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									Let me accept that my opinions about this are a bit confused. Giving my opinions on
RevvNRG wasn't an easy job. With a number of companies trying to sell acai
products, with multi level marketing scope, I wasn't sure if this would be another
company trying to con people.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am aware of health and good foods. Acai is indeed
but its benefits have been dramatized. With so much coaching, marketing and
encouragements for this product, and being readily available any time, and with so
many companies having made their mark with this product, it is but natural to be a
little skeptical.

The scam of RevNRG, is not a scam, as nobody can say.Even, the Acia is trying to
make it as an MLM and like a normal business, to try to sell a so called over saturated
product, RevNRG can take some behind the scene products, to make it different from
the competitors.The distributors, as you know,will get an opportunity to market
themselves above all else,to build and expand above the competition.

The powdered Acai Berry mix that RevvNRG is distributes is similar to what the
other Acai companies are promoting. However, RevvNRG adds small portions of
Yerna Mate, Green Tea and Cinnamon. The Mate consists of caffeine, and it adds an
extra and quick energy boost to the Acai. The Green tea improves metabolism, which
promotes weight loss for those who are interested.

Hence you must realise, the NRG product have more credibility and value than Acia
berry product.

I do not like the use of pay caps as part of a compensation plan. In terms of a business
opportunity, however, RevvNRG allows new distributors to become involved by
paying a start-up fee and monthly auto ship. The cost of the starter pack ranges from
$33 to $1,199, which is the cost of the Mega Pack. Individuals who get others to sign
up at a higher fee will earn bonuses. As for pay caps, the highest a person can reach is
$20,000 a month. Although $240,000 OS an attractive payoff, many people will never
be able to earn such an amount.

In the pessimistic side,for the home based business, RevNRG uses a binary
compensation plan, which can work brightly for veteran MLM workers.

For those who show further interest in the compensation plan, they can research here:

One heartening fact about this company is that it is growing at a good pace
internationally. This is good news for all those who look to conduct their MLM
business online.
When you will do business in your computer by online, you will get more potential
clients, with more prospects and thus you can expand your business in a global scale.

But, as I said there are many Acia Berry products in the MLM industry right now. You
may have heard of Monavie,, and they are expanding their
product lines yearly. They have the brand which provides trust to their clients. You
could have the position and rank in the new company, but Monavie is not the only

You may have heard about TriUnity Acai plus, which is offering the Acia Product
lines as a whole line of natural energy and immune system may check
here in http;// about it.The RevNRG have many products for
potential clients with various desires, unlike just one product.

There are many competitors that RevvNRG is facing. Hence, a list is available for
those who wish to gather more information:

Some of the MLM companies that utilize the benefits of Acai plus or more ingredients
within a juice are listed below. For more information on the list of ingredients, see the
company's website.

* 4Life uses a mixture of acai and pomegranate.

* Bazi includes jujube fruit.

* Denali Health Sciences contains multiple natural berries.

* Fruta Vida - acai berry, cupuacu and yerba mate

-MonaVie has only acai berry

* TriUnity International - acai berry, mangos teen and goji berry

*Xocai- acai

* Yoli contains the acai, pomegranate, goji berry.

*Young Living Essential Oils-wolfberry also known as goji berries

* Zija includes moringa.

The list is almost endless...without including all the non-MLM's that also sell Acai
products as well as other MLM's that sell fruit juices that are similar to the Acai.
Including all these companies would multiply the list by 10.
RevvNRG is not a scam. Individuals can make money by using this business
opportunity. In addition, it is a great opportunity for those who are interested in
spreading the benefits of Acai to others.

Individuals who are fluent in Spanish and English have increased success. The
company has just opened in Peru. They are trying to become well-known in South
America, which is a unique feature compared to other companies. Thus, Spanish
speaking individuals can get on the internet and market the company to
Latin-American countries that the company is set up in.

You enjoy excellent benefit this way with your internet marketing knowledge and
building down lines in that part of the world. You could strike gold in RevvNRG!

Continue To Be Successful!

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