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									Heshvan/Kislev/Tevet 5769                                Vol. 19, No. 2                                  November/December 2008

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                         Congregation Agudas Israel 715 McKinnon Ave, Saskatoon S7H 2G2 (306) 343-7023 Fax: (306) 343-1244
                         Rabbi Emeritus Roger V. Pavey               Hazzan Neil Schwartz                     President: David Katzman

                      The 54th Annual B'nai Brith                                             13th Annual Yitzhak
                                                                                               Rabin Memorial
                                 Silver Plate                                                      Ceremony
                              November 12th, 2008
                                         TCU Place
                              Dinner Chairman: David Katzman
                            Master of Ceremonies: Steven Goluboff
                              Ticket Chairman: Joseph Dawson
                             Prizes up to $15,000
                            Silent and Live Auction                                                 Thursday,
            Cocktails: 5:30 - Dinner: 6:30 - Program: 7:30
                             Tickets: $200                                                        November 20th
            Proceeds support many local community needs
                   and Congregation Agudas Israel
                                                                                                 7:30 at the Center

                      FAMILY FUN DAY                                                        Festival of the
                          Sunday, December 14
                                                                                             Middle East
                      Children’s Hanukkah Activity Fair              Another                   Sponsored by the Saskatoon Jewish
                        Community Book Fair & Sale                 Off-Off-Off                 Cultural Association, a Festival of the
                            Sisterhood Gift Shop                    Broadway
                                                                                                  Middle East will be held at the
                                 10:00 a.m.                          Original
                                                                                                  Jewish Community Centre
                                                                     Favorite                 Sunday November 23rd
                            HANUKK                                  Musical for
                            Abba’s Hanukkah Story                   Hanukkah                      2:00-4:00 pm
                                 11:00 a.m.                                                 The participants will come from various cultural
                                                                                            communities in Saskatoon.There will be instru-
                                                                                            mental groups including the Saskatoon Klezmer
                                                                                            Band, solo and group dancers, singers including
                      FAMILY LUNCHEON                                                       Cantor Neil, drumming,and displays of the arts
                                   12:00 noon                                               of the region. The Festival received a grant from
                                                                                            the City of Saskatoon.
                       To launch the Hadassah-WIZO
                                  Campaign                                                        Admission prices at the Door are:
                   Adults $10, Student /Child $5, Family $30                                  Adults $10.00,Seniors and Students $5.00.
                    Plus voluntary donation – Friends Welcome                                   David Kaplan, Festival Coordinator

          This page is sponsored by Mickey and Lucille Naran of Toronto and David and Cheryl Singer of Winnipeg
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                                                             FROM OUR CONGREGATIONAL FAMILY
                           Editorial                     The Mission Statement of Congregation Agudas Israel
                           by Steven                   Congregation Agudas Israel is a spiritual, religious, educational and social home com-
                                                       mitted to deepening the quality of Jewish life in Saskatoon and district. We are an
                           Goluboff                    evolving link in the historical traditions of the Jewish people. We are a progressive,
                                                       democratic and sensitive congregation responding to the widest spectrum of Jew-
                                At this time of        ish thought and practice.
                            the year and                                      Written at the 2002 Kallah by the members of Congregation Agudas Israel
                            having          just                            CONGRATULATIONS AND MAZEL TOV TO:
                            emerged from the          Stan and Val Konkel (former members, now living in Vernon) on the engagement of their
                            High       Holiday                                 daughter Sarah to Nathan Yoageeswaran.
season, we look forward to two important                Henry Woolf on his recent brilliant performance in Waiting for Godot at Persephone
events in our community. Both have direct                                                       Theatre.
                                                                         Robin (Shaw) and Bryce Sasko on the arrival of a baby boy, Gavin
impact on the financial and programming                                           Walter, another Grandson to Arnie and Linda Shaw.
viability of our congregation. The first is                           Elie Fenyes , son of Heather and Leslie who won the Harry Bailey award
the 54th Annual B’nai Brith Silver Plate                                for outstanding 11 - 12 year old male swimmer for 2007-2008 with the
Dinner, an event that began many years ago,                                                       Goldfin’s swim club.
was held in the basement of the Marigold                              Elizabeth Brewster who will be presented with the Saskatchewan Award
Cafe and cost $35. Today, the event has                                                     of Merit on November 19th, 2008.
become one of the biggest dinners in the                  Zara Gurstein, whose nephew was appointed Dean of the College Of Law at the
                                                                                       University of Minnesota
City, held in the newly renovated TCU Place,          Aaron King, son of Sherry and Cam King, whose academic achievements for the 2007-
attended by over 700 men who pay $200 a                    2008 school year were recently recognized at the Evan Hardy Academic Awards
ticket. There is a major silent and live auction,      ceremony. Aaron had one of the top 10 averages for grade 11 and has also been named
a draw which rewards every 50th ticket and a                                              a Greystone Scholar.
grand prize winner of $5000. The prestigious                        Sherry and Elaine Sharfe on the birth of grandson, Israel Eliezer, son of
“We’re Proud of You Award” is given to a                            Jehoshua (Robert) and Paula Sharfe and brother to seven older siblings,
                                                                    in Jerusalem.
deserving Saskatoon volunteer whose work                             Rebecca Simpson and Jordana Jacobson, owners of Cravings Maternity
has not yet been recognized, and an award                             and Baby Boutique who received the ABEX Award for customer service
as coveted as Saskatoon’s “Citizen of the                                          from the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.
Year Award”. All of this is accomplished by                                   GET WELL WISHES TO: Pauline Laimon
a small and declining cohort of dedicated                                     THANK YOU AND TODAH RABAH TO:
B’nai Brith and CAS volunteers. And of the               Katie Dawson, Rishona Avivi and Daniel Rossmeisl for their enthusisastic singing
over 700 tickets sold, 90% or more are                 during the Festival of Faith held on October 19th. They represented our Hebrew School
                                                                          and our Synagogue, singing three Hebrew songs.
purchased by our non Jewish friends. The              Dr. David Kaplan who wrote a new children’s song, “Thank you for our World”, for the
Dinner supports many worthy causes in the               Festival of Faith program, sung by over 70 children from eight different faith groups.
City and a significant amount is returned to                                             CONDOLENCES TO:
the Congregation. This year, the major                       Mike Levine on the recent death of his mother Lillian Levine of Saskatoon.
community recipients are the Future in Mind
Campaign for a new mental health facility,              The B’nai Brith Joe
the Children’s Health and Hospital
Foundation, Persephone Theatre’s Youth
                                                      Rosenberg Memorial Golf
Program, the Care and Share Program, King                   Tournament
George School, the Star Phoenix Raise a               2008 Winners of the B'nai Brith Joe
Reader Program and a special gift to the              Rosenberg Memorial Golf Tourna-
Canadian Museum of Human Rights. This                 ment: l-r: Mike Nornick, Alan
event portrays a positive image of our                Rosenberg, Steven Goluboff, Donny
Jewish community in Saskatoon and                     Monro with Perry Jacobson (inset)
deserves the support and attendance of                   After a one year break, The Joe
every Jewish man in Saskatoon.                        Rosenberg Golf Tournament, sponsored by
    The second event or campaign is the               B’nai Brith returned to the links at Riverside
United Jewish Appeal, which has already               Golf and Country Club. After many previous
began and letters would have been received            qualifying tournaments, the top four teams        Rosenberg. Many others joined for a tasty
by members of the congregation. Saskatoon             competed for this coveted cup. The weather        dinner at Riverside. Everyone went home
has been exemplary across the country for a           was cooperative, the course in top shape,         with prizes. The penultimate and annual
small Jewish community committed to                   and the entrants were eager to play their A-      draw for a leather jacket, donated by David
supporting Israel. As well, it is important to        game. After detailed calculations, confirming     and Mona (Rosenberg) Rich of Winnipeg,
remind everyone who has been touched by               handicaps and auditing the final results, this    and drawn by Cantor Neil Schwartz went to
the seven years of the Shlichim program and           year’s winner was the team of famed               the deserving tournament organizer, Dr.
                                                      chiropractor, Mike Hornick, the quiet and         Steven Goluboff. Many thanks go out to
its wonderful couples who continue to
                                                      dozy anaesthetist, Perry Jacobsen, personal       the Rosenberg family for their generosity
consider Saskatoon a second home that this            trainer par excellence, Donny Monro and
program could not exist without the                                                                     and to all those who brought prizes. We
                                                      doctor, moel, and Bulletin Editor, Steven         look forward to next year’s tournament
donations to the UJA. Half of each gift is            Goluboff. They graciously received the            where we aim for more qualifying teams and
returned to this community to finance and             trophy from host and comedian, Dr. Alan           continued high level competition.
                               continued on page 13
                                  This page is sponsored by Grace, Steven, Leila, Sarah & Shaina Goluboff
                         From the President's Keyboard (from his Rosh HoShana Address)
                         by David Katzman

