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					I've been very fortunate to scrutinize the program, Talking to Toddlers, and I can
honestly say I was very pleased by what I saw. Here's why: Privately, I feel that
parents' number one goal is to prepare our children to one day be on their own and
shoot for their dreams, even while they are still toddlers. I'm talking about shooting
for and reaching their full potential, not just doing fair or getting along in the world.
Always critique parenting styles or tips by asking yourself this question, 'is this style
going to assist my toddler in learning to be motivated, persistent, and creative"? If you
answer no, then I would advise ignoring it and moving on to the next one. Sadly, the
vast majority of toddler obedience programs you will run across on the market today
do things that have been verified to thwart a child's chances of ever achieving their
full potential, but rather only shape more 'manageable' children. Just because 'you're
the boss', the child is forced to do something instead of trying to look at things from
the child's perspective. For instance, you really have two choices if you are
consistently telling your child not to climb on the furniture all the time. Choice #1:
You can discipline the child for not listening to you. Choice #2: You can take an extra
second to ask yourself WHY is my child misbehaving like this, and how can I give
him a more agreeable way to misbehave. When choosing the first choice you end up
showing your child by example that his viewpoint is NOT what's important,
COMPLIANCE is important. so they'll grow up to be the type of person who just
follows orders. (NOT Good). Probably 75% of the time you'll find out the desires
your child has are not rooted in evil (imagine that), when you take a little time and
mental effort to opt for the second choice. Instead of just being mischievous, maybe
your child just felt like conquering a difficult challenge; and climbing up your
entertainment center was a satisfying experience. When you discipline your child for
climbing on the furniture, he may just be learning ideas like, "Mom doesn't want me
to be capable to conquer tough challenges or she doesn't appreciate that I need to be
able to conquer tough challenges," much more than he understands "I need to obey
my mom". That example was shared with you to let you know that Talking to
Toddlers explains dozens of ways to get your child to become more obedient, but in a
way so that natural desires and instincts like the longing to challenge themselves and
be persistent, the need to conquer and become independent do not deteriorate and
your child feels understood. But don't take my word for it, if you go on over to>Talking to Toddlers right now you can sign up to get
some sample audio lessons that show you exactly the type of strategies I'm talking
about for helping you deal with your toddler's tantrums.
  Mac Strider is an expert on behavior modification & learning. He runs two
successful web based companies that allow him to work from home, and is a father of
two VERY happy children, his son Jimmy & daughter Brielle. Read more of his
outside the box thoughts on parenting @

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