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					Drive a Rally Car plus a Ferrari (1022235)

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Normal Price:     £189

Elvington, Yorkshire (North), Prestwold Hall,

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Experience the actual buzz of rally driving and the style of Ferrari driving - a winning

Experience the superior handling of a either a Subaru Impreza WRX, a Mitsubishi
Evo or a stage prepared rally car (varies with location) as well as feeding your want
for speed with the Ferrari driving experience (model varies with location). Your
experience starts with a welcome, introduction and safety briefing on circuit driving
methods. Following up you will acquaint yourself with the circuit by watching
demonstration laps. Then it's up to the major event - driving a Ferrari, followed by
either a Subaru Impreza WRX, a Mitsubishi Evo or a stage prepared rally car (varies
with location). At the conclusion of the day you will be presented with a certificate.
Philip Hancock, Staffordshire

I would love to go again and I have already recommended this to several of my
friends and family.

Les Webb, Cheshire

The cars were all very good, in great condition. The instructors were excellent, they
were easy to get on with and they really pushed you to drive the car fast and within
your capabilities. There were no restrictions, and I just kept going faster! I would love
the opportunity to do this again.

Drive a Ferrari 360 plus a Ford Focus Rally Car (AOARR)

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Corby, Northamptonshire

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Drive 6 miles in a Ferrari 360, then 15 minutes in a Rally Ford Focus

A seriously sensational combination - the hair-raising buzz of rally driving, twinned
together with the tasteful flair of a Ferrari. Two amazing and completely distinctive
driving experiences in a single bundle. . Next your instructor will drive you through
the circuit in a sports saloon for five minutes of familiarisation laps to show the racing
lines. Savour the moment as you go all-around Rockingham in one of Maranello's
breathtaking beauties. You'll only just about have time to get your breath back before
pushing your driving skills to the limit in a rally prepared Ford Focus.

Awesome Driving Comparison

Drive a Group N Rally Car and 4 other Supercars (1022395)

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The Ultimate Track Day combines the speed of classic supercars with the raw thrill of
a rally drive

The Ultimate Track Day is your chance to experience a entire range of high-powered
motor vehicles in an exclusive session confined to eight people. Enjoy the ferocious
Ferrari 430 and Lamborghini Gallardo, prior to driving the Porsche 911 and an Aston
Martin V8 Vanquish. The pace of the day will adjust fully as you feel the buzz of
rallying behind the wheel of a Group N Rally car. Whichever you prefer, this exciting
whole day experience shows both sides of performance motoring.

Justin Nightingale, Mansfield

This was one of the best, most exciting days of my life! To drive the super cars like
the Porsche 911 was thrilling, but to be honest my favourite bit was actually driving
the rally car in the afternoon. Those cars just handle unbelievably and are so much
quicker than you might think.

The staff and venue were perfect and flawless. Oh, and the cars were a real thrill to
drive too! A varied and different selection to drive which added to the overall
enjoyment of the day. I would happily do this once a month!

Experience Provider:

Drive a Rally Car on a gravel course.

The day ends with a presentation of certificates and debriefing. Your experience will
last approximately 2 hours in total.

Roy Mason,

Everything about this experience was really good. The cars, the instructors, the speed,
everything was perfect. I would love the chance to do this again and I have already
recommended it to lots of my friends.


. You are advised to book at least four weeks in advance.
  You are advised to wear comfortable clothing and soft soled shoes. Maximum height
is 6'4' (6'6' at the Oxfordshire location), minimum height is 5'0'. Due to the nature of
this experience pets are not allowed. Should you arrive late and miss the safety
briefing you may not be permitted to drive.

Oxfordshire, Essex, Brands Hatch - Kent, Buckinghamshire (South East) Somerset
(South West) Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Silverstone - Northamptonshire,
Lincolnshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire (Midlands) Yorkshire, Oulton Park -
Cheshire (North) Fife (Scotland) County Armagh (N. Ireland)

Enjoy the ultimate thrill behind the wheel with an exhilarating rally driving
experience. With a fully-qualified instructor by your side and a powerful rally car at
your command, this is a great chance to experience the excitement of rally driving.

Getting to fling a rally car around a rally course is nothing less than pure exhileration
and would recommend that any rally fans try to experience this day. The pasenger ride
at the end really gives you an idea of what the cars are capable of.

Darren Toolin, Bradford

The cars were amazing and the staff were all really friendly and helpful. What a hoot!
Some of the best fun you can have on four wheels. Enjoyed every minute. Great
instructors and well organised. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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