                             Successful         Myla, and our Hebrew School principal do a       services. As an extension of this objective,
                          individuals and       tremendous amount for such a small staff. I      he is challenged to create services that will
                          organizations         will thank many people specifically but I beg    attract Jews to join our congregation. In
                          commonly have         in advance the forgiveness of those whose        addition, he has specific responsibilities for
                          well      defined     names I omit.                                    visiting the ill and the elderly. Twelve
mission statements that naturally refer to         The Ritual Committee, chaired by Heather      months from now, we must fairly measure
short and long term goals. CAI is committed     Fenyes, has carefully taken us through           his successes and give some indication of
to serving the broadest spectrum of Jewish      another cycle of festivals, holidays and         the likelihood of a new contract. I encourage
thought and practice so we can provide a        weekly services. Attendance at weekly            every member to take advantage of the
spiritual and emotional home to the Jews of     services, particularly Friday nights, is a       resources that Neil has to offer. I also beg
Saskatoon and surrounding areas. We             concern. We continue to debate and try new       you to share with Neil what is working for
provide for the spiritual, religious,           things to attract members to attend more of      you and what is not. To complain to others
educational, social needs of our members,       our services while holding onto those            without having spoken to Neil first is
young and not so young. We care about           traditional practices that meet the needs of     unethical and the very opposite of
Israel and providing Tikkun Olam. We do         those who currently attend.                      yiddishkeit.
all these things through a transparent and         The enthusiastic and knowledgeable                Our Membership Committee, chaired by
accountable elected Board of Trustees, who      leadership of Hazzan Schwartz can be seen        Simonne Horowitz, recognizes that
collaboratively guide our congregation. It      in every aspect of our services and in many      Saskatoon is going through a significant
is a pleasure to work with such a Board.        of our programs. He has been given very          period of rapid growth. It is my belief that
Most importantly, we have dozens of             specific objectives so that he does not have     growing our numbers must be our top
volunteers who enthusiastically give their      to be all things to all people. His major task   priority. There are unaffiliated Jews in
time and resources. Hazzan Schwartz, our        is to increase our attendance at and             Saskatoon and area and we are developing
Schlichim Nim and Shirly, our Administrator     enjoyment of our weekly and festival
                                                                                                                             continued on page 12

                          Hazzan’s Notes: Gathering at Agudas Israel
                          (from his Yom Kippur Sermon)
                          by Hazzan Neil Schwartz

                            Why do we come          There are times when things are going        and helps us to become the best person we
                         here     to    pray    very well in my life, and I want to express      can be”.
                         together?      Why     praise and thanks to God because I feel that         That is one big reason we come together
                         might we come back     God helped me with whatever went well.           to pray on Shabbat. Somehow it seems easier
here for services on a regular Shabbat? After   However, there are times when I have really      to talk to God when we are sharing a service
all, praying is not really something we need    messed up, sometimes unintentionally             with our warm Jewish community. Yes, I
to do in order to survive, like eating or       hurting others in the process, and those are     know that we can talk to God anywhere, but
sleeping.                                       the times when I really depend on having a       in this small sanctuary and with our
    Or is it? Something special must be         relationship with God to help me get through     congregation it seems easier to move away
happening when we gather to pray, because       those dark moments of self-doubt and             from the work week and just talk to God.
people have been doing some kind of             recrimination.                                       This does not work for everybody. There
prayers since our ancestors lived in caves.         If any of this resonates with you, then I    are many other reasons why people come
Whatever our religious affiliation and          ask you to consider this: it is not only on      here to pray, and there are lots of good
however secular many of us may be, there        Yom Kippur that we have a chance to ask          reasons to come here on Shabbat whether
seems to be a widespread sense that there is    God to help us through the rough spots in        or not praying is one of them. After all, the
some kind of Power or Force or Divine Spirit    our life      journey. Every Shabbat our         Hebrew term for “Synagogue” is “Beit
in the Universe which is beyond us humans,      services give us the opportunity to ask God      K’nesset” or “House of Assembly”, and that
and we seek some sort of communication          for strength and guidance, because we are        implies other reasons for gathering here
and even relationship with that Power.          all human and thus we all say and do things      besides prayer.
    We Jews call that Power or Force or         which are improper.                                  There is a famous story which in brief
Divine Spirit by the name “Adonai” or               Judaism says that we are here on Earth to    goes like this: “Shlomo comes here to talk to
“God”. There have been times in my own          help make this world into a better place in      God, and I come here to talk to Shlomo”. It
life where having some kind of relationship     our own way. That starts with trying to make     was Mordecai Kaplan, founder of
with God actually has been a matter of          ourselves into better people, and for that we    Reconstructionist Judaism, who urged the
survival for me. I suspect that I am not the    often need to ask God for help. One way          North American Jewish community to
only one here tonight who has experienced       that I sometimes think about God is to say:      conceive of the synagogue as a Jewish
that.                                           “God is that part of each of us which urges                                  continued on page 11

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                                                  Sisterhood News
by Karen Dawson, President
    The New Year is upon us, and with it -       Providing for Shared Shabbat                                1 large egg
some positive new beginnings in our              - no meat, no sea food                                      1 & 1/4 C. all purpose flour
community! After a long while without an         -fish must have fins and scales                             1 tsp. cream of tartar
appropriate hire for the kitchen, we are very    - dairy ok                                                  1/2 tsp. baking soda
pleased to introduce Mary Ann Blocman as         - no bacon bits (even artificial).                          1/4 tsp. salt
our new employee! Mary Ann has                   - all soups must have non-meat base made                    1 TBSP sugar
considerable experience, and will be bringing    with vegetarian broth/cubes. (read                          1 TBSP cinnamon
her positive energy, and gifted skill to our     labels to make sure there is no meat                        Beat crisco at medium speed util fluffy;
community. We welcome her into our CAI           product or base).                                        gradually add sugar. Beat in egg. Combine
family and look forward to seeing her on         - please prepare recipes in glass bowls,                 flour,cream of tartar, baking soda, and salt
Shabbat!                                         and bake in foil pans; using mixing tools                in a small bowl; gradually add to crisco
    This year, we will be making some            that have not touched meat products of                   mixture, beating on low speed until blended.
adjustments in the kitchen in an effort to       any kind.                                                Cover & refridgerate 1 hour. Preheat oven
keep it more kosher. We will also be             - no lard - Crisco only                                  to 375 degrees. Combine sugar and
providing clear guidelines for people who        - if using bought pie crust - read label for             cinnamon in a small bowl. Form the dough
wish to participate in food preparation, or      shortening (NO LARD).                                    into walnut-sized balls; roll in cinnamon &
for those bringing food in for the               - cream soup base must be checked                        sugar mix & place on cooking sheet. Bake
community. A kitchen policy will be posted       carefully - many creamy soups have a                     10-12 mins. or until cookies are flat and edges
in the kitchen, as well as the following         meat base in them (read labels).                         are lightly browned. Transfer to wire rack &
information, for those of us who will be                                                                  cool completely.
participating in Onegs or Shared Shabbat             For those of us who are looking for an                  Enjoy!
during the year.                                 easy and great Pareve treat; here is one that               On behalf of CAI Sisterhood, I would like
    When bringing in Baking:                     is always a hit;                                         to wish everyone in our community a
- Pareve or Dairy OK - please label so we            SNICKERDOODLES                                       wonderful new year, with good health and
know which.                                          Pareve - about 30 cookies.                           much happiness!
- Line cookie sheet with foil, and                   1/2 C. crisco                                           “It is never too late to reinvent yourself..”
parchment paper which is disposable.                 3/4 C. sugar
- When using non-dairy marg. use
Fleishmans (lactose free) or Crisco.
- If cooking Pareve, use non dairy
chocolate chips - (Presidents Choice ‘The                      Ritual Committee Report
Decadent’ are Pareve)                            by Heather Fenyes
- Cake or squares must be brought in a foil
pan ( baked in a foil pan).                      The Ritual committee and board have                      one, and isn’t able to do so. In an effort
- Mix baking ingredients in a glass bowl,        decided to make a change to our Kabbalat                 towards improvement, we will be having two
using utensils which have not touched            Shabbat schedule. Unfortunately, over the                services each month. One service will be
meat products of any kind.                       past year, these services have rarely seen a             our 6:00 service and shared Shabbat dinner,
- When baking Parve use Soy or Rice milk         minyan, except for our successful Shared                 and the other will be an 8:00 pm service. We
instead of milk. (Silk Soy, or Rice Dream        Shabbat dinner/services. As Jewish people,               hope to involve many groups in our 8 pm
are good.)                                       we require a minyan for communal prayers,                services, in order to ensure a more regular
                                                 and especially to say the mourners kaddish.              minyan. Please check the calendar for exact
                                                  It’s always disappointing when somebody                 dates and times.
                                                 comes hoping to say kaddish for a loved

