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					      TEE                    FF
                                           T imes
                      he ultimate golfing lifestyle
                                                                          N        e w s l e t t e r
                                                                                       F e b r u a r y    2 0 0 9

D         e a r              M          e m b e r                  W   o r d s   f r o m        M i k e
Welcome to this edition of Tee-Off Times. This                                   “If I can just keep playing
month we explore San Lameer, discover some                                       steadily and build on the
little-known facts about the golfing world, and                                  momentum, anything can
refine your putting skills with the help of Nigel                                happen. I'm hitting enough
                                                                                 quality shots. I feel
Divot. Also featured are the scheduled events
at Selborne for February and Pezula for
M a r c h , c o n ta c t d e ta i l s f o r o u r P r o S h o ps
nationwide and our regular Notice Board.                                                                 Mike Weir

                     T he ultimate golfing lifestyle
San Lameer
             Welcome to San Lameer! Take a break
             where nature, wildlife and the ocean
             complement this prestigious golf estate,
             on the glorious Indian Ocean coast in
             KwaZulu-Natal. San Lameer is one of the
             oldest and most established golf estates
             in Southern Africa.
San Lameer
             This lush estate situated on the South Coast of KwaZulu-
             Natal has kilometres of some of the finest beaches in
             South Africa and is within reasonable driving distance
             of the Wild Coast and Durban.

             The mild sub-tropical climate allows guests to be involved
             in a range of outdoor activities and attractions throughout
             the year. San Lameer Estate is the ultimate holiday
             destination; it is not just an Estate, it´s a lifestyle.

             Set in the heart of this unique natural environment, the
             18-hole golf course designed by Peter Matkovich in
             1992 makes use of the good rainfall and lush coastal
             vegetation to give it a very special character.
             While the course is not particularly long, the
             layout is famous for its numerous water hazards,
             palm trees, and indigenous bush, and consequently
             places emphasis on the need for accuracy.

             The clubhouse overlooks a sea of greenery
             and large expanses of water. Some might not
             appreciate the aesthetics of these hazards, as it can
             be an intimidating course for the novice.

             The 13th hole (par-5) is a real gamble. Once you get
             your drive away on a 454-metre hole, that
             doglegs sharply left, you either have to find an
             island fairway with your second shot, or go boldly
             f o r t h e g r e e n p r o t e c t e d b y w a t e r.

             Golfers are able to experience a more relaxed 9 holes
             on the Pitch and Putt course.
    D id Y ou K now
    There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball.

    There are over 50 million golfers in the world.

    Golf was actually invented in Japan.
                                                                           DID YOU
    The putter is the most-used club in golf.

    Initially golf balls were made out of wood.

    There are three golf balls on the moon.

    There are over 450 golf courses in South Africa.

    The world's first-ever golf tournament for women was held on New Year's Day 1811 at Musselburgh.

    The most holes-in-one in a career is 68, made by Harry Lee Bonner between 1967 and 1985.

    The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are one in 67 million.

  W hat’s P utting with N igel D ivot
Putting can make or break your golf game. Learning steps to
improve your putting on a consistent basis can dramatically decrease
your golf scores. There are three reasons why your putting might
not be as consistent as you would like:

First: Line up!
When lining up for your putt you need to place your eyes directly
over the ball. This allows for your eyes to be directly over the line
that you want the ball to travel towards the hole. By doing this, you
allow yourself to make sure you know exactly the path that you
desire the ball to travel along. If you do not line your eyes up over
the ball, then you will be guessing when you attempt to putt your
ball along a path toward the hole.

Second: Ball position!
It is best if you place the ball a little ahead of your sternum. This
will allow you to see the ball, the target, and your hands all in one

Third: Hand placement!
When your hands are in the correct position, the leading edge of
the putter will be parallel to the putting surface. It is easier to tell
if the putter is level when it is directly under your eyes, if you have
a split-line on the top edge and the top of the sole plate. If you
have a split line, you will know when your hands are in the position
to generate pure top-spin with the stroke.

