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					Ride On Vehicles - Which One Is Right One For Your Child by David Harper
  Let your child have great fun outdoors with a ride on toy. Perfect for children that
can't yet ride bikes (as well as those that already can) a ride on toy will give much fun
and excitement. Available in a great range of styles, colours and prices, we will help
you to find the one that will be right for your child.
  If you are looking to buy a ride on toy for your child you basically have to choose
from one of three main types: Push along, Pedal or Battery Powered. This article will
go through the main benefits of each type below to help you decide which type is
right for your child;
  "Foot on floor" ride-ons allow the child to push themselves along from an early age.
This ranges from animals and bugs such as the Hippychick Wheelybug Ladybird, to
ride on vehicles like the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe which has been a firm favourite for
over 30 years now. Although many of the push along ride on toys are aimed at
children aged between 18 months and 3 years of age, many of the kids scooters come
in sizes suitable for much older children.
  Also available are multi-way toys offer great longevity. They are suitable as soon as
your toddler can walk along holding on to something and expand into different forms
to grow with your child as their abilities improve. Starting as a walker they then
transform into a fun sit on toy. Many also come with a handle for attaching at the rear
to allow parents to give a helping hand with the steering and for when those little legs
finally get tired..!
  Pedal powered kids vehicles offer a really good mix of physical play and pure fun.
Pedal vehicles are available for children as young as 18 months old, but obviously
depends on the development on your child. Pedal cars often come branded to tie in
with popular kids tv shows and films such as the Disney Lightning McQueen pedal
car. Quite often they are just scaled down versions of famous sports cars, which child
wouldn't want there own Ferrari or Lamborghini to race around in..! Equally popular
are pedal tractors and diggers. You should look for the ones which come with an
add-on trailer as all kids love to make up games loading up the trailer and pedalling
their load around the garden.
  While they can be used both indoors and outdoors, as your child becomes faster and
more daring you may wish to limit them to use in the garden to save your house from
damage and your child from injury..! With the wide range of vehicles in this category
you are bound to find one that will keep your child entertained.
  Battery powered ride on cars must be the most desirable ride on toy of all for most
kids. What an amazing present to unwrap on Christmas Day or their birthday..! I know
a number of parent may worry that their child will not get the same level of physical
activity from an electric ride on as more conventional toys, but they will help to
improve their co-ordination, balance and confidence. Combined with other forms of
exercise there really should be no problem letting your child enjoy one of these
fabulous toys. Kids may be able to use a battery powered vehicle before they can use
a pedal variety depending on their development, so are available from about 2 years
  Although they can be used indoors of you have the space, they are best suited to
outdoor use on flat, even ground. Avoid use on overly long grass or hills as even the
higher powered versions will have trouble with these terrains. Depending on the
battery pack supplied which ranges from 6V to 24V, the maximum speed will be
somewhere between 2 and 5mph, roughly the same as a brisk adult walking speed.
Most of the better models all come with a parental remote control to allow you to
brake for them if they are getting too far away or seem to be heading for trouble.
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and we will help you find the best deal for you from top UK retailers.

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