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                                                           Adult Bat Mitzvah
                         by Gladys Rose

                            A Bat Mitzvah participate in Toronto’s Darchei Noam’s                 Rose and my granddaughters Rebecca
                         ceremony is today Shabbat Baha’alotecha service. This                    Cooper and Mira Kates Rose, all of whom
                         an     established marked the culmination of close to two years          became B’not Mitzvah. Long ago, I became
                         practice within of study and preparation. We were women                  an adult responsible for my moral and
                         C o n s e r v a t i v e , from diverse family backgrounds and at         religious duties and a full-fledged member
                         Reform              and different life stages. We had varying            of the Jewish community. Now in my 82nd
Reconstructionist branches of Judaism, with degrees of knowledge in Jewish studies and            year, 12 years past the biblical life span of
adapted ceremonies even appearing in some liturgy. We also had different ideological              70, that has changed. In the beginning, my
Orthodox congregations.                            inclinations. For each of us the Bat Mitzvah   goal was to make new friends in a new city.
   Opening to girls and women the Bar was a private as well as a group journey, an                On the way to reaching that goal, I increased
Mitzvah rite that had long marked                                                                 my knowledge of Judaism and deepened my
the passage of Jewish males into                                                                  emotional commitment to Jewish values. I
religious adulthood was the first          Neither my mother, nor my                              learned that new adventures still lie ahead.
                                                                                                  So I encourage all the adult Jewish women
of many changes broadening the             grandmothers, nor the women                            in Saskatoon to give serious thought to
role of women in Judaism. Judith
Kaplan was the first to have a Bat         who preceded them had the                              forming an adult Bat Mitzvah group at
                                                                                                  Congregation Agudas Israel, I am sure that
Mitzvah, in 1922 and when she              opportunity to celebrate a Bat                         the necessary leadership and support would
was 82 years old she had a
second Bat Mitzvah when she                Mitzvah.                                               be available.
stated, “Bat Mitzvah began not                                                                        My Bat Mitzvah was an unbelievably
just as a statement of feminism,                                                                  joyous event, attended by sisters-in-law Zoe
but as a statement of dedication to intimate passage linking us to our Jewish                     Gropper (Vancouver), Myrna Levin
something larger than one’s self”. Although heritage and to each other.                           (Winnipeg), michatonim Joel and Ann Klein
Judith Kaplan died this year, her                     Neither my mother, nor my grandmothers,     (Manchester, N.H.) as well as my children
contribution to egalitarianism continues.          nor the women who preceded them had the        and grandchildren with their spouses/
   Despite the passage of decades, adult opportunity to celebrate a Bat Mitzvah.                  partners. I did miss my “old” Agudas Israel
Bat Mitzvah celebrations are not yet Nevertheless, I following their footsteps and                friends but was surrounded by new ones at
ordinary occasions. I joined 18 other women in the footsteps of my late daughter Kathryn          Darchei Noam.
on June 14, 2008 (11 Sivan 5768) to Cooper, my daughters Toby Rose and Naomi                          To all my friends and family, old and new,
                                                                                                  my message is: Embrace your Jewish and
                                                                                                  Canadian identities and heritages by
                                                                                                  continuing to learn and to search for justice

                                Breakfast Club
                                                                                                  in the world. “It is not for you to complete
                                                                                                  the work, but neither are you free to desist
                                                                                                  from it”. (Rabbi Tarfon Pirkei Avot ch. 2;
                                      Sunday, November 16th
                                       10 am - at the Centre                                      Editor's Note: Gladys continues to be a
                                                                                                  member of CAI and lives in Toronto.
                                      On the menu: Coffee, Bagels and the Israeli
                                      movie Noodle– At thirty-seven, Miri is a                       Business Slipping Away?
                                      twice-widowed, El Al flight attendant. Her                                Maybe you are paying too
                                      well-regulated existence is suddenly turned                                 much for your steel?
                                      upside down by an abandoned Chinese boy                                       Call Toll Free:
                                      whose migrant-worker mother has been                                         1-800-667-5353
                                      summarily deported from Israel. The film is a                       Bucket Service Available
                                                                                                            New Steel and Pipe
                                      touching comic-drama in which two human                              Used Steel and Pipe
                                      beings — as different from each other as Tel
                                                                                                      INLAND STEEL PRODUCTS INC
                                      Aviv is from Beijing — accompany each
                                      other on a remarkable journey, one that takes                             Avenue P & 17th St. W
                                      them both back to a meaningful life.                                           Saskatoon

