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Read Gresham Nissan Reviews News


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									MOST Trouble Cost-free NEW Car or truck EVER OWNED! The Car I purchased at
Gresham Nissan Subaru is the most Trouble Free new Automobile I've ever owned or
driven. That includes bought or leased. I was a extremely high mileage driver, so I've
demanded a lot out of my cars. Thanks Again! Greatest Regards, Smith President

Overall performance VEHICLE!! Not only is this, the Efficiency Car you at Gresham
Nissan Subaru told me it was, it also gets much greater fuel economy then the
estimates, even when being pushed within the Performance mode.

I'm extremely PLEASED!!! Nick I would like to take a moment to thank you as well
as your son at Gresham Nissan Subaru for your help in my purchase of a new 2009
Nissan Altima Coupe. As you understand it took you about 20 years to sell me a non
US flagged Motor vehicle. I am really pleased that you accomplished that feat. I
specially appreciate your prodding me to get the 3.5 V6 engine. Over the years you've
got sold me, my family and friends several vehicles, both new and utilized. During
that time I've in no way heard a complaint about the autos or the service you and your
dealership have rendered.

NO HASSLES!! We've purchased Subaru's at Gresham Nissan Subaru twice. Initial
time the deal was actually awesome, it blew us away! The next time it wasn't such a
excellent deal, but we'd just filed for bankruptcy, so what may be expected? But they
have been always great to deal with. We specifically liked Dave. No hassles, even
though we do a great deal of hassling, driving each Auto on the great deal, inside the
pouring rain (Dave got soaked) etc., but they had been often wonderful. We drove
there from the other side of Eugene and have been in no way disappointed. We'll be
back, why bother going anywhere else?

PERSONALIZED CARE.! HAS NOT STOPPED! The personalized care at Gresham
Nissan Subaru has not stopped. Dave Wilson, a service adviser, has each and each
time been prepared when I come in with the Issue and has had a technician searching
at it within what appears as minutes. The First time I was in and out of the service
division within 30 minutes permitting me to complete the rest of my busy day proper
on time. That brought so a lot relief. It is simply because of him that I feel quite
comfortable bringing my Automobile to your service division.I know that whatever
Dilemma my Vehicle is having it will be cared for swiftly and correctly.

Regardless of whether you're seeking a Nissan, Subaru or a pre-owned Auto or truck,
Gresham Nissan Subaru is here to assist. In the event you don't see what that you are
searching for, click on CarFinder and merely fill out the form. We will let you know
when autos arrive that match your search! When you would rather discuss your
choices with our friendly sales staff, click on Directions for interactive driving
directions. We are conveniently located at 1925 East Powell Blvd.. You can also reach
Gresham Nissan Subaru any time by visiting our web site or calling us at
503.661.1200 or visiting http://. The entire staff at Gresham Nissan looks forward to
serving you!

Don't just take my word for it! Read Gresham Nissan Reviews

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