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									Think about this for a second. On a standard par seventy-two golf course, thirty-six of
those shots are designated to be putts. This equates to relying on your putter for half
of your game! You are looking for putting tips, here's the first one - Practice your
putting. Most amateur golfers will spend many hours at the driving range working
with every other club in the bag, but little or no time putting on the practice green.
Make use of this facility before your round, and you will at least have some idea of
the speed of the green.
 The Putting Stroke
 Every club that you use is swung back and through on an arc (swing plane), except
your putter. Putters are the most upright clubs and are designed to swing straight back
and straight through in a pendulum-like action. Practice this pendulum swing, and you
will find that the club face is always square at impact, and the ball will start off on the
correct line.
 Reading Greens
 No written golf putting tips can teach you how to read a green, there are too many
variables. Your green-reading skills will come from experience, (or paying a caddie to
read them for you!). I can, however, give you a few general pointers. Almost every
green that you play on will have a downward slope from back to front. Golf course
designers do this to make them more receptive to approach shots, and to allow for
good drainage. If your putt is from front to back of green, you will be putting uphill. It
may not look it, but it will be uphill.
 Try to judge the speed of your putt first, before allowing for any break. If you get the
speed right but mis-read the break, you're most likely gonna be left with a tap-in. Get
the speed majorly wrong and you'll be struggling not to three-putt.
 Putting Tips Finale
 Practice makes, well almost, perfect. Practice your putting stroke - straight through,
pendulum-like to start the ball off on the right line. Practice getting the length right -
aim for no more than two putts per green. Practice reading the breaks - you will get
better with experience. When these three elements come together, your game is taken
to a whole new level and you'll see your scores tumble. Get more putting tips and
all-round online golf tips to help improve your game and lower your scores, fast.
 Enjoy your golf.
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