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                                     On The Making of Prayer Books - Part One
                              by Rabbi Emeritus Roger Pavey
                                 There has         Mishkan Tefillah went through a difficult                                          750 pages, but is actually considerably
                              been a plethora gestation, including the pulping of the whole                                           smaller than Mishkan Tefillah and easier to
                              of new Prayer of the first edition, until it finally arrived. It                                        handle. Two place markers are included with
                              Books published replaces the Gates of Prayer, and was edited                                            the book.
                              in the last by Rabbi Elyse Frishman. It is published in                                                    Seder ha Tefillot does not include Festival
                              generation. As three volumes; a complete book of 694 pages                                              prayers; they were published separately in
                              the Jewish world that was evidently felt to be too big for easy                                         1995. But it does include an enormous
                              has had to congregational use, and two smaller                                                          amount of material. The Services for Shabbat
confront brand new challenges, it has volumes, one for Shabbat, the other for                                                         and weekdays are an abbreviated traditional
become necessary to update the siddur to Festivals and Weekdays, that are indeed                                                      siddur, basicallky Sefardic style, with a
respond to them. This is mainly a easier to handle.                                                                                   straightforward translation and a huge
phenomenon of the non-Orthodox                     The text is set out in a unique way. Each                                          amount of commentary explaining both
communities, but is by no means confined page normally has the traditional Hebrew                                                     custom and the meaning and significance
to them; even the Orthodox have produced text on the right hand side, and a selection                                                 of the prayers. There are meditations on
new editions of the siddur for their of mainly English readings on the left hand                                                      the liturgy with detailed analysis of the
constituencies.                                 side. It is intended that the Sheliah Tsibbur                                         prayers and suggested alternatives for
    The new challenges have included, for leading the Service chose one prayer from                                                   variety. There is a full glossary of sources;
example, the experiences of the Shoah and either side, and then continue by turning                                                   there is a collection of prayers for all possible
the State of Israel; issues of gender equality; the page, so as to eliminate page                                                     occasions (including what I think must be
human sexuality and specifically the place announcements. Sometimes, the Service is                                                   unique, prayers for welcoming into the
in the community of gay and lesbian Jews; continuous and includes both pages.                                                         family a new pet and a meditation on the
the changing demographic structures of Undoubtedly, it isn’t as complicated as it                                                     loss of a pet!); a full listing of Psalms, with
Jews, with the increasing valency of one- sounds when in use. Pretty well everything                                                  guidance for use; and, above all, a vast
parent families and the impact of Jews by in Hebrew is transliterated, to facilitate                                                  anthology of readings from Jewish sources,
choice; ecology and our relation with our congregational involvement.                                                                 arranged by theme, that can be used
environment; and increasing dialog with            The book includes Services for Shabbat,                                            privately for meditation and study, or in the
other religious and spiritual experience. All evening, morning and afternoon; Festivals                                               Service as divre Torah, especially in
have necessitated a response in the prayer likewise; and weekdays. In addition, there                                                 communities without a Rabbi. It is intended
book: after all, the prayer book is the only are prayers for special occasions, such as                                               to educate Jews and to stimulate a modern
specifically Jewish source that most Jews Kiddush, Havdalah, Hannukah, Purim a nd                                                     Jewish spirituality. There are alternatives for
make contact with, and it therefore Birkat ha Mazon. There are songs, but,                                                            the Torah Service and the Alenu that
increasingly has to be what Franz oddly, no glossary or notes.                                                                        represent differing theological perspectives.
Rosenzweig said it was, a textbook of Jewish       Seder ha Tefillot is the eighth edition of                                         And there are two versions of a Musaf
thought and belief, as well as the expression the British Reform Prayer Book, the first                                               service, a traditional one or a modern and
of Jewish spirituality.                         dating back to 1841. British Reform has a                                             shorter version so as not to lengthen the
    This year has seen the publication of new strong Sefardi base, and still retains much                                             Service unduly.
Prayer Books by two Reform communities: Sefardi minhag. This edition is edited by
Mishkan Tefillah, published by the North Rabbi Dr.Jonathan Magonet (who is both a                                                        To be continued in the next Bulletin.
American Reform movement, the Union for Rabbi and a qualified Physician.) It runs to
Reform Judaism; and Seder ha Tefillot,
published by the British Reform community,
the Movement for Reform Judaism. They
both seek to respond to the challenges that                       THE BULLETIN
confront Jews today. They represent two
differing approaches and are therefore Editor-in-Chief .......................... Steven Goluboff
interesting for us to consider.                  Youth Editor .................................... Shira Fenyes
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                                                          Circulation Manager ..................... Myla Deptuck
                                                          Layout & Graphic Design .............. Janet Eklund

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                              Hadassah-WIZO News
                              Canadian Hadassah-WIZO is a volunteer women's Zionist organization that provides material and moral support
                              to enhance the lives of women, children and youth in Israel through its health care, education and social services
                              projects. It fosters and strengthens Jewish ideals and highlights the role of Israel in today's world.

                              by Linda Shaw
                           Last chance to               delightful summer hiatus. We voted to                       essential projects in Israel: the schools, the
                        attend the 20 th                continue our Raffle Dinner Project, plan                    daycares, the social services we provide as
Hadassah-WIZO National Convention! It’s                 another huge Silver Spoon Dinner and work                   well as to our healthcare and hospital
all happening in Calgary on November15 -                on the Community Phone Book. We’ll have                     commitments there. Watch for your letter
17. With the theme “Igniting the Power of               a special banquet with the in-coming                        and your invitation to the Luncheon and
Women” it is going to be an amazing event!!             National President in 2009. We will launch                  then please give ever so generously to the
There will be a luncheon to honour four                 our CHW One Campaign at a Latka                             Campaign. Remember, we are combining
awesome women .... Catherine Ford, Melissa              Luncheon at the Chanukah Fair and Musical                   three asks in one. Your gift will help make a
Blake, Christine Wandzura and Hayley                    (ChanukABBA) at the JCC Sunday,                             positive difference to the lives of women
Wickenheiser and a Banquet to honour Gail               December 14th .                                             and children in Israel, so please give.
Asper and out-going CHW President,                         The CHW “One Campaign” is a one-time                        Dianne Greenblat has Hadassah-WIZO
Sandy Martin. You’ll meet the new National              fundraising drive that will combine our                     cards for every occasion. We send special
President and Officers as well as                       former Youth Aliyah Campaign, Women-for-                    “Speedy Recovery” wishes to Pauline
international guests from the US and Israel.            Women and Medical Services campaigns.                       Laimon.
The line-up of speakers and the topics for              The money raised will go to support all our                    Enjoy the Convention!
the sessions sound fantastic, interesting
and inspiring. Don’t miss this opportunity.
Call Linda.
    September was Membership Month.
Welcome to our new CHW members and our                       This is what the Holy One said to Israel: My children,
returning members. If you have not yet                       what do I seek from you? I seek no more than that you
signed up, it’s never too late. Annual
members pay $36, Life Membership is $300                            love one another and honor one another.
and we suggest our local Life Members                                                                     - Tanna d'Bai Eliyahu, medieval rabbinic work
contribute $10 towards our chapter
expenses. Contact our Treasurer Janet
Erikson at 242-2737 or Dianne Greenblat, our
Membership Chairperson, at 652-5916.
    Many thanks to Leila Goluboff for
hosting our chapter opening meeting in
September. Thanks too to the ladies who
attended and brought delicious dishes for
the yummy “Potluck” . It was a lot of fun to
reconnect with our members after a                                                DINNER FOR 8
      Successful investing                                                       in your own home
          starts with
      CIBC Wood Gundy
                                                                        Win a five course dinner for eight
     CIBC                                                                         $2 per ticket
                   WOOD GUNDY
              Ron Holmes
   (306) 975-3818 or 1-800-561-3800
 CIBC Wood Gundy is a division of CIBC World Markets
      Inc., a subsidiary of CIBC and Member CIPF

