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At Wanusk               e             come visitors to our national site with warm and genero
           kewin Heritage Park, we welc             t                            mth                      k
                                                                                            osity. The Park is a
world-class Northern Pla Indian site representing seven linguistic groups where visitors come to acquire
                        ains                                      c              e          e
sensitivity, knowledge an awareness of First Nations culture from t past and th present.
           ,            nd           o              s              the           he

                                                     HOP SUPERVI
                                               GIFT SH           ISOR
                                             TERM POS            ONTHS
                                                     SITION: 16 MO

Wanuskew Heritage Pa is currently accepting app
         win              ark           y               plications for a highly skilled professional to fill the Full T
                                                                                                       o              Time
          ion            op                              w              e
term positi of Gift Sho Supervisor. The position will include the following dut          ties:
         Responsible for all overall development and supervisio of the Wanu
                          e                                             on              uskewin retail Gift Shop to re ealize
              a maximum return on capital investment and a net prof which meet or exceeds in
                         m                               t               fit            ts            ndustry standar rds.
         Responsible for all purcha
                          e                              g,
                                         asing, receiving pricing, mer  rchandising, retailing control utilizing systeems
              and standar typical of re  etail gift shops in the marketpplace.
         Maintains a current databa of product manufacturers and suppliers, wholesale pri
                                         ase                            s                              icing, payment t
                         d              ms.
              (credit) and shipping term Ensures auth                   l              rts             n
                                                         henticity of all Aboriginal art and crafts on display and f  for
                          ocal           nd
              sale using lo artisans an crafters whe     enever possible e.
         Responsible for the recrui
                          e                             g               ion
                                         itment, training and supervisi of store em    mployees in acccordance with t  the
                                         a               s.              d
              WHPA Personnel Policy and Procedures Develop and maintain trai                           s
                                                                                        ining standards to ensure both h
                         d                               i
              product and systems expertise that will improve store o                  d
                                                                         operations and allow for supe erior customer
         Ensure daily POS reports are accurately reconciled; pr
                          y                                             roceeds and rep               n
                                                                                        ports are given to the WHPA
              Financial Controller. Resp
                         C               ponsible for mo onthly inventor of stock and annual invent
                                                                         ry             d               tory on March 31st
              of each opeerating year.
         Develop, manage and mon
                         m                              S              o                              or
                                         nitor the Gift Shop budget to ensure that the store meets o exceeds bud     dgeted
              revenue and therefore ensuring the expenses fall within the approved budget.
                          d                                              n             d
         Identify opp                  d               ng              y              d
                          portunities and develop a lon term strategy for increased sales to local, national and
              internationa market utiliz                ples
                                        zing the princip of e-comm     merce, trade fairs and mall dis splays.
         Participates in liaising in coordination with other WHP staff, in reg
                         s               c              w               PA             gard to special events and tou urs
              including op              ft
                          pening the Gif Shop outside of regular ope    erational hours to maximize s  sales.
         To build, de    evelop and sup                w
                                        pport positive working partne   erships in the coommunity.

Desired qu
         Demonstrat knowledge of Plains India culture, trad
                        ted                        an                           boriginal arts.
                                                                  ditions, and Ab
         Graduated from a related post secondary institution in retail or business manageme or 2 years re
                        f             p           y                                             ent             etail
             managemen experience.
         Demonstrat working kn
                        ted                       OS              nd
                                     nowledge of PO Systems an computer so                       ng:
                                                                                oftware includin word, exce    el,
             email and in
         Demonstrat ability to de
                        ted                       anage retail sys
                                      evelop and ma                             g:               ss
                                                                  stems including variable gros margin prici    ing,
                         nd          ol,          a
             inventory an cash contro purchasing and shipping/re   eceiving.
         Demonstrat ability in HR managemen including str
                        ted          H            nt              rong understand              mer             d
                                                                                 ding of custom service and staff
         Meet Wanu                               ority security re
                        uskewin Heritage Park Autho               equirements, poosses a valid ddriver’s license and a
             reliable veh

         th            A              b
People wit Aboriginal Ancestry will be given prefere  ence (HRC-E-9             -E-91-17). Sala commensur
                                                                     91-09) (HRC-             ary       rate
         rience and qual
with exper                             l             kage available.
                       lifications. Full benefits pack

          mit                          s            nimum of three references by 4
Please subm your resume with a cover setter and a min            e                             day
                                                                                 4:00 pm on Frid November 5th,
2010 to:              ewin Heritage Park
                Wanuske                k
                   R.R #4, Penner Road
                   Saskatoo SK S7K 3J7
                           n:              C
                   Attention Dana Soonias, CEO
                   Phone: 306-931-6767 ext. 222
                   Fax: 3066-931-4522
                   Email: dana.soonias@wan

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