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									Iconic Fancy Dress Costumes
Everyone has to grow up. Of course, some do this quicker than others, but this has not managed
to dampen Britain's enthusiasm for dressing up. From playing as children to partying as adults,
people are unfathomably keen to pull on a costume and prance about. These days, people are
less inclined to simply go for traditional costumes. It's not enough for people to head out dressed
as just witches, fairies or ghosts now - when people dress up, they tend to want to dress as their
favourite cartoon, film and comic book characters.

There are other, more recent cinematic characters that seem to have captured the public's
imagination. The character I am referring to, of course, is Captain Jack Sparrow. After Johnny
Depp's Oscar-nominated performance in Pirates of the Caribbean, the character has become an
instant cultural icon. Of course, the success of a fancy dress costume all depends on how
recognisable the outfit is. Dressed up in a Captain Jack Sparrow outfit, no one will be asking you
who you are.

Fancy dress parties are becoming more popular and superhero parties are a great idea for both
adult and children alike. Mens, womens and children's costumes are available and children
especially like dressing up as their favourite superhero either at home, out and about or if they
have been invited to a party. There are some sexy outfits for women and characters such as
Catwoman and Poison Ivy certainly add to the sexiness of the outfit and are great for adult parties
and family parties.

Accessories can be great to finish off any costume and Batarangs are a popular accessory for
Batman related costumes as this is one of his most favoured weapons. Gauntlet gloves are also
popular as are masks for both goodies and baddies. Face makeup and wigs can really finish off
an outfit especially if you are dressing up as The Joker as this face makeup is part of the act.


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