Requirements to Study in New Zealand

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					To receive a New Zealand Student Visa or Student Permit so you can study in New
Zealand you must first meet New Zealand Immigration requirements for international
students. The course or courses you intend to undertake must also meet New Zealand
Immigration requirements.
  To get a Student Visa or Permit, you need to have an Offer of Place from a New
Zealand education provider. The offer must include the following:
  -The name of the course and the minimum time required for completing the course
should be mentioned in the offer letter.
  -The University should provide the proof that the course and course provider meet
New Zealand's requirements for international students.
  -You need to show the amount of the fee for the complete course, or if the course is
longer than one year, the annual fee.
  -The offer letter should clearly state you have to pay course fees and whether the
course fees are New Zealand dollars or foreign fees.
  -It should also show whether you are studying full-time (20 hours a week or more)
or part-time (less than 20 hours a week or enrollment in fewer than three papers, or
equivalent, per semester).
  - The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) must approve the course that
you want to Study in New Zealand and for which the permit is required.
  Why you should study in New Zealand?
  New Zealand is a modern, secular, democratic society with no ingrained class
system. It has a clean, green, warm, friendly and safe environment. Today, people
from over 145 countries call New Zealand their home.
  New Zealand provides education at relatively low cost. The cost of living is low and
the quality of life is good. There are no language barriers and you will find plenty of
easy part time job opportunities while studying. The approximate tuition fee per year
is NZ$ 15000 (Rs 4,65,000) and living expenses NZ$ 12,000 (Rs 3,72,000).
  There are different forms of financial assistance available to study in New Zealand.
Students can apply for different scholarships funded from contributions of charitable
trusts, individuals, governments and industry. Government funded student loans are
available to students depending on the course of study. You can also work part time
depending on the length of your course
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Spouse Work Visa.

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