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					Choosing a good Reno divorce lawyer may be difficult for many people. When
choosing a Reno attorney it is best to keep in mind what you need in court and what
the attorney is able to provide. One of the best ways to choose an excellent Reno
attorney is by following the recommendations of trusted people. Talk to some of
friends and colleagues to find out which Reno divorce lawyers you should avoid and
which ones you should get in contact with. Make sure you receive a personal
consultation before putting any Reno divorce lawyer on your team. Some of the most
important things to keep in mind, during your search, are potential candidates
鈥?educational background, honors received, and legal experience. A favored reno
attorney, with a both good legal background and excellent education, is attorney Mark
  Mark Goodman is an attorney licensed to practice in any area of Nevada and
California. This Reno divorce lawyer is highly qualified for his job. He has
registration as a patent attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
To achieve such a high status he had to demonstrate a high level of understanding of
all patent laws and regulations within the United States.
  For a Reno divorce lawyer, Mark Goodman, has a very good background for
education. Goodman has a Doctorate degree from the University of San Francisco
School Of Law; as well as a Bachelor's Degree from the University of California in
Berkeley. On top of his prestigious education he has achieved many honors such as
being the co-founder of the Bio-Law Association; including the publication of two
articles in legal journals and assisting the advanced cell biology research sciences at
the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. As a Reno attorney he has many years of
legal practice.
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