasset members you will
                                            top performing Setas at the 2007 National                  have star performers on our staff. Read how
agree it is imperative that Fasset
                                            Skills Conference in Boksburg.                             Fasset ETQA/Learnerships Assistant, Nomadlozi
maximises the use of stakeholder
                                                                                                       Buthelezi did us proud at the Defence Force
funds.   Unfortunately,      we       are
                                            Our CEO, Cheryl James, reminisces about                    Conference for People with Disabilities.
currently experiencing a ‘no show’
                                            Fasset’s humble beginnings and also reminds us
factor at our lifelong learning
                                            of the positive impact that Fasset’s Development           Readers also get to meet two new faces at
events. These events are often over-
                                            Projects are having in the lives of the 600                Fasset: Skills Planning Officer: Events, Farhana
subscribed, and we are sometimes
                                            people placed into full-time jobs this year, as a          Bhamjee         and      Learnerships/ETQA    Officer,
forced to turn away stakeholders
                                            direct result of our Development Projects.                 Unathi Jakalase. Please join us in welcoming
who would really like to attend
                                                                                                       them to Fasset.
these sessions.
                                            Fasset     recently   commissioned      a     customer
                                            satisfaction survey to determine whether current           We urge readers to read our article on ‘no
Rather than sit with vacant seats           services are meeting stakeholder needs and to
                                                                                                       shows’ at our lifelong learning events. We
paid for from stakeholder funding,          highlight potential areas for improving services
                                                                                                       encourage our stakeholders to assist us to ‘nip
you will agree that it is not onerous       and      delivery.    Having   tantalised      readers
                                                                                                       this problem in the bud’.
to ask attendees to inform Fasset’s         with some of the research findings, I am sure
Call Centre five working days               readers will be eager to read the findings on
                                                                                                       Be sure to diarise the deadlines for the Strategic
before an event, if they are unable         our website.
                                                                                                       Cash Grant and the Learnership Cash Grant.
to attend, or wish to be replaced
by a colleague. This will enable            Finding a job, and keeping a job presents a
                                                                                                       Letters    to      the    editor   are   always   most
us to implement efficient and cost-         huge challenge for young people. We urge
                                                                                                       welcome. These can be sent to me directly:
effective solutions, ensuring that we       all stakeholders to read Stanley Hutchenson’s
are able to extend these events to          advice on how to find and how to keep a job.
the greatest number of delegates            Better still, make copies of the article and give
possible. Fasset’s Call Centre can                                                                     We hope you enjoy reading your issue of Facts.
                                            these to young people, who are looking for a
be contacted on 086 101 0001.                                                                          We have enjoyed putting this issue together.

In addressing this issue, Fasset                                                                       Together with the editorial team, may I take this
                                            I am sure you will be as excited as we were
has   started     sending   letters    to                                                              opportunity to wish you and your loved ones
                                            when the first tranche of learners graduated
individuals - who are registered for                                                                   well over the holiday season.
                                            from the Bonani 2 Virtual Office Work Readiness
the event, but do not attend - and          Programme.       A    workplace   simulation,       the
their managers, reminding them of           programme is a world first for the accounting
the importance of alerting Fasset in        profession.
the event that they are unable to
attend a session.                           Fasset learners never cease to impress us.
                                            This year for the very first time, learners on
Your co-operation in this regard is         the Thusanani Work Readiness Programme
greatly appreciated.                        actually implemented their projects in their own

Finding                                                                     Staff Update
a Job,                                                   A Seasoned Traveller                        Proud to be Associated with Fasset

