Zaheer Khan Visit's Akshaya Patra

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					鈥業 t was a very heartening experience for me; it is good to see the dedicated work
of Akshaya Patra towards feeding underprivileged children. If they are given good
food, they can focus more on their education and it is very important to have an
educated generation for the future of India,鈥?
  Zaheer Khan, representative of said on the occasion of his visit.
  Click        this       link        to      more         about     the       visit:
  Join the Akshaya Patra Movement We the Akshaya Patra foundation is currently
feeding 1.2 million underprivileged children across India to Govt School, where hot
and nutritious meal is served every day in lunch time.
  We have centralized and non centralized kitchen which cook food for the children
every         day,        for        more       info         you     can        visit this will give good information
about Akshaya Patra foundation and its set up.
  The food generally get prepared and transported to the school daily before lunch
hours where in the food are packed in tight locked vessels which makes sure the food
is served hot to the school children.
  Our aim 鈥淣 o child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger."
  Support our initiative so that we can feed 5 million by 2020, visit our website to
support more underprivileged children, you can donate online as well through our
  Web URL: