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									Skin Health & Wellness                         Facial Aesthetic Services                                  Microdermabrasion
                                                                                               M2TM Microdermabrasion System is a non-
                                                               Botox                           invasive method proven to be clinically effective
                                                                                               for smoothing over the skin’s surface, refining
                                          If your appearance is a priority in your life, and   lines and wrinkles, reducing scar tissue
                                          you are concerned about looking your best, but       imperfections, decreasing acne activity and
                                          you don't want or don't feel you need invasive                      brightening sun damaged and
                                          surgery (eg. Facelift) Botox is ideal for you.                      discolored spots.     The M2TM
                                          Botox is the number one choice for people who                       stimulates the production of new
                                          want a more youthful appearance with minimal                        collagen cells and slows the
                                          downtime. Worrisome frown lines, furrowed                           aging process.
                                          forehead lines, and annoying crow's feet are
                                          dynamic lines resulting from the actions of
                                          continual muscle activity. Dynamic wrinkles
                                          such as these can now be treated safely with a            Intense Pulse Light Therapy
                                          simple and effective solution, Botox. It has been                  (Skin Rejuvenation)
                                          called the “lunchtime face-lift” because a
                                          treatment takes only a few minutes and is            Now you can remove a
                                          dramatically effective with no recovery or           significant    number      of
                                          downtime. Botox is the freedom of expression         hyperpigmented
                                          for men and women without the consciousness          (discolored) spots such as
                                          of deep furrows and facial lines.                    sun damage, freckles, age
                                                                                               spots, and pregnancy mask.
                                                                                               This treatment also removes Hemoglobin
                                                    Restylane/Juvederm                         vascular lesions such as broken capillaries and
                                                                                               veins normally discolored as red or purple
                                          Restylane is the first and only FDA-approved         lesions on the face and body. IPLT works by
                                          dermal filler made of a biodegradable non-           transmitting a SmartliteTM Method that corrects
                                          animal stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (NASHATM).         deep seated yellow, brown, red or purple
                                          Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in      discolorations. Clients will notice lightening of
  5610 E. CenTex Expwy., Ste. 1
                                          all living organisms and provides volume and         these spots as well as the stimulation of collagen
      Killeen, Texas 76543                fullness to the skin. Upon being injected            elastin production.
                                          beneath the skin's surface, the NASHA gel adds
                                          natural volume and lift to smooth out deep
                                          wrinkles and folds. Restylane is gradually                       IPL Hair Reduction
                                          degraded by the body's own mechanism and
        (254) 690-8887                    disappears without any residue. Results can be
                                          seen immediately following treatment and last
                                                                                               Research proves that hair reduction can be
                                                                                               accomplished by destroying the hair shaft and
  Dr. Dave E. Webster, Family Physician   six months, or longer.                               the hair bulb by delivering Intense Pulse Light
        Ruth Dolezel, Aesthetician                                                             (IPL). The IPL spectrum targets to destroy the
                                                                                               melanin within the hair to provide the most
                              Put an end to
                                                                    Chemical Peels                         restores skin), neck massage and ending with a
                                                                                                           dermatology tested skin moisturizer.
             embarrassing moments and enjoy
                                                      Chemical Peels are used to slow the aging
             the freedom of unwanted hair.
             Areas of treatment include the face,     process. As age progresses, skin cells build and                Rejuvenating Facial
             arms, legs, bikini area, chest and       collect creating a dull and dingy look. Chemical
             back for men and women.                  Peels are also used to improve damage due to         Another spa-like treatment that incorporates the
                                                      sun exposure, pollutants, and poor skin habits.      use of current to deliver an effective treatment
                                                      Noticeable differences include facial tightening,    that forces cellular turnover and plumps tired
              Acne Treatment                          lightening of the skin, smaller pore sizes and an    and dull skin. This treatment consists of
                                                      overall polished look.                               steaming, deep cleansing with a rotary brush,
The ChromoliteTM wavelengths penetrate light                                                               facial scrub with a rotary brush, Galvanic
therapy deep into the skin where bacterial
growth forms.            ChromoliteTM destroys
                                                                    Scar Reduction                         current to liquefy black/white heads, vacuum to
                                                                                                           pull oil, dirt and bacteria to the skin’s surface,
underlying bacteria that is normally difficult to                                                          extractions to manually remove left over
expel or extract. Trapped facial bacteria can         This treatment consists of utilizing the M2TM        black/white heads, Galvanic current to penetrate
lead to severe acne and cause cystic and              Microdermabrasion System to reduce scar tissue       product deeper into the skin’s surface, facial
infectious activity.      ChromoliteTM exposure       formation on the skin’s surface. This method is      mask, and completed with high frequency to
inactivates facial bacteria causing it to dry under   followed by a chemical peel solution to break up     close pores.
the skin’s surface and prevents further               hard tissue to give a fresh new appearance.
breakouts. Clients will notice a reduction in                                                                                   Massage Therapy
facial swelling (inflammation) and redness
caused by active acne. ChromoliteTM is also a
                                                                                                                                      Deep Pressure
good treatment for those who suffer with
                                                                                                                                    Soothing Hot Stone
            Facial Dermaplane
                                                                         Deep Pore Cleansing               Inch Loss Body Wraps
This method is safe and effective for skin
resurfacing and facial hair removal.         This
                                                                             Spa Facial
                                                                                                               Average Loss of 9 – 25 Inches
treatment is ideal for clients who desire                                                                              In 1 Session
aggressive results without any discomfort.                            Relax and unwind as you
                                                                      receive a spa-like treatment that
Clients will experience a facial glow and hairless
complexion. This treatment is accomplished by                         deep cleans the skin.        This
                                                                      treatment consists of steaming
manually removing the outermost layer of the
                                                                      (allows the pores to open), deep
skin while also removing facial hair.
                                                      cleansing with Japanese Green Tea (known for                             Hair Removal
                                                      its healing properties), facial scrub (sloughs off
                                                      dead skin cells), extractions (the removal of                                 Legs             Lip
                                                      black/white heads), sanitizing solution (kills                                Arms             Brow
                                                      underlying bacteria), facial mask (repairs and                                Chest            Back
                                                                                                                                    Bikini Area      Face

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