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					Today I wanted to share with you an important resource that has not only made a huge
impact in my business but my personal life as well. Back in 2008 my personal mentor
introduced me to a book called 鈥淗 ow to get lots of money for anything fast 鈥?by
Stuart Lichtman. Immediately I was thinking this is one of the cheesiest titles I had
ever seen in my life, I mean I had never even heard of this Stuart Lichtman guy. Let
鈥檚 just say I didn 鈥檛 exactly make the book a top priority and for the most part I
just pushed it aside.
  So I was trucking along and I came across a bump in the road which seemed to have
an effect on my business as well as my personal life. I came to the conclusion that I
needed to go through a complete mindset change and realign myself with where I
want to be, my goals and everything in general. Remembering the corny titled book I
was suggested to read a few months earlier, I decided to give it another look and boy
let me tell you, I am sure glad I did! I honestly don 鈥檛 know how I did business
planning or any business activity for that matter before I read this book.
  This book teaches the techniques behind Cybernetic Transposition which is the
ultimate tool for wealth creation. You may not know what this term means and I am
not Stuart Lichtman but the simplest way I know how to explain it is this; Your brain
is broken into 4 parts: your left, right, middle and brain stem. What happens over time
as human beings is the different parts of the brain become unaligned with each other
and one seems to contradict the other and because of this you get mixed results and
outcomes. Let me try to explain further.
  Here is an example of this happening in real life. Ever wonder why one day you
decide to start a diet and the next you are getting a milkshake from Burger King or
your out eating a cheeseburger from McDonalds?? Your brain is so jumbled up some
times that you seem to contradict or to counter attack what you originally set out to
accomplish which was to go on a diet, eat healthier and hopefully lose a few pounds.
  鈥淗 ow to get Lots of Money for Anything Fast 鈥?teaches how to realign the brain
and how to become an effective well oiled maximum producing machine. That is
what 鈥淐 ybernetic Transposition 鈥?is all about and it 鈥檚 really fun to apply once
you learn the technique. You will learn how to go from being your own worst enemy
to becoming completely in harmony with all of your personal and financial goals.
  In conclusion, without a doubt learning how to apply Cybernetic Transposition
through what is taught in this book has proved to be one of the best books I have ever
read. It is now a secret weapon in my business arsenal and one I refer to almost daily.
I think one of the biggest rewards that I have gained from the knowledge in this book
would be the fact that my business is more profitable now then it has ever been and it
鈥檚 all due to being able to align my brain to become as effective as possible.
  Just think for a moment of the goals and dreams you have for your own life. This
book can help you achieve your goals quicker than you thought possible, I know it did
for me. I hope this review has helped you in some way, shape or form. If you would
like more information, just go to Stuart Lichtman 鈥 檚 website at
  Best Regards,
  Riley Adkins

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