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									        1. Name of the Department            :       ENGLISH

        2. Year of Establishment             :       1990

        3. Name of the HOD                   :       Dr. Shyamal Das

        4. List of Faculty                   :

       Name         Designation      Qualification       Specialization     E. mail address

                                     MA,PGDTE,           Linguistics &     das0202ma@yahoo
                                     M.Phil, Ph.D          Phonetics             .com

Dr Shyamal Das
                                                      Literary theory
                                                        & Common
                                                          Wealth           ash_gray@rediffma
                       Reader          MA, Ph.D
                                                         Literature,             il.com
                                                      Indian English
Dr. Ashes Gupta                                          Literature
                                                      Indian English
 Partha Sarathi                                                            p_s_gupta@yahoo.
                      Lecturer        M.A, M.Phil         century
     Gupta                                                                       com
                                                      Literary theory,

        5. On going research project (apart from unassigned grant)

  Principal         Title of the        Funding           Amount          Number of research
 Investigator         project            agency          sanctioned        students engaged

6. List of publications (From January, 2006 to date)

                                                                 Name of the Journal
 Sl.       Name of the
                                    Title of the Paper           with Volume Pages
 No.        Teacher
                                                                      and Year
                                 Some Aspects of Prosodic
                                                                  Rutgers (University)
                                Phonology of Tripura Bangla
  1      Dr. Shyamal Das                                          Optimality Archive
                                        & Tripura
                                                                   (ROA) 493 (2003)
                                      Bangla English
                                                                    Linguistic Theory &
                                Under specification & the        South Asian Languages
  2     Dr. Shyamal Das        Phonology of NC effects in           Ed. Josef Bayer et al
                                      Malayalam                    John Benjamins (NL)
                                                                       217-236 (2007)
                                Feature Checking, Case &               PILC Journal of
                                Word Order: A Minimalist               Dravidic Studies
  3     Dr. Shyamal Das
                                 Study of the Bangla Case           Pondichery (2006).
                                          System                       Vol. 11:1, 11:2
                              Reading Jayanta Mahapatra‟s        Sarangi Jaydip ed. The
                              „Dawn at Puri‟ as an attempt        Indian Imagiviation of
  4     Dr. Ashes Gupta       towards circumscribing a local         Jayanta Mohanatra
                              space against the politics of      Swarup and Sons, New
                              universalisation                      Delhi, 2006 p-69-76
                                                                      Indian Literature-
                                                                   Sahitya Akademi Bi-
                              Translations of Kokborok and        monthly Journal, Vol-
  5     Dr. Ashes Gupta
                              Bengali Poetry to English                  XLIX No-35
                                                                     Sarangi Jaydip ed.
                               Reading Arun Koltkar‟s „The
                                                                  Explorations in Indian
  6     Dr. Ashes Gupta         Bus‟ as an exposition of the
                                                                   English Poetry, New
                              vacillating duality of existence
                                                                 Delhi, 2006 p-132-140
                                                                  To be published in the
                              The Naturalization of English       6th issue of the journal
          Partha Sarathi        in Contemporary Indian                   Literature and
              Gupta                 English Drama                 Criticism, expected to
                               (accepted for publication)          be published in early
                                                                       September 2007
                                                                    To be published in a
                              Indian English Drama : From        collection of articles in
          Partha Sarathi
  8                                   Politics to Art               a book published by
                                (accepted for publication)          Sarup & Sons, New
                                                                         Delhi in 2007
                                                                    To be published as a
                              Translation of 4 folktales from        contribution to the
                              Kokborok/Bengali to English               compilation of
          Partha Sarathi         in a two-day translation        “Kokborok Folk Songs,
              Gupta              workshop organized by             Myths and Tales” by
                                     Sahitya Akademi                    the subsequent
                                (accepted for publication)              publication by
                                                                 SAHITYA AKADEMI

7. List of Published books:

         Name of Teacher                 Name of Book                     Publisher
                                Metrical Phonology and Tripura          Kreativemind,
 01.     Dr. Shyamal Das
                                            Bangla                      Kolkata. 2007
                                   The Fragrant Joom &                Akshar
02.        Dr. Ashes Gupta    Translation of Kokborok Poetry     Publications, 2006
                                         in English                   Agartala

      8. Major Thrust Areas of Research:

       Dr. Shyamal das
             i. Phonology
             ii. Interlanguage Phenomena
             iii. Second Language Learning
             iv. Linguistic Marginalization/ Linguistic Rights

      Dr. Ashes Gupta
            i. Literary theory
            ii. Color usage-Color Response Analysis
            iii. Media Studies: Semiotic Interpretations
            iv. Culture Studies
            v. Indo-Anglian Literature.

      Partha Sarathi Gupta
            i. History of Indian English Drama
            ii. Language of Indian English Drama (Evolution of Indian English in
            iii. The Metropolitan Consciousness in Indian English Drama

      9.    Number of Ph. D. Scholars at present :         02

      10. Total number of Scholars awarded Ph. D. Degree since inception: 04

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