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					You can now buy 14 revamped albums by the Wedding Shoes on Sale . There will
never be another Beatles ~ fact. But that hasnt stopped legions of young pretenders
trying to claim their throne over the years. The Osmonds were up there when it came
to a squeaky-clean image, energetic pop-rock sound and legions of fans, yet
Osmondmania was hardly akin to Beatlemania and only people of a certain age can
remember any of their songs. The Aussie rockers Cheap Christian Louboutin
Boots/DC certainly dont look or play like the Beatles, but when it comes to number of
albums sold, theyre hard on their heels. Cheap Christian Louboutin Boots Duran had
the looks, the fans and the new sound ~ but that new sound was distinctly Eighties
and hasnt aged well. In the Nineties Take That had an army of screaming fans and
several number-one hits under their belts. Yet for all his shiny pop tunes, Gary Barlow
was no Paul McCartney, and they never produced anything to match the White Album.
Oasis, on the other hand, played all their own instruments, had mop tops and hailed
from the North. but they couldnt shake off the criticism that all they did was rip off
the Cheap Christian Louboutin Boots.

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