a Job
       tanley        Hutcheson         and
       Associates, Managing Director,                             Farhana Bhamjee                                     Unathi Jakalase
       Stanley Hutcheson, knows what
it takes to place unemployed learners
into employment: the 90% placement            Farhana Bhamjee recently joined Fasset as a          “My colleagues have been fantastic. People are
rate achieved on the Thusanani Work           Skills Planning Officer: Events. Previously with     passionate about the work that they do. This is
Readiness Programme attests to this           Marcus Evans, her experience putting together        what makes Fasset work. They have welcomed
fact. He also knows what is required to       high-level conference and training will stand        me. I really feel part of the team. There is
keep one’s job. His advice to Thusanani       her in very good stead in her new position.          always laughter,” says Fasset Learnerships/
learners at the September graduation,
                                                                                                   ETQA Officer, Unathi Jakalase.
is applicable to all job seekers.
                                              An avid reader, Farhana will find many
                                              kindred spirits at Fasset. “I am a bookworm.         Unathi joined Fasset this October; however, she
Finding a Job
                                              I love reading. I enjoy reading anything. It         is no stranger to the Seta environment. “I was
•   You are not going to start out as
                                              depends on my mood at that time – fiction,           previously employed by Chieta at the KZN/
•   Embrace every opportunity offered         autobiographies, it could be anything. I work        EC regional office in Durban. I moved here
    to you                                    on recommendations,” she explains.                   because of the opportunity to work for Fasset.
•   A very junior position at the right                                                            This is a benchmark in terms of my own career.
    company will set you on a very            She also enjoys international travel and has
                                                                                                   Fasset is widely known as a performing Seta
    good career path                          traveled extensively. “I try to do a trip a year.
                                                                                                   and everyone wants to be associated with a
•   The objective is to get into the firm:    The last destination I visited was the Middle East
                                                                                                   performing Seta,” Unathi explains.
    it does not matter what they offer        - Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jerusalem and Saudi
    you                                       Arabia,” she informs. Europe is her favourite
•   Make a good impression first time                                                              Creative and artistic, Unathi enjoys glasswork
                                              travel destination. London and Venice are her
    round                                                                                          and sculpture as well as interior design. “I
                                              favourite cities.
•   Be bold, be positive and speak                                                                 cannot draw or paint, but I have an eye. This is
    clearly                                                                                        a gift, which I really appreciate. If people need
                                              After   completing      her   schooling,   Farhana
•   Portray       self-confidence      and                                                         help and advice, I will always give of my time,”
                                              graduated with a BA Communications degree
    enthusiasm                                                                                     she volunteers. In fact, when Chieta’s regional
•   The      interviewer   must     believe   through the University of Johannesburg, and an
                                                                                                   office in Durban relocated, she assumed full
    you have gone to that interview           Honours degree in Psychology.
                                                                                                   responsibility for decorating the office from
    because you want the job
                                                                                                   start to finish.
                                              She would love to write a book about travel
Keeping a Job                                 and female issues. “I would visit specific
•   No matter what you are doing,                                                                  Unathi enjoys reading autobiographies, and
                                              countries, interviewing the women as I go
    make sure it is your best effort                                                               really enjoyed that of Kirk Douglas. “From such
                                              along,” she explains. Farhana emphasises the
•   You are only as good as your last         point that she is not a feminist. She is, however,   humble beginnings, to actually making it. His
    piece of work                             interested in women’s experiences around the         struggles motivate one,” she reveals.
•   Become involved in projects outside
                                              world, because there is so much injustice. “A
    the world of work                                                                              Unathi believes it is impossible to work in
                                              feminist believes women are equal to men. I do
•   Employers are looking for someone
                                              not believe that. We are different, physically,      the skills development arena without a “real
    who is well rounded, not someone
                                              mentally and emotionally. The moment you             passion for development.” “What I enjoy most,
    who is only interested in building
                                              cross roles it will negatively effect families       is assisting to accredit providers that will be
    his or her own career in a selfish
                                              and lead to the detriment of a larger society.       able to train young people to get through a
•   The top people in business around         I believe women have their role and men have         learnership so that they can ultimately become
    the world have mentors - follow           their role. It does not mean that the one is         employable and in turn actively contribute to
    their example                             weaker than the other,” she informs.                 our economy,” she informs.