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                               Truth (emet) is the Seal of God.
by Rabbi Emeritus Roger Pavey - from his Yom Kippur Sermon
    The word used here for “truth” is emet.       confront this and try to return to truth as        think we, and they, are too willing to
It begins with the first letter of the Hebrew     best we can as we strive to return to God.         compromise. Is acceptance of sloppiness—
alphabet, ends with the last, and the middle          There is a gap, e.g., between what we          the too easy use of transliteration of
letter is the middle letter of the alphabet. It   say and what we do. We say that being a            Hebrew, e.g.,, evidence of rahmanut,
therefore represents the beginning, middle        Jew demands of us that we live lives focused       compassion, or just what it seems, easy-
and end, i.e. the whole of human experience:      on Torah, so that we should behave                 going sloppiness? The use of transliterated
emet, truth, is, therefore, everything that is    according to the highest moral standards of        Hebrew indeed is a good example of what
and that should be; for it is the very essence    Judaism, and yet do we do these things?            worries me. Making the right sounds is not
of the divine.                                    Not occasionally but consistently. We say          praying in Hebrew and to say it is merely
    On one level truth is obviously               that being a Jew demands of us that we live        because it allows everybody to join in is
intellectual honesty. It is a statement of what   lives focused on Israel, so that we should         silly. When we pray we are not mouthing
is without any equivocation: what we say          be active in the Jewish community and its          magic spells; the words actually mean
corresponds as far as we can with what            needs, and yet do we do these things? Not          something and that meaning is very
actually is. On another level truth is more       occasionally but consistently. We say that         important indeed. The siddur is our text
than that: it also relates to emotional,          being a Jew demands of us that we live lives       book of Judaism. Tefilah is not singing jolly
psychological and spiritual honesty. We           focused on God, so that we live lives              tunes: it is a deadly serious entry into a
try, again so far as we humanly are able, to      dedicated to study and prayer, and yet do          spiritual dialog with history, with Jewish
believe what corresponds to what actually         we do these things? Not occasionally but           historical experience, with God, with
is, to aim at what corresponds to what should     consistently.                                      ourselves and with each other. It demands
be, to do what is honest, in short to be and          Does not truth require us to answer            emet in a process of wrestling. Are we selling
to behave coherently with what actually is.       honestly? Are we really focused on emet?           ourselves and our faith and our tradition,
    Obviously there are limits to human               Is our communal life really focused on         our forebears and our descendants, short?
honesty. None of us can know without any          emet? The Jewish people demands that the           Judaism really isn’t a part-time job, it
doubt; and, even if we could, we would            world shall treat us Jews with respect and         demands serious commitment, including the
always recognise limits to our honesty, limits    dignity. Absolutely right. But are prepared        commitment to learn Hebrew, without which
to truth. Tradition, e.g., says that every        to treat others with the same respect and          Judaism is a closed book.
woman is beautiful on her wedding day: in         dignity that we demand for ourselves? Do               Do I sound Orthodox? I hope not
other words our desire to be honest is            we support Israel, merely because it is Israel,    because I am totally commited to a liberal,
constrained by compassion. Where rare             even when it does wrong, and are unwilling         progressive, dare I say it, Reform/
truth may be hurtful, we are enjoined to be a     to speak when its government makes                 Reconstructionist, position. I do try to be
little economical with that truth to avoid        mistakes? Do we have double standards in           honest. I try to apply modern scholarship
unnecessary hurt.                                 our ethical choices? And if those questions        honestly to my Judaism, and to dialog with
    But emet, truth, remains an ideal for us to   seem unfair, offensive, hurtful, are we really     modernity.         Anything less would
strive for. We may remember that, regardless      understanding emet, the seal of God?               compromise emet. There are parts of the
of the need to be compassionate to others             We are members of the United Synagogue         Torah scroll, e.g. that I will not read as part
and to ourselves, we are also taught that,        that is built on Jewish standards, the             of worship because they are offensive or
while for others we can and should be mekil,      expectation that all Jews will live a halakhic     meaningless, and no appeal to tradition will
willing to compromise, for ourselves we           life, or at least aim to live so; that Jews will   bend my intellectual or moral or spiritual
should be mahmir, insistent on the highest        be shomre Shabbat, eat kasher, seek to             conscience. Similarly, there are prayers that
standard.                                         deepen their knowledge of Hebrew, enter            I cannot and will not pray because they
    I suspect that in our Jewish world we are     into dialog with the classical Jewish sources.     reflect attitudes that I find morally and
inclined to be too economical with the truth,     Do we do these things? Does the United             intellectually repugnant; and there are
and that today of all days is the time to         Synagogue do these things? I think not. I          prayers, such as the berakhkah for reading
                                                                                                     the Torah, that make me most
                PROFESSIONALADVICE                                                                   uncomfortable.
                                                                                                         Of course, all is not lost. And of course
                  FROM A QUALIFIED
                                                                                                     I remain more than willing to compromise
                 FINANCIALADVISOR                   Cruise/Australia             Business or         on grounds of compassion. But truth is a
                                                                                                     beacon. My religious faith and life must be
   Darrell Nordstrom, R.F.P., C.F.P., CLU.                                                           honest, consistent and coherent. And that
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       •Financial Estate Planning                                                                    is what I am concerned with today. Let us
                                                  Charters • Tours • Groups • Hotels • Car Rentals
       •Investment Management                      • Insurance • Seat Sales • Last Minute Specials   strive for truth, honesty and integrity. What
       •Charitable Bequests                                                                          we cannot conscientiously do or believe let
                                                               1-800-244-2321                        us therefore honestly let go. But what we
  Assante Financial Management Ltd.                                                                  can honestly believe and do, that we must
Wealth Creation, Preservation and Management                    244-2342                             do: we have no choice.
       301-500 Spadina Crescent East                         Bob Nicholson, CTC, Mgr.
              Saskatoon, Sask.                           119 4th Ave S • Saskatoon S7K 5X2              Truth, emet, is the seal of God.
        Bus: 665-3244 Res: 933-4123

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                                                                 Mah Chadash (What's New)
                                                     by Shirly and Nimrod Solomon

                                                          The Breakfast Club is back! The season           start our Hebrew learning groups. These
                                                       premiere will take place on November 16th,          groups will meet once a week while
                                                       10am with the Israeli movie Noodle, the story       alternating the focus between speaking and
                                                       of an El-Al flight attendant whose life turned      reading, so it can meet everyone’s wishes.
                                                       upside down by an abandoned Chinese boy.            Another Hebrew activity is Café Ivrit. If
                                                       The film is a touching comic-drama in which         you are speaking Hebrew or in the process
                                                       two human beings — as different from each           of learning it, this is an opportunity for you
    Shalom to you all,                                 other as Tel Aviv is from Beijing —                 to spend a whole hour filled with Hebrew
    We would like to start by saying how               accompany each other on a remarkable                and coffee. All Hebrew levels are more than
happy we are to be back here. Our time in              journey, one that takes them both back to a         welcome. We will keep you posted with the
Israel with our family, friends and all of our         meaningful life. On December 7th, 10am we           specific details in future advertisements via
most familiar things was amazing. There is             will have the second film, The Band’s visit         Email. If you are interested in one or more
no replacement for being face to face with             is one of the most awarded films in Israel          of the above or you know of someone that
your loved ones, although nowadays with                film history with 35 prizes from different          might be interested in learning Hebrew,
the technology and Skype it’s easier to stay           festivals around the globe and tells the story      don’t hesitate to contact us.
connected. One of the highlights of our visit          of an Egyptian band who comes to play in                Lehitraot,
came on our last day in Israel, on a beautiful         Israel and by mistake find themselves in a              Shirly & Nim
Israeli summer morning we met the small                small desert town.          Join us for coffee,
“Saskatoon community in Israel”, all the               bagels, cream cheese and the newest Israeli            E-mail: areivim@sasktel.net
former Shlichim alongside Heather Fenyes               movies on a Sunday morning pleasure.                   Phone: 343-7023 ex.4
on her visit to Israel. That meeting was great,           After the holidays we are planning to
the love of all the Shlichim to this
community, the special place they all have
in their heart to the time they spent here and

                                                                                       Breakfast Club
the connection that still remains. We are
proud to be a part of this unique group.
    The Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Ceremony
will take place on November the 20th, 7:30
pm at the center. This year the evening will                                                  Sunday, December 7th
be focused on Rabin’s bio and his                                                              10 am - at the Centre
contribution to Israel society, so we can all
share his fruitful life that ended 13 years                                                 On the menu: Coffee, Bagels and the Israeli
ago in the first political assassination in
                                                                                            movie The Band’s Visit – Once, not long
Israel history. We hope that you will all
attend the ceremony for an emotional and                                                    ago, a small Egyptian police band arrived in
learning experience altogether.                                                             Israel.
                                                                                            They came to play at an initiation ceremony
                                                                                            but after being left stranded in the airport,

 SHERW                                                                                      somehow they find themselves in a desolate,
                                                                                            almost forgotten, small Israeli town,
               GMC           RV         GMC                                                 somewhere in the heart of the desert.
  GMC          Medium
                                          Duty                                              A lost band in a lost town.
               Trucks       Service      Trucks
                                                                                            Not many people remember this.
 Free Shuttle Service           Body Shop                                                   It wasn’t that important.
  Pick-up and Delivery The Body Shop provides
                         Free Loaners on all SGI
  7:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m. or Retail Collision Claims
                                                           To smile at your neighbor is more important
 SHERW                                                             than to treat him to a drink.
     550 Brand Road • Saskatoon
  374-6330 • Toll Free 1-877-374-6330                                                                    - Johanan b. Nappaha, Talmud: Ketubot

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                                                                 Dear Community (Klila Yekara)
                                                     by Yael and Yishay

                                                     Israel. We reminisced about Saskatoon and
                                                     the community and it was emotional. Hope
                                                     you all had great High Holidays. We are wish-
                                                     ing you all Shana Tova full of health, love,
                                                     and happiness. Thinking of you,
                                                     Yael and Yishay.
   We are taking this opportunity to write a
few words. The high holidays are almost              P.S. The pictures are a constant re-
over. For us it was a time to spend with our         minder about Saskatoon. They are on
family, friends and visitors from Canada.            the enterence wall to our house. One
Elaine and Heather came for a short visit. It        of them was painted by Rachel Barakai
was great to see them but unfortunately it           from Moose Jaw, and the other one was
was too short. We also hosted Daniel Pesin,          given to us by the Saskatoon UJA del-
a former Saskatonian, who came for a visit in        egation.