Hopefully these tips will help you generate consistent putting and
lower scores on a regular basis. Happy Golfing!                                  Cartoon by: M i c h e l l e W i n s t a n l e y
S elborneCalendar
February 2009
      Sun                          Mon                 Tue                   Wed                  Thur                     Fri                     Sat
1                            2                   3                      4                   5                      6                      7
                                 French Pro Am         Club Draw            French Pro Am       Club competition        9-hole Chicken          Monthly mug
                                   80 Players        11:30 in the Bar         80 Players         afternoon field           Run draw            and attendance
                                                                                                                       14h45 in the bar             draw
8                            9                   10                     11                  12                     13                     14
                                                                                                                                              Directors 24 Players
                                                                                                                        9-hole Chicken
                                                       Club Draw                                Club competition                                  morning field
    Play More Golf                                                                                                         Run draw
                                                     11:30 in the Bar                            afternoon field                                Valentines Day
      60 Players                                                                                                       14h45 in the bar
                                                                                                                                          (Braai after golf. Please stay
                                                                                                                                            and enjoy the evening)
15                           16                  17                     18                  19                     20                     21
 Umbilo Gophers 40                                                                                                                            Travelling Mumbas 22
                                                       Club Draw                                Club competition        9-hole Chicken
players morning field                                                                                                                          players morning field
                                                     11:30 in the Bar                            afternoon field           Run draw
                                                                                                                       14h45 in the bar        Committee Trophy
                                                                                                                                              individual Stableford
                                                                                                                                                 afternoon field
22                           23                  24                     25                  26                     27                     28
    Slappers 20 Players
       morning field                                   Club Draw                                Club competition        9-hole Chicken         Club Competition
                                                                                                 afternoon field           Run draw             afternoon field
     Eagles 28 players                               11:30 in the Bar
       morning field                                                                                                   14h45 in the bar
     Elgin Engineering 16
     players morning field
Pe z u l a C a l e n d a r
March 2009
        Sun                                  Mon                                   Tue                                Wed                                   Thur                                   Fri                                Sat
1                                    2                                    3                                    4                                    5                                    6                                    7
                                                                          Ladies Tuesday School                                                        Thursday School                                                           Saturday Comp
                                                                          Phone Pro Shop for tee                                                    Meet at 11:30. Tee Times                                                  Tee times from 12h00 -
                                                                           times (044 3025310)                                                      from 12h00. 2 tee start                                                     12h30. 2 Tee start
8                                    9                                    10                                   11                                   12                                   13                                   14
                                                                          Ladies Tuesday School                                                        Thursday School
                                                                                                                                                                                              Club Champs                          Club Champs
                                                                          Phone Pro Shop for tee                                                    Meet at 11:30. Tee Times
                                                                           times (044 3025310)                                                      from 12h00. 2 tee start
15                                   16                                   17                                   18                                   19                                   20                                   21
                                                                                                                                                       Thursday School                                                             Public Holiday
      Club Champs                         Course Closed                        Course Closed                                                                                                                                         (Human Rights Day)
                                                                                                                                                    Meet at 11:30. Tee Times
                                           Hollowtining                         Hollowtining
                                                                                                                                                    from 12h00. 2 tee start
                                                                                                               Discounted rate after Hollowtining   Discounted rate after Hollowtining   Discounted rate after Hollowtining   Discounted rate after Hollowtining
22                                   23                                   24                                   25                                   26                                   27                                   28
                                                                          Ladies Tuesday School                                                                                                                                  Saturday Comp