From the CEO’s Desk
         s we reach the end of the 2007              of     these    people     earning                               community, and this is a very
         calendar year, Fasset has been alive        market-related      salaries.   The                             positive development.
         and well for seven and a half years.        employment of these individuals
In the early days, Fasset had very little by         will     have   a   considerable                                Over the past seven years, Fasset has
way of people or infrastructure. It is hard to       impact not only on their own                                    kept its eye on the ball. Our hard work
imagine that we started with two cardboard           families, but within their broader                              and commitment has paid dividends:
boxes and a computer, donated by an Irish aid        communities as well. Very sobering indeed is         learners are finding jobs and employers are
organisation. Undoubtedly the most important         the fact that research indicates that placing        signing learners onto learnerships.
thing from day one, was the team spirit and the      one individual in full-time employment impacts
absolute commitment demonstrated by Fasset           positively on the lives of 25 people within the      When we were established seven years ago,
staff and stakeholders.                              incumbent’s immediate and surrounding family.        some of our stakeholders may have viewed the
                                                     Well done employers, learners and everyone           Skills Development Levy as another tax and
We moved to Eva Park on 1 August 2000. One           else, who came to the party.                         the Seta as another government intervention.
of our union members moved the few assets                                                                 Our stakeholders now recognise that our
that we owned in his bakkie and trailer. The         Last year a number of our Development Projects       learnerships and Development Projects and
same day, Stanley Hutcheson, our Chairman            came into their own. We are now seeing more          other skills upliftment initiatives are adding real
at the time, arrived at our offices clad in jeans    and more firms looking to sign learners onto         value and are assisting the sector to meet real
and t-shirt to lend a hand in assembling desks       Fasset learnerships, long before the learners        skills needs. There is also the broad recognition
and chairs.                                          have completed their training intervention. The      that support and commitment have given people
                                                     fact that employers want to access our learners      opportunities: economic independence bodes
Although the circle of people, participants, staff   early, speaks to the quality of our Development      well for unemployment and the skills challenges
and stakeholders that Fasset is able to influence    Projects and our learners and the dedication of      that the country faces.
has grown, the team spirit that prevails within      our project teams. It also speaks to the spirit
the broader Fasset community has never waned.        of people wanting to identify with quality and       I would like to thank all of our stakeholders for
As we approach the festive season and the end        value.                                               their unwavering support and commitment over
of 2007 we see this spirit and commitment is                                                              the past year: this has been pivotal to Fasset’s
alive and well.                                      SARS and the IRB have come on board and they         ongoing success. As the year draws to a close,
                                                     have signed learners onto Fasset learnerships.       I would also like to wish our stakeholders
Last year, through our Development Projects, we      A few of our learners have also been employed        well over the holiday season. May you return
placed just over 600 people into full-time jobs.     by other Setas. Our Development Projects are         energised and determined to fly Fasset’s flag
We should never underestimate the importance         thus having a ripple effect on the broader           even higher in the year ahead.

                          All in the Name            position of Fasset COO last year, Nadine was         always enjoyed a very good relationship with
                                                     Fasset’s Learnership and ETQA Manager.               my colleagues. I will miss the camaraderie,”
                    There may have been some                                                              Marietjie reveals.
                    confusion in Seta circles               Fasset Bids Marietjie Farewell
                    recently, as Fasset COO,                                                              We wish Marietjie a well-earned retirement.
                     Nawaal Patel, who has           It is always difficult bidding a staff member        Enjoy your retirement doing the things you
                     been with Fasset since our      farewell and it is even more difficult bidding one   love most: playing with your grandchildren,
                     inception, seems to have        of Fasset’s stalwarts, Skills Planning Officer:      caravanning, scrap-booking, doing beadwork
‘disappeared’ and been replaced by Nadine            Grants, Marietjie Smit farewell. Marietjie will      and completing your magnificent tapestries.
Kater.                                               be retiring at the end of the year.
                                                     One of Fasset’s longest serving
“We would like to allay any stakeholder              team members, Marietjie has been
concerns. There has been no change in Fasset’s       with Fasset since May 2001.
senior management team. Nawaal Patel has
recently married and she has elected to revert       “I have learnt a great deal at
to her birth name, Nadine Kater,” Fasset CEO,        Fasset. I have really enjoyed
Cheryl James explains.                               being part of the Fasset team. It
                                                     has been wonderful seeing Fasset
Well-known and highly respected in skills            grow and become one of the top
upliftment circles, prior to her promotion to the    three Setas in the country. I have

Lifelong Learning                                                                                                                                                Clean
Sharpens Skills                                                                                                                                                  Sweep for
                                                                                                                                                                 Fairer Sex
            asset’s Events Department offered a                                       Ethics is the cornerstone of good corporate
            number of very topical lifelong learning                                  governance. Our Ethics in Business and the
            training events over the course of the past                               Professions training event offered in October
year. Offered by experts in their respective                                          provided candidates with much food for thought
field, these events have been very strongly                                           in approaching their ethical dilemmas.
supported and feedback from our stakeholders
has been very positive.                                                               2007 also proved a busy year on the Skills
                                                                                      Development Facilitator (SDF) events front with
                                                                                                                                                                                                     n with
The year began with our flagship half-day                                             three SDF events hosted during the course of the                               Cher yl James and Stan Hutcheso
                                                                                      year. The first, held in February, was entitled:                               Nthabiseng Ntuli
Budget and Tax Update. Our stakeholders
                                                                                      Understanding Organisational Values. The

always look forward to this event and it is
                                                                                      second, an Introduction to the Role of the SDF,                               t is often claimed that the fairer sex
always fully subscribed.
                                                                                      was offered in March. The third, and last SDF                                 make better students. This certainly
                                                                                                                                                                    seemed to be the case when the
                                                                                      event for the year, was on the topic of Emotional
Project management is a highly prized skill                                                                                                                      fairer sex scooped the award for
                                                                                      Intelligence. High attendance confirmed the
in business today. Offered for the first time                                                                                                                    top academic achiever and the top
                                                                                      growing interest in emotional intelligence as a
this year, and a must for anyone planning                                                                                                                        achiever overall in the September 2007
                                                                                      factor that differentiates mediocre people from
to implement a project in their organisation,                                                                                                                    Thusanani graduation.
                                                                                      successful people.
refine the audit process, or manage a project
                                                                                                                                                                 Twenty-two-year-old Nthabiseng Ntuli,
within a client organisation, our two-day Project
                                                                                      An additional two lifelong learning events,                                a Wits BCom Accounting graduate, was
Management training workshop was presented
                                                                                      Financial Skills for Small Businesses and                                  recognised as the top student, overall,
at various venues between May and August.
                                                                                      Strategy for Small Business, were offered in                               on the programme. “In terms of my
The two-day investment in time should be                                                                                                                         own success, God is number one. My
                                                                                      partnership with Bankseta.
recouped multiple times in the years ahead.                                                                                                                      mother has also been very supportive.
                                                                                      Fasset stakeholders can look forward to another                            Passion has driven me to do my best,”
Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment                                                                                                                           Ntuli explains.
                                                                                      exciting and very relevant lifelong learning
(B-BBEE) is an issue that affects every business                                      programme in 2008. As always, a Budget & Tax
                                                                                                                                                                 Ntuli has learnt a great deal on the
in South Africa, impacting as it does, on                                             Update will be offered in March and April and
                                                                                                                                                                 programme. “I have learnt that one’s
increasing the size of the ‘economic pie’. Our                                        an event entitled: Latest Trends in Recruitment
                                                                                                                                                                 development is in one’s own hands. I
B-BBEE: Legislation and Recent Changes event,                                         and Selection, is scheduled for early next year.                           have also learnt to collaborate and to
offered in August and September, helped                                               Full details and online registration for these                             accept help from those around me,” she
attendees navigate new developments and                                               events will be made available closer to the                                informs. Ntuli really enjoyed the conflict
changes in the B-BBEE Codes.                                                          time.                                                                      management module, particularly since
                                                                                                                                                                 it touched on the issue of emotional
                                            2007 Lifelong Learning Programme Attendance                                                                          intelligence.

                                                                3 655                                                                                            Twenty-three-year-old Pakama Ngceni,
                                                                                                                                                                 a BA Journalism graduate from Rhodes
                                                                                                                                                                 University, received the accolade for top
                                                                                                                                                                 academic student on the programme.
    2500                                                                                                                                                         What makes her achievement that
                                                                                                                                                                 much more remarkable, is the fact that
                                                                                                                                                                 she gave birth to a son, Litha, meaning

                                                                                                                                                                 sunshine, while on the programme.

                                                                                    1 041
    1000                                                                                                                                                         Prior to joining the programme, she says
                                                                                                                                                                 she lacked job strategies. “I now know
                                                                                                                                                                 how to do things. I have interview skills.

       0                                                                                                                                                         I have been for two job interviews and
                                                                                                                                                                 I have received excellent feedback,”
              Understanding        Introduction to the   Budget & Tax Update Project Management B-BBEE: Legislation Emotional Intelligence Ethics in Business
           Organisational Values    Role of the SDF         2007 (March)        (May - August)  and Recent Changes     (September)         and the Professions
                (February)               (April)                                                (August/September)                              (October)

                                                                                                                                                                 she informs. Her burning ambition is to
                                                                                                                                                                 obtain a PhD in African Politics.

First Virtual Office Learners Graduate
      he first group of 100 graduates recently                                                            employment section of the newspapers, only to
      graduated from the Bonani 2 Virtual                                                                 discover that most positions advertised required
      Office Work Readiness Programme. A                                                                  3-5 years’ work experience.
world first within the accounting profession,
the Virtual Office Programme is a workplace                                                               Having completed the programme, she is one
simulation for trainee accountants. Learners                                                              of the programme’s greatest ambassadors. “I
are required to complete the books of four                                                                have been inspired by the immeasurable skills
companies.                                                                                                gained on the programme. We have been
                                                                                                          equipped with skills to further our studies. We
Addressing learners at the graduation, Joint                                                              have been taught to communicate with others.
Managing Director, Kevin Wakely-Smith said                                                                It has taken effort to get where we are. The
that although the project only closes at the end                             “The programme started       Virtual Office has been a real eye-opener.
of March 2008, 97 of the 100 learners on the              on 19 February. As graduates, our egos were     The programme is a challenge I do not regret
programme have already been placed.                   bruised when we were required to complete a         taking,” she reveals.
                                                      dictionary course,” she recalls. Unconvinced
Nelisiwe     Mhlangu,     a    learner   on     the   that the programme would accelerate her own         Mhlangu is delighted to have been offered a
programme,       shared       her   experiences.      career development, Mhlangu scoured the             position with Ngubane and Company.

Customer Satisfaction
Survey Results

              hile   Setas    arguably   have    a    Overall, the survey results were good and
              ‘captive    audience’      when    it   indicate high satisfaction levels amongst
              comes to their customers, Fasset        stakeholders, which confirms that Fasset
believes it is important, nevertheless, to delight    is firmly on track. Words used to describe

its stakeholders by offering excellent service.       Fasset included user-friendly, effective,

In light of this, we commissioned our very first      efficient, flexible, friendly, reliable, honest,

customer satisfaction survey in June 2007,            professional and non-discriminatory.                      with our stakeholders and we were very
                                                                                                                eager to ascertain how Facts is perceived.
to determine whether our current services
                                                      The survey also indicated that:                           Some 85% of respondents believe that
are meeting stakeholder needs as well as to
                                                                                                                Facts provides useful information.
highlight potential areas for improvement.
                                                      –    79% of employees are satisfied with the        –     We recognise that the switchboard is often
                                                           process of claiming Mandatory Grants.                our stakeholders’ first point of contact with
Our survey targeted the employers, professional
                                                      –    65% of employees have found the process              Fasset and were very pleased to learn that
bodies and providers in our sector and feedback
                                                           of claiming the Strategic Cash Grant clear           80% of stakeholders felt our switchboard
was solicited in areas such as the mandatory
                                                           and easy to follow (this is lower than               handles queries efficiently.
grant, strategic cash grant, learnership cash
                                                           Mandatory Grants because of the lower
grant, as well as lifelong learning events,
                                                           proportion of stakeholders who claim this      We would like to take this opportunity to thank
development projects, research projects, quality
                                                           grant).                                        our stakeholders for participating in our 2007
assurance/ETQA and communication.                     –    70% of respondents found the process           Customer Satisfaction Survey. Your feedback
                                                           of claiming the Learnership Cash Grant         will be used to raise the service bar even
Of the 2 363 stakeholders contacted, 287                   easy.                                          higher.
responded, yielding a response rate of 12%.           –    81% found the range of topics selected for
Eighty percent of respondents were employers,              Lifelong Learning relevant.                    The    research   findings   of      Fasset’s   2007
while the remaining 19% was evenly split              –    Our quarterly newsletter, Facts, is a very     Customer Satisfaction Survey can be viewed on
between professional bodies and providers.                 important     vehicle    for   communicating   our website (Research Section).

