Resolving ORA-01145- offline immediate disallowed... Error by hkksew3563rd


									A DBA (Database Administrator) encounters numerous error messages while working
on a production database. These error message are mainly related to network trouble,
problem with instances, or database corruption. While network and instance jobs can
be handled easily, the database corruption error message is very difficult to surmount.
Few main causes for Oracle database corruption are Oracle bugs, virus hit,
unsupported disk repair applications, and damaged hardware. After an Oracle
database corruption error message appears, the instance does start further rendering to
inaccessibility of saved data. In such cases, if a DBA has created complete backup of
the database, then s/he has nothing to worry. However, if no backup exists, then the
DBA needs to search for an effective third-party Oracle Database Recovery
 To elaborate the above case, consider a practical case, wherein you have Oracle 9i
database (Employee) on your Windows XP machine. The database is in
NONARCHIVELOG mode and all the records are stored in SYSTEM tablespace.
When you try to run a SQL command to access the records saved in the Employee
database, you encounter the below error message:
 鈥淥 RA-01145: offline immediate disallowed unless media recovery enabled.鈥?
 After the above error message appears, the Employee database records become
inaccessible. Cause:
 The above error message pops up when UNDOTBS01.dbf is corrupted.
 To get rid of the above error message and to access the Employee database records,
you will need to restore from a cold backup. However, doing so means that you will
have to loose all your updated data. In such cases, if you want to save your data and
repair Oracle database, then you will need to opt for an effective Oracle Recovery
 An oracle database repair application repairs logically corrupt databases in a few
easy steps. The repaired database is in reusable state and can also be saved at your
preferred destination. The highly advanced recovery mechanism to recover Oracle
database ensures complete and maximum recovery, without making any changes in
the original database. Easily downloadable from the Internet, these tools can be used
by any database user.
 Stellar Oracle Database Recovery is an extremely powerful Oracle database recovery
application that recovers all logically corrupt databases created in Oracle 9i. With
recovery of almost all Oracle database objects, tables, schemas, indexes, and more,
the recovery tool can recover Oracle database irrespective of its cause of corruption.

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