                            From the Jewish Students' Association
                          by Daniel Katzman, JSA President

                               This         year     We have yet to have our first full practice,      and all of them have been well received.
                            promises to be one       but I expect to see a lot of Jewish athletes. I      As JSA president it is my job to make
                            our most exciting        hope to see many of my fellow congregants         sure everyone feels welcome. I urge anyone
                            years yet. We            out at some of our games. We can’t promise        interested in JSA or if you know someone
                            recently added many      a win, but we can promise a good show.            who may be interested in JSA to give them
new members to our chapter list and are very            I am now entering my second year as            my contact information and get to know our
happy to say that chapter membership is              president but still find myself constantly        members. I can guarantee you there is no
the highest it’s been in years. We have              surprised by my position. Luckily we              other campus group with a more welcoming,
selected this years board members and have           continue to have the invaluable help of Nim,      energetic and diverse group. I can safely
started planning many events.                        Shirlee and Simonne. We have many of our          say there is something for everyone. Shana
    The Screamin’ Chickens Soccer team is            past board members returning and a few new        Tova.
back in full force this year. Our registration       ones that look as excited as I am. We have
is in, our roster is full and everyone is excited.   already had many suggestions for programs,

            Volunteers needed to "star" in this year's Chanukah Musical.
             Acting and singing talent desirable but not required, but a sense of humour
                                    and a feel for fun is essential.
         This year we are doing the reprise of CHANUKABBA - a funky 70's interpretration of the Chanukah
            story. If you like bellbottoms, lava lamps & ABBA music you will want to participate for sure.

              Performance Date: Sunday, Dec. 14th 11:00 a.m. - in conjuction with the Family Fun Day,
                     Chanukah Fair, Book Fair and Latke Luncheon to celebrate the launch of the
                                        Hadassah-WIZO "One Campaign"

          First meeting/practice - @ JCC Monday, November 24th at 6:00 p.m.
                                                           Everyone welcome.
                                                              Contact Shirly & Nim

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Hazzen's Notes... from page 3
Center, and there are to this day some              Shabbat mornings. The Shared Shabbat pot-                     the quality of our Jewish life in Saskatoon,
synagogues which have gyms and even                 luck dinners once a month on Friday                           and you might find that it also makes a
swimming pools attached.                            evenings have been very successful, and                       difference in your own quality of life. We all
    However, we do not need a Jewish gym            we plan to resume those in November.                          need a place to reconnect with ourselves,
as a reason to spend time with our fellow               However, we would also like to see an                     with each other, and maybe also with God.
Jews. For some people, it is enough of a            increase in the number of Simchas which we                    Sharing services on Shabbat in our warm
reason to come here on Shabbat just to be           celebrate here together. While it is wonderful                synagogue community is a great place to do
with other Jews, in a city where we make up         to enjoy something like a Bar or Bat Mitzvah                  so.
only one or two percent of the total                or an Aufruf or Baby-naming, a Simcha can                         In our Jewish prayers we praise the
population. For me, there is a comfort level        also be as simple as sharing a birthday or an                 Creator of the World, we thank God for
with people who have chosen to be part of           anniversary with our community on                             Revealing to us good Teachings for how to
our small community which I do not feel             Shabbat. Another idea is to come on                           live, and we petition God for help in working
anywhere else.                                      Shabbat morning for an Aliyah on the                          together to bring about a future Redemption.
    For some congregants, it is clear that there    anniversary of one’s own Bar or Bat Mitzvah.                  At this time of year we praise God specifically
are very practical needs that can best be               Speaking of Bar and Bat Mitzvah, there                    for Sovereignty and ask God specifically for
met in our synagogue. While it is no longer         may be congregants who have not had the                       forgiveness of our misdeeds. Our ancient
equally important for everyone, many of us          experience of that particular rite of passage                 and modern prayers put us in touch vertically
still want a Minyan so that we can say              earlier in life. If you have ever thought of                  back through history with previous
Kaddish for those people who were important         doing this as an adult, please let me offer to                generations of Jews, and those prayers also
to us in our lives. It is really distressing to     work with you and help you craft an adult                     put us in touch horizontally with Jews
feel the intense disappointment when                ceremony which is meaningful for you. Some                    worldwide who are chanting the same words
someone has made a special effort to come           people have chosen to learn how to chant                      in their own melodies.
here on a Friday evening so that they can           a Haftarah, while others have been quite                          As we collectively send our prayers to
say Kaddish, and we do not have a Minyan            content to learn the Torah blessings and a                    God on this solemn evening, let us pray that
for them to do so.                                  few congregational prayers.                                   He listens to us and that we in turn truly
    There are others among us who come                  One wonderful activity for our affiliate                  listen to our own words. May you have an
here for an emotional connection with               groups can be leading a service on either                     easy fast, and I wish you “G’mar Chatima
something deep inside them which can best           Shabbat evening or Shabbat morning. By                        Tovah”, May you be inscribed and sealed
be reached by letting the sound of our              giving people a chance to lead prayers in                     in the Book of Life.
services wash over them. I have understood          small sub-groups, everyone feels supported
more about this aspect of services in the year      and more comfortable. Our BBYO, JSA,
I have been here than in the entire rest of my
career, and I thank those of you who have
                                                    B’nai Brith, Sisterhood and Hadassah are all
                                                    welcome to lead services, and I am happy
                                                                                                                    The world is new to us
had the courage to articulate this clearly to       to help organize those and teach individuals                    every morning--this is
me. One result of this for my own davenning         whatever parts you may be interested in
is that I am getting out of my cognitive world      learning.                                                      the Holy One's gift and
of analysis and exploring the emotional world
of “affect” in our services.
                                                        We learn together through the weekly
                                                    D’var Torah, and we join together as a
                                                                                                                     every person should
    There are some things we can consider           supportive community to share each others’                       believe he is reborn
doing as a community which might help bring         joys and sorrows. Whether we come here
more people to services. Certainly sharing a        to talk to God or just to talk with each other,                       each day.
meal here is attractive, and we look forward        I urge you to come here on Shabbat as often
to resuming lunches after services on               as you can. It really makes a difference in                                              - Baal Shem Tov

                       "where it all
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                     Roast Prime Rib                      Paul S. Jaspar          FCA
                          of Beef                         Brian Turnquist         B.Comm. CA
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                                                         • Computer Consulting, Training & Monthly Processing            ARTS & CONVENTION
                                                                 •Financial Planning & Loan Proposals                         CENTRE
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                                                       •Business Plans •Litigation Support •Business Valuations

