Quick Tips to Protect Your MAC

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					To own MAC computer is like owning the most beautiful woman in the town 鈥?a
prized possession that everyone would envy. Mac has many advantages that people
prefer them to ordinary PCs or laptops. For instance, a Mac offers higher sound and
superior picture quality than any PC. In fact, lately Macs have become the way to go.
Games or ease of use it has to be a Mac; and there is nothing to compare the beauty of
  While the MAC is so attractive and powerful and east to use, you got to stay warned
here. Because these are also gadgets with high desirability quotient especially to
ladrones as they have instant yet lucrative market for the stolen MACs too. While a
new one costs as much as $3k a pre-owned MB pro also fetches a minimum of $1000
  So there is no way that you have got to stick your eyes to your eyes on to your
Macbook to have it secured and safeguarded.
  Some tips to protect your Mac landing into the hands of thieves:
  Use Mac lock: Take a mac lock and lock your computer. This is the oldest and
proven yet kind of ignored tip to secure the Mac. A Mac comes with a special slot in
its case that is meant for cabling the Mac to the desk using a Mac lock.
  There are many cables available on the market from many brands and most of these
are user friendly to install. There comes a latch that can be locked as well so the side
panel can be protected from someone opening it.
  Back up the data: It cannot be stressed more that you need to always have a back up
of data from your Mac. You can take back up at various levels using various
  Encrypt personal information and data: Set a password prompt for admin and
generate one that can 鈥檛 be easily guessed. Create "Guest" account that doesn 鈥檛
have admin access. This eludes the necessity to try and get an access to other
  Use a Mac case but don 鈥檛 explicitly exhibit it: Use a carrier/case to take the Mac,
but for a travel pick a case that doesn't resemble a Mac carrier. This eliminates you
from the eyes of opportunistic thieves in the first place.
  The aforementioned tips may not be 100% foolproof or guaranteed, they would
improve the chance of getting back your Mac book by some probability if not zero.
  The only investment option in these tips is the use of Mac lock as computer security
solution. It maybe pricey but it is the practical and most effective ways to deter
thieves. There are many online mac locks stores but not all have the high-security
mac locks. If you want a mac lock then the Mac Lock 鈥?Power Mac Security Plate
Lock should be for you. From universal to specific iMac computer security hardware,
the offers good solution. The company has designed plate
security locks for Macs that blend with the aesthetics of the computer too. The
designs and the price ranges available will suit everyone 鈥檚 taste and pocket size.