Rats as Pets by hkksew3563rd


									There is an increasing craze for the domestic rats or we can call the pet rats. The
scientific name for a pet rat is Rattus norvegicus. It is really important for you to keep
your pet rats as happy and as healthy as possible. You must gather as much
informative knowledge as you can about pet rats.
  Basic nature and look of Rats as Pets: Domestic rats are really intelligent, adorable,
and clean giving them a chance at having a good relationship with humans. These rats
are quiet different in nature and activities from their ancestors. The difference is that
these pet rats are very low on aggression, and rivalry towards other rats and humans.
These rats are sensitive as well as playful in nature. They can be trained to answer to
their pet names and to do various tricks and activities. The rats are from the rodent
family but they need really high maintenance. Moreover, the pet rats must be given at
least 1 hour of quality play time out of their cages and nest boxes on daily basis. Rats
are nocturnal; therefore, they are more active during night time.
  Handling of pet rats: It is important to understand that the more attention and care
you provide to your new domestic rat, the faster the rat will get used to your smell,
your voice, and your presence. Your rat will become friendly with you. Give proper
handling to your pet rats whether or not they act like they like it. They will definitely
learn to get along with you in a playful manner. One of the best ways to handle your
pet rats is to allow them to ride freely inside your home, your sweater and on your
shoulders. Always lift the rats by positioning your hands under the rat’s chest just
from the backside of the front legs. You have to be careful- do not squeeze them.
  If your pat rats are very lazy and calm, it is advised to see a vet as soon as possible.
If they are not interested in food, not playing, and their fur is quiet messy, this shows
that are going through some health problem and illness. Provide the best treatment to
your rats to keep them happy and lively.
  Toys for your pet rats: Do you know that pet baby rats love to play with toys? Baby
rats are entertained while playing with the toys and even with one another. Adult pet
rats utilize the toys to sleep and relax. The best toys for pet rats are as follows: Long
plastic made drain pipes. Old clothes. Cardboard boxes. Bigger glass jars. Longer and
wider drainage pipes. Gerbils and hamsters are good for small baby rats.
  While wheels can be given to rats to play, they generally do not use the wheels
because they are really intelligent and know that their head, leg or tail may get injured.
Moreover, experts say that toys made for parrots and ferrets are usually safe and
secure for the rats too.
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