          2806 28th Street East                                                                                       Website: www.saskcent.com
                                                              244-4414         Fax: 244-1545
             373-6655                                    200 - 128 - 4th Avenue South, Saskatoon                           (306) 975-7926
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President's Report... from page 3
strategies to reach out to them. It remains      of Gerry Rose and others who developed            future, as well as wonderfully written articles
essential for each member to warmly              the Saskatoon Jewish Foundation. It is time       from a wide variety of contributors. It is
welcome and sincerely include new                to do more to ensure the future financial         essential that each family provides an email
members, both in the synagogue and in your       viability of CAI. I have proposed a very          to our office so that notices can be provided
homes. We did not have any success, yet,         careful examination of the potential for          efficiently. Jean Scharfstein has graciously
with the provincial government providing         property redevelopment on this site. We           continued to phone those members who do
assistance in recruiting Jews to our city. We    could knock this building down and rebuild        not have email. Jen Scharfsten has recently
will continue to press for this support.         on the edge of our property, creating a large     offered to update our website on a regular
    Consistently, the Schlichim are              space for another development. We could           basis. Gord Holtslander has done a
mentioned in the Congregational Feedback         keep the existing building and build on the       wonderful job in creating the website.
forms as the best thing we have at CAI.          large parking lot. We also have significant       Please notify Hazzan Schwartz
Their love of the Jewish people and Israel is    unused property at our cemetery. Grant            (cantorneil7@aol.com) of events (births,
inspiring so their decision to spend a second    Scharfstein has been soliciting the interest      illnesses, etc.) so that he can provide his
year with us was a cause for great happiness.    of property developers and will collect the       resources as wanted. For the first time, we
As they have enriched our lives, I hope that     tentative proposals. There will be no             provided feedback forms to all our
all of us look for opportunities to enrich the   redevelopment without the full involvement        congregants so that we know what you
experiences of our Schlichim by inviting         of our membership in the decision process.        appreciate and what you think needs to be
them to our homes and social activities. I           The education of our children has been        changed. The results are useful and this
also ask each of you to make a better effort     capably guided by our Hebrew School               survey must be an annual occurrence.
to attend the special programs, such as the      principal, Marsha Scharfstein. We continue            I believe that there is already a
Rabin Memorial and the Bagel and Movie           to see children emerge from our after-school      consensus amongst our members that
Sundays, that are coordinated by our             program with the skills required to               Saskatoon is almost too small for one
Schlichim. The hour or two you spend will        participate in religious services and a real      congregation, let alone two. Reconciliation
be very rewarding. The Schlichim do              love for Israel and being Jewish.                 will strengthen the future of Saskatoon’s
brilliant work with our Jewish Students              Feed them and they will come.                 Jewish community. The current situation
Association for those of university age,         Sisterhood works all year to provide the very     brings no honour to the Jewish people. I
working with the enthusiastic and capable        necessary catering that makes so many of          believe that many of our children are
president, Daniel Katzman. Similarly, Nim        our events that much more enjoyable. I            perplexed and even embarrassed by the
and Shirly work with our grade eight and         extend my thanks to Karen Dawson for              current situation. Reconciliation will not be
high school BBYO members, led by equally         leading all of this, supported by a squad of      easy or fast. I am, however, relentlessly
enthusiastic and capable President               volunteers.                                       optimistic. Some members were terribly hurt
Jonathan Katzman. The Schlichim alumni               The Holocaust Committee, chaired by           and time has not healed all wounds. We will
have recently played host to the UJA             Ron and Jan Gitlin, continue to go from           need to ask some members to do what is
delegation in May, and to many Saskatoon         triumph to triumph. This year’s speaker           best for the greater good rather than what
based tourists.           Without doubt,         addressed almost 1 500 students and 400           meets their own agendas.
Congregation Agudas Israel values the            members of the public. The annual Raoul               I believe that any fair assessment of our
Schlichim program.                               Wallenberg dedication received significant        programming would conclude that our
    Synagogues do not run on sunshine; we        media attention. These are not solely issues      members have access to far more than could
are obligated to raise funds through             of historical interest; they are challenges for   be reasonably expected. We are a vibrant,
membership fees, fundraisers, and prudent        everyone to protect and promote human             enthusiastic bunch with a synagogue that
investment. As Chairman Ron Waldman              rights.                                           is thriving in many, many areas. I invite your
will demonstrate, we are in a good financial         Folkfest was a tremendous success. It         constructive criticism and differing
position. We must, of course, continue to        was so well organized and every volunteer         perspectives. We constantly need new
be very careful with our spending. Our           was an enthusiastic ambassador for our            people to step up as volunteers, and we
membership numbers have shown a steady           pavilion. Folkfest brings more people into        need volunteers to step up to positions of
decline over the past four decades and           our building than any other event, and the        leadership. It is always a pleasure to talk
revenues from membership are not what they       goodwill created will pay dividends for           with people about what they might be willing
used to me. We have become absolutely            everyone.                                         to do to help our congregation.
dependent on large donations from the B’nai          Our cemetery is second to none in the             I would like to take a moment to publicly
Brith and Hadassah. It is safe to say that       province, thanks to Ralph Katzman.                thank Myla for her work as our Office
without these funds, out annual membership       Physically, improvements can be seen every        Administrator. She is knowledgeable,
dues would have to rise significantly in order   month. Financially, we can safely say that        hardworking and she is really nice to people.
to maintain current programming. Please          we have provided for the perpetual care of        Heather Fenyes has served as an unofficial
support the Silver Plate and the Silver Spoon    the cemetery.                                     vice president and has spent countless
Dinners in any way that you can. It must be          Our support for Israel is exceptional and,    hours discussing various issues with myself
noted that the BB men, led by President          on a per person basis, we give an amount of       and other members of the Board. I wish to
Randy Katzman, also provide considerable         which we can all be proud. Thanks to all          thank my wife, Susan, for her constant
financial support to BBYO and JSA.               who regularly and generously donate, and          support. It is not possible for one to take a
Chairman Ron has also initiated a number         a huge thanks to Steven Goluboff who              leadership position such as being your
of changes to our accounting procedures          coordinates these efforts every year.             President without that support, so each of
that will provide better management of our           Our communication with members is very        you can thank her, too. It continues to be a
funds.                                           good and improving. The Bulletin provides         privilege to be your President and I am very
    The financial future of our congregation     an excellent summary of what has happened         excited about the coming twelve months and
was immensely improved by the foresight          recently and what will happen in the near         beyond.
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  As my father                                                     gratefully acknowledges the following contributions:

                                              TO                             GREETING                               FROM

  planted for me                              Jay Buckwold
                                                                               Seymour Buckwold Cultural Fund
                                                                             In honour of your birthday    Glady Rose & Familyi

  before I was born,                                                                 Clara Golumbia Fund
                                              Arnold Golumbia                Get well wishes                        Glady Rose

  So do I plant for                                                             Nathan & Grace Goluboff Fund
                                              Steven Goluboff                Happy birthday wishes          Glady Rose
  those who will                              Pauline Laimon
                                              Arnold Golumbia
                                                                             Get well wishes
                                                                             Get well wishes
                                                                                                            Steven & Leila Goluboff
                                                                                                            Steven, Leila &
                                                                                                            Grace Goluboff
  come after me.                              Linda & Arnie Shaw             In honour of the birth of your Steven, Leila, Sarah &
                                                                             grandson, Gavin                Shaina Goluboff
                         from the Talmud
                                              Robin & Bryce Sasko            In honour of the birth of your Steven, Leila, Sarah &
                                                                             son, Gavin                     Shaina Goluboff
       Your contribution, sent to:
     Saskatoon Jewish Foundation                                        Elaine & Sherwood Sharfe Cantorial Fund
      Congregation Agudas Israel,                                          In memory of Joseph Vickar        Ron & Jan Gitlin
   715 McKinnon Avenue, Saskatoon
                                              Alan Goluboff                In honour of your receiving the   Elaine & Sherry Sharfe
                 S7H 2G2
     will be gratefully received and                                       Don Haldane Distinguished Service Award
            faithfully applied.               Pauline Laimon               Wishing you a speedy recovery     Elaine & Sherry Sharfe