                                                                                                                                                       Thursday School
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Tee times from 12h00 -
                                                                          Phone Pro Shop for tee                                                    Meet at 11:30. Tee Times
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                12h30. 2 Tee start
                                                                           times (044 3025310)                                                      from 12h00. 2 tee start
Discounted rate after Hollowtining   Discounted rate after Hollowtining   Discounted rate after Hollowtining   Discounted rate after Hollowtining   Discounted rate after Hollowtining   Discounted rate after Hollowtining   Discounted rate after Hollowtining
29                                   30                                   31
ProS hops                          *Details are on website
                Estate Name                 Contact Number                 Fax Number                   Email Address
 1   Arabella Country Estate                    028 284 0105                           
 2   Atlantic Beach Golf Estate                 080 465 3258                             
 3   Boschenmeer Golf and Country Club          021 863 2828               021 863 3660  
 4   Clarens Golf & Trout Estate                058 256 1270               058 256 1385      
 5   Champagne Sports Resort                    036 468 2289                       
 6   Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa                021 847 1906               021 847 1070    
 7   Ezulweni Sun                              +26 8 416 5297                        
 8   Fancourt                                   044 804 0030               044 804 0732     
 9   Fish River Sun                             040 676 1002               040 676 1115
10   Hans Merensky Estate                       015 781 3931               015 781 7740   
11   Kruger Park Lodge                          013 737 5099               013 737 5151 or
12   Oubaai                                     044 851 0131               044 851 0132       
13   Pezula - Sparrebosch Estate              044 302 5310/07              044 302 5311        
14   Pinnacle Point                             044 693 3438               044 693 2256       
15   San Lameer Country Club                    039 313 5141               039 313 5144   
16   Selborne Hotel, Spa and Country Club       039 688 1896               039 975 3126     
17   Sun City / Lost City                       014 557 3700               014 557 3426
18   White River Country Estate                 013 751 3781               013 751 3781
19   Wild Coast Sun                             039 305 2799               039 205 2810      
20   Zimbali Coastal Resort                 032 538 1041 or 032 538 1007   032 538 1040   ZBL. or
No t i c e Bo a r d
              DAMAGE TO UNITS                                                 TS
It has become evident that some club members                          GOLF CARgolf carts
abuse the units and staff, and we have to take                  All guests                              s
                                                                                       G o lf e s ta te
a stronger approach to curb this behaviour.                     at a   n y o f th e                   fa
                                                                                       ssession o
Members need to keep the units in the condition                 mu   st be in po
                                                                                               nce and
they found them in. Please inform your
                                                                 v a li d d r iv e r ’s li c e
                                                                                               it h th e m
Housekeeper as soon as possible, if something
                                                                 s h o u ld   c a r r y it w
is broken or breaks. GRC will not hesitate to                                            n the estate
                                                                  whe    n driving o
evict guests or charge them for damages, if
necessary. Please be aware that there are new
guests coming to stay in the unit after you and
they expect to have the same wonderful stay
you did. Please assist us to ensure that each                    GOLF COU
                                                                         RSE               CLOSURES
unit is kept within the GRC standards.                          U p d a te d g
                                                                                o lf c o u rs e
                                                                                                 c lo s u re s
                                                                have been
                                                                                p o s te d o n
                                                                                                th e G R C
                                                               w e b s it e . V
                                                                                ie w o n th
                                                                                               e N o ti c e
                                                               B o a rd in th
   CLARENS GOL                                                                 e M e m b e rs
                F & TROUT EST                                                                   s e c ti o n .
   Tro u t F is              ATE
                 h in g is n o t a v
                                     a il a b le a s y e t.
   T h e d a m s a re
                           b e in g s e rv ic
   stocks are                                   ed and
                       slowly begi
                                            nning to            PENALTIES ON
   m a tu re . T h e                                                                       ESTATES
                        managemen                              T h e d e fa u l t i n
  C o n s e rv a n c y                       t o f th e                               g member is
                        in fo rm u s th a                      responsible for
  s h o u ld b e re                            t dams                               fines of any kind
                     a d y b y th e e
 y e a r. P le a s e                       n d o f th e       im po se d at any
                        c o n ta c t th e                                             of th e es ta te s.
 re c e p ti o n if y                          E s ta te      Please adhere to
                      ou have any                                                   house rules, traffic
                                            q u e ri e s .    and speed contro
                                                                                     l of each estate.

                                                                                & Earth
                                                                         Heaven en and earth to
                                                                   "I'd move h b re a k 1 0 0 o n th is
                                                                   b e a b le to ig h e d M a c , th e
                                                                    c o u r s e ,"
                                                                                              d v is e d th
                                u’re going throug
                                                   h. I
                                                                     " Tr y h   e a v e n ," a ady moved
  “I can now  relate to what yo          s today.”                                    u've alre
                       clubs for 18 hole                             caddie. "Yo earth."
      had to carry my                                                 most of the
                                  Tel:         7604
                                  T l 031 717 760
 e-mail: : e-mail:

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