Fasset is committed to protecting its revenue, expenditure, assets and its reputation from any attempt by any person to gain financial
or other benefit in an unlawful, dishonest or unethical manner. Coupled with this statement, Fasset has implemented a Charter for
the Fraud Prevention Plan and to give effect to the Fraud Policy Statement.

In order to assist Fasset in giving effect to our Fraud Prevention Plan, we encourage all stakeholders to make use of the Fasset Tip Offs
                              Hotline (0800 205 054) to notify Fasset of any suspected fraudulent activities impacting on Fasset.

Thusanani Learners Implement
Community Projects
      earners on the Thusanani Work Readiness        “The children left their handprint on a sheet
      Programme are required to form a               of fabric and then wrote a few words about
      company, develop a business plan, and          themselves beneath their handprint. These
                                                     messages were extremely moving,” Fasset                                                  Fire
then exhibit their product or service at the                                                                                    s from Umbilo
                                                                                                                 Elated learner
                                                     Development Project Manager, Tania Lee,                     Awar  eness
Thusanani Trade Fair.
                                                     remarked. The syndicate would love to take
                                                     these children, as well as teenagers from high
This year, for the first time, three syndicates
                                                     schools on a camp where they would be able
actually implemented their projects. So serious
                                                     to learn about diversity from one another. A
were Umbilo Fire Awareness, that syndicate           mere R30 000 in sponsorship could make their
members completed the City of Johannesburg’s         dream a reality.
Emergency Management Services, “Stay Alive
Till We Arrive” Certificate Programme. Having        ‘Enlightening Your Way’, also targeted children
completed the programme, they spent a day            from the Othandweni Orphanage, but their
                                                                                                                                     y Syndicate
                                                     children were based in the orphanage in                    Enlightening Your Wa
training the community in Motswaledi, Soweto.
Such is their commitment that syndicate members      Soweto. The syndicate visited these children on
                                                     numerous occasions, assisting them with their
intend registering as volunteers for the City
of Johannesburg’s Emergency Management
                                                     The syndicate with the top product or service is
                                                     always presented with a prize. After a rigorous
Camp ‘YUDS’, an acronym for Your Unique              assessment process, Umbilo Fire Awareness
Diversity is Special, worked with children           emerged as the winning syndicate. Camp
from the Othandweni Orphanage in Hillbrow.           YUDS was placed second, and Enlightening
                                                                                                               Camp YUDS Syndicate
Activities included making a special quilt.          Your Way was placed third.

31 March Looms
       takeholders    are   reminded   that    the   be able to apply for these grants up until the     conducted training in the strategic areas
       deadline for the submission of the            31 March 2008. Registration means the learners     identified.
       Strategic Cash Grant (SCG) and the            must be registered with both Fasset and the
Learnership Cash Grant (LCG) for the period          professional body concerned. However, in the       The Learnership Cash Grant is available to both
1 January 2007 to 31 December 2007 is                                                                   levy and non-levy paying employers employing
                                                     case of SAICA learners, learners only need to
31 March 2008.                                                                                          less than 150 employees as of 1 January 2007,
                                                     be registered directly with SAICA.
                                                                                                        who have registered learners in terms of the
We would like to draw your attention to the                                                             criteria specified in the grant application.
                                                     All employers who have paid the Skills
fact that the timeframe for the registration
of   learners   has   changed:   learners     must   Development Levy to Fasset and have an             The criteria and application forms for both
be registered between 1 January 2007 to              approved Mandatory Grant may apply for             grants are available on the Fasset website
31 December 2007. Employers will, however,           the Strategic Cash Grant provided they have        (Downloads section).

                 PO Box 6801, Cresta, 2118. Block A, Eva Office Park, Cnr Beyers Naudé & Judges Avenue, Blackheath, Randburg
                 Call Centre: 086 101 0001. Fax: (011) 476 5756. E-mail: Web:

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