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					Drive a Rally Car plus a Ferrari (1022235)

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Special Price: £169
Normal Price: £189

Elvington, Yorkshire (North), Prestwold Hall,


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Experience the actual excitement of rally driving and the style of Ferrari driving - a
outstanding combination

This is two awesome driving experiences in one package deal! Enjoy the style and
flair of an all time classic supercar before carrying out powerslides, handbrake turns
and figures of eight in a rally driving experience.

After that up you'll familiarise yourself with the circuit by watching demonstration
laps. Then it's up to the primary event - driving a Ferrari, followed by either a Subaru
Impreza WRX, a Mitsubishi Evo or a stage prepared rally car (varies with location).
Philip Hancock, Staffordshire

 The health and safety was excellent. Mandy Rice,

I had an absolutely fantastic time. The staff were great .

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Corby, Northamptonshire

Red Letter Days

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Drive 6 miles in a Ferrari 360, then 15 minutes in a Rally Ford Focus

A genuinely outstanding blend - the hair-raising excitement of rally driving, twinned
along with the tasteful flair of a Ferrari. . Enjoy the moment as you go around
Rockingham in one of Maranello's breathtaking beauties.

An utterly fantastic

unforgettable day.

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Prestwold Hall, Leicestershire (Midlands)

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Drive a Group N rally car, Porsche 911 Turbo, Ferrari 430, Aston Martin V8 Vantage
and the Lamborghini Gallardo.

The Ultimate Track Day combines the speed of classic supercars with the raw thrill of
a rally drive

The pace of the day will change completely as you feel the buzz of rallying behind the
wheel of a Group N Rally car.
Welcome, introduction and briefing of circuit driving techniques.
Familiarisation laps in a demonstration car
Lunch break (Lunch is included for driver and one spectator. Presentation of
certificate and individual driving assessment
Driver of the day award

Johnny Featherstone,

Ken Venables, UK

We had a very personal "1 to 1" service throughout the day and the weather was
sunny and warm, so all told a perfect day! At no point throughout the day did I feel
that I was twiddling my thumbs waiting for a drive.

Drive a Rally Car (1028109)

Normal Price:     £89

At the Kenilworth location the experience takes place on a tarmac track.

Roy Mason,

Everything about this experience was really good. The cars, the instructors, the speed,
everything was perfect. Sally Evans, Berkhampstead

However this turned out to be one of the best presents I have ever received, and I can't
wait for a chance to try out one of the extended experiences. The rush you get from
throwing the car round the course was only beaten by the passenger ride at the end of
the day which really showed off the car's true potential.

Paul Murray,

The rally driving taster experience is a must try experience in my opinion. I had
always wanted the chance to thrash a rally car round a dirt course and this certainly
lived up to my expectations.

Dawn Dunne,

The weather was a little wet so the ground was nice a slippy. The guys taking the day
were excellent. I smiled from beginning to end.

Marie Tudor, UK

I had an AMAZING rally experience- we were very lucky with the weather, it stayed
dry for the whole time we were there! To be honest- I wouldn't have been bothered if
it did rain, because then we would have just been sliding around a lot more (which
looks exciting!!!)... There were 12 people in total (friends and family were allowed to
watch) and we got split into 3 groups of 4- there were 4 professional instructors on the
site. The best thing about this particular company was that you got to drive not just
one car, but 3 cars in total: Peugeot 106 / BMW (3 series) / Subaru Impreza. They also
like to get you in the cars pretty much straight away and learn everything while you're
driving them, rather than spending most of your time talking in a classroom. ... I
thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would absolutely love to do it again!!!! The
instructors were very friendly and I would recommend them to other rally adrenalin
junkies! My favourite car was the Subaru Impreza - just hearing the power in the
engine was sooooo exciting!!


. Spectators are welcome.
Drive a Rally Car (1028101)

Experience Listing

A fantastic opportunity to get to grips with the gravel, your heart will race as you
power slide, wheel spin and handbrake turn your way around a challenging
combination of corners, straights and chicanes.

Customer Reviews


Getting to fling a rally car around a rally course is nothing less than pure exhileration
and would recommend that any rally fans try to experience this day. The pasenger ride
at the end really gives you an idea of what the cars are capable of.

My rally driving experience day was probably one of the best days of my life so far.
An excellent day with great staff.

Mark Ryan , Northampton

My colleague recently purchased a Rally Driving experience as a Birthday present for
me. What a hoot! Some of the best fun you can have on four wheels. Enjoyed every
minute. Great instructors and well organised. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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