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					Getting to the United States of America is a dream among the budding youngsters of
today’s world. There is nothing wrong with that as America provides the best
educational and professional atmosphere than any other place in this world. In order
to become a permanent resident of the United States, you need to obtain a Green Card.
To get that, you need to have certain basic requirements. If you get qualified for the
VISA USA, you can study, work and settle in the US for the given period of time. Let
us see about those requirements. Obtaining an Educational Visa requires a different
procedure than obtaining other visas. First of all, you need to fill an online application
and submit proofs for your educational background. You should at least have a high
school certificate in order to pursue undergraduate studies or a degree certificate in
order to pursue postgraduate studies. If you are applying work visa, you need to show
proof for at least two years of work experience in the past five years. The United
States has listed a set of countries and if you belong to one of them, you will be
eligible for the US Green Card Lottery. Even if you don’t belong to one of those
countries and even if one of your parents had lived in those listed countries, you can
apply on the basis of nativity and make yourself eligible for the lottery. If you become
eligible for the lottery, your chances of getting a Green Card is fairly easy as over
50,000 members get permanent membership of the US through this program.
Applying to this lottery program is very easy and it is done online. Even a computer
beginner can fill up the form required to apply for the program. Also note that you can
apply to this program only during a specified time in a year. Although the Diversity
Lottery program is the easiest way to get a membership in the US, there are other
formal methods for getting permanent residential status. Despite the heavy paperwork
and documentations you need to submit for these formal methods, they are assured
methods and you will get a membership through them for sure. Becoming a
permanent resident of the United States of America isn’t as hard as everyone says. So,
start browsing the internet and collect the data required and start working through the
process. See you in the US soon! Green Card Lottery Online Application Services.
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