                                                     are Green
                                      Jewish Burials are Green
by Ralph Katman
   Rob Hilton, from Hilton Consulting and          sometimes longer due to extenuating            white garment and is in its natural form.
Design for Cemeteries, said at the Western         circumstances.                                 Jewish funerals don’t normally have flowers.
Canadian       Cemetery       Association             The Jewish coffin is a wooden casket           So when you hear people talk about going
Convention that traditional Jewish funerals        with no lining, rope handles and no            green, our cemeteries were that way long
are what people nowadays consider green,           adornments. The body is wrapped in a           before it was popular.
and have been this way for 500 years.
   From the time of death until burial,
someone usually sits with the body. The            Editorial... from page 2
body is washed by people of the same faith         maintain this program. Its impact has been     success and thanks must go to Cantor Neil
and treated with great respect. As the body        enormous and the connections that our          Schwartz and the team of Heather Fenyes,
is not embalmed, burial is as soon as              adults and youth have with the former          Simonne Horowitz and Rabbi Pavey who all
possible, ideally within 24 hours, but             Shlichim and with Israel attest to its         worked hard to ensure meaningful services.
                                                   success.                                       The Breaking of the Fast Blast was a good
                                                      We have always been concerned with          way to ensure that all members of the
                                                   the depth of our congregational team, the      congregation could share together that event.
                                                   pressures put on so few and the                B’nai Brith must be thanked for underwriting
                                                   challenges to maintain programs and            the cost of the dinner and the donations to
                                                   synagogue services. You will note in this      the Yom Kippur Fund by attendees are highly
                                                   Bulletin, that Friday night Shabbat services   appreciated. One highlight of the services
                                                   have been reduced to twice a month, one a      was to see Abbie Holtslander chant the
                                                   shared Shabbat service and dinner and the      Haftorah beautifully and precisely. We must
                                                   other a traditional 8 pm service. This was a   encourage our recent and maybe not so recent
                                                   realistic and responsible decision by the      B’nai Mitzvot youth to return to the
                                                   Board. While focussing on Shabbat              Synagogue to participate in services as did
                                                   morning as being non–negotiable, the           Abby. With our numbers dwindling, it is only
               SASKATOON                                                                          those like Abby that can ensure our long term
                                                   Board hopes that these fewer Friday night
   810 Circle Dr. E       2105 8th St. E.                                                         future.
      at Millar Ave         at Grosvenor
                                                   services will be better attended. Our recent
      933-1986               955-1989              High Holiday services were deemed a

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Mary Sklar         Nov 1 (3)           Molly Grobman           Nov 26 (28)*       David Teplinsky      Dec 12 (15)
Bessie Chertkow    Nov 1 (3)*          Sam Fromson             Nov 26 (28)*       Mary-Ida Davidner    Dec 12 (15)*
Ben Goldstein      Nov 1 (3)           Harry Zivotovsky        Nov 27 (29)        Morris Lubin         Dec 13 (16)
Oscar Mazer        Nov 2 (4)*                                                     Yehudith Broudy      Dec 13 (16)
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                                        October 16, 2008
                                        B'nai Brith President, Randy
                                        Katzman and Congregation
                                        Agudas Israel President
                                        David Katzman presenting a
                                        $10,000 check to Katerina
                                        Kupca for The Canadian
                                        Museum of Human Rights
                                        from B'nai Brith Lodge 739
                                                                              Prayer for Peace
                                                                              by Elizabeth Brewster
    Festival of Faith
                                                                              "Soon and in our time,"
                                                                              the prayer says,
                                                                              may you bring your kingdom,
                                                                              the kingdom of peace and

                                                                              Our hearts have broken
                                                                              waiting all these centuries.

                                                                              Maker of peace,
                                                                              do you hear us? have you
Katie Dawson and                                                              is it our fault your answer does
Rishena Avivi             Rishena, Daniel Rossineisl, Katie and               not come?
                          Cantor Neil Schwartz

                                                                              One bayonet at a time turned
                   Mary Ann Blockman,                                         to a scythe,
                       our new kitchen                                        two or three landmines
                                helper.                                       destroyed,
                                                                              attempts at treaties,
 Heather Fenyes with our Israeli                                              a few soft words spoken,
 Shlichim in Israel                                                           shalom, salam, peace.

                                                                              What more can we do
                                                                              to change human hearts?
                                                                              How can we answer
                                                                              our own prayers?

                                                                              From her book Jacob's Dream.

                                                                              Recipient of the 2008
                                                                              Saskatchewan Award of Merit.

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November 2008 • Heshvan/Kislev 5769
        Sunday                      Monday                     Tuesday             Wednesday                  Thursday                       Friday                  Saturday
                                                                                                                                                               1 Heshvan 3
                                Organize yourselves into classes for the study of Torah,
                                since it can best be acquired in association with others.
                                                                                                                            - Talmud: Berkot 63b
                                                                                                                                                                       *Lou Horlick

 2 Heshvan 4                  3 Heshvan 5               4 Heshvan 6           5   Heshvan 7               6 Heshvan 8                7 Heshvan 9               8 Heshvan 10
                                                                                                                                           No Service
                              Silver Spoon & Hadassah

                                                                                                                                                                    *Heather Fenyes

 9 Heshvan 11                 10 Heshvan 12             11 Heshvan 13         12    Heshvan 14            13 Heshvan 15              14 Heshvan 16             15 Heshvan 17
       Kristalnacht                                         OFFICE CLOSED                        Silver                              Shared Shabbat Dinner             VVayera
                                                                                                  Plate                                     Service
                                                                                                 Dinner                                      6 pm

                                                                                                                                         *Franci Holtslander         *Ron Waldman

 16 Heshvan 18                17 Heshvan 19             18 Heshvan 20         19    Heshvan 21            20 Heshvan 22              21 Heshvan 23             22 Heshvan 24
                                                                                                                            Rabin          No Service              Birkat Hahodesh
                Breakfast                                                                                                 Memorial
                  Club                                                                                                    Ceremony
                 10 am                                                                                                      7:30
                                                                                                                                                                     *David Katzman

 23 Heshvan 25                24 Heshvan 26             25 Heshvan 27         26    Heshvan 28            27 Heshvan 29              28 Kislev 1               29 Kislev 2
  Festival of the Middle         Chanukah Musical                                  Board Meeting                                       Traditional Service               Toldot
      East - 2-4 pm                  Meeting                                           7 pm                                                   8 pm
                                      6 pm
 30 Kislev 3
                                                                                                                                          *Michael Gertler           *Randy Katzman

December 2008 • Kislev/Tevet 5769
        Sunday                      Monday                     Tuesday             Wednesday                   Thursday                      Friday                   Saturday
                               1 Kislev 4               2   Kislev 5          3 Kislev 6                  4 Kislev 7                 5 Kislev 8                6 Kislev 9
                                                                                                                                           No Service                   Vayetze

                                                                                                                                                                    *Susanne Kaplan

 7 Kislev 10                   8 Kislev 11              9 Kislev 12           10 Kislev 13                11 Kislev 14               12 Kislev 15              13 Kislev 16
                 Breakfast                                                                                                           Shared Shabbat Dinner             VayShlah
                   Club                                                                                                                     Service
                  10 am                                                                                                                      6 pm

                                                                                                                                        *Marsha Scharfstein            *Jan Gitlin

 14 Kislev 17                  15 Kislev 18             16 Kislev 19          17 Kislev 20                18 Kislev 21               19 Kislev 22              20 Kislev 23
                Hanukkah                                                           Board Meeting                                       Traditional Service         Birkat Hahodesh
               Fair Fun Day                                                            7 pm                                                   8 pm                    Vayeshev
                   11 am
                Luncheon                                                                                                                     *Don Lepp              *Steven Goluboff

 21 Kislev 24                  22 Kislev 25             23 Kislev 26          24 Kislev 27                25 Kislev 28               26 Kislev 29              27 Kislev 30
 First Hanukkah Candle                                                                                                                     No Service            Rosh Hodesh Teves
                                                                                                                                                                 Seventh Hanukkah

                                                                                                                                                                    *Grant Scharfstein

 28 Tevet 1                    29 Tevet 2               30 Tevet 3            31 Tevet 4                       The test of good manners: to bear
Eighth Hanukkah Candle
                                                                                                                    patiently with bad ones.
                                                                                                                                                                 - Ibn Gabirol

* Bema Roster
                                                               This page is sponsored by B’nai Brith Lodge #739

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