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					                              HUMIDITY & TEMPERATURE CONTROLS
Humidity Sensors                                                         Combined Humidity & Temperature Sensors
                                                          1.5m cable                                                                                      1.5m cable
                                                          length                                                                                          length

Code                    VN8736                       KLSH03                     TH-102W                         TH-101D                           TH-103S
Supply Voltage   9-30VDC / 12-24VAC          5VDC                        12/24VDC                       12/24VDC                          12/24VDC
Range            20-90% RH                   10-90% RH                   -20-80% RH                     -20-80% RH                        -20-80% RH
Output           4-20mA or 0.1-10V           1 to 3VDC                   4-20mA (2-wire)                4-20mA (2-wire)                   4-20mA (2-wire)

   HUMIDITY CONTROLLERS                                                TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY CONTROLLER
                                     IP65                                                                                                    Features
                                                                                                                                             • Red display for
                                                                                                                                               temperature and green
                                                                                                                                               display for humidity
                                                                                                                                             • Temperature control can
                                                                                                                                               be ON/OFF, neutral zone
                                                                                                                                               or refrigeration
                                                                       Code           KLTH43                                                 • Second temperature
                                                                       Size           134 x 105mm                                              probe can be used for
Code             DPM-RH                       KLH11RH                  Cutout Size    130.5 x 100.5mm
                                                                                                                                               defrosting control
                                                                                                                                             • Humidity control can be
Size       72 x 72 mm                76 x 36 x 60D mm                  Supply         230VAC                                                   ON/OFF or neutral zone.
Supply     110VAC or 230VAC          110VAC or 230VAC                  Temp. Range    -50°C to 150°C (0.5%)                                  • Humidity probe (0-1V) /
                                                                       Hum. Range     0-100% RH (5%)                                           (0-3V) / (4-20mA) select-
Input      4-20mA (VN8736)           0-1V, 1-3V KLSH03,
                                                                       Probes         Temp 2 x PTC05 ±0.5% or PTC20 ±2%                        able by programme
Range      0-100% RH                 0-100% RH                         (excluded)     Humidity 1 x (0-1V) / (0-3V) 4-20mA probe              • Resolution:
Settings   Hysteresis Adj.           Differential or Hysteresis        Outputs        4 SPDT Relays 8A @ 250VAC                                  Temp: 0.1°C
Output     Relay C/O 8A              Relay C/O 8A                      Display        Red for temperature; Green for humidity                  Humidity: 1%

Indicators                                                             In/Outdoor                      Indoor                           Wireless Weather
                                                                       Thermometer                     Thermometer                      Centre
                                                                  Code     TM-877H                          TM-877HI                           WS1170
                                                                          • Memory: Store/recall the max/min temperature and humidity   • Display: in °C or °F
                                                                          • Display: in °C or °F selectable                             • Temperature Ranges:
                                                                          • Temperature Ranges:                                           Indoor:
                                                                            Indoor: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)                         0°C to 60°C (built in)
                                                                          • Sensor wire: 3 metres                         –               Outdoor:
                                                                          • Humidity Range: 25%RH-95%RH                                   -40°C to 65°C (wireless x1)
                                                                          • Accuracy: ±3%RH (50%-80%RH)                                 • Humidity Range:
                                                                                       ±5%RH (Other Range)                                1%RH-99%RH
                                                                          • With back stand, on wall or table                           • Accuracy: ±1°C
                                                                                                                                                                            TEMPERATURE CONTROLS

                                                                             Battery:     1 x 1.5V AA size (included)                     Battery: 3 x 1.5V AA (excluded)
   TM-877H           TM-877HI            WS1170
                                                                             LCD Size: 42mm x 20mm                                        Sensor: 2 x 1.5V AAA (excluded)

                                 Temperature &                          Temperature Only                            Glass Temperature
                                 Humidity Indicator                     Indicator                                   Thermometer Indicator
                        Code                     TH-920                                TH-922                                       CS-120
                                 • 0-100°C Temp                                                                     • 0-120°C/20-180°F
                                 • 0-100% Humidity                                                                  • 1/2” BSP thread
                                 • Supply 85-265VAC                                                                 • Length: 150mm
                                 • Sensor TH-101/2/3 (see above)
                                                                 • Size mm: 200H x 395W x 100D
                                   or VN8736
                                                                 • 0-100°C Temp
                                 • Input: 4-20mA                 • Supply 85-265VAC
Size mm: 360H x 395W x 100D                                      • Input: TC-P 100D
                                 • Digit size mm: 100H x 60W

                                                                          TC                                                                                           193