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Bipolar NCP

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									                   Student Nurses’ Community

                                                                                                         NURSING CARE PLAN – Bipolar Disoder
ASSESSMENT          DIAGNOSIS           INFERENCE              PLANNING            INTERVENTION               RATIONALE            EVALUATION
SUBJECTIVE:        Disturbed Sleep    Bipolar disorder      After 8 Hours,      INDEPENDENT                                       After 8 hours of
                   Pattern related    involves periods      Patient will be      Assess past                Sleep patterns      Nursing
“ Hindi na sya     to hyperactivity   of excitability       able to report         patterns of sleep in       are unique to       Interventions, the
makatulog ilang                       (mania)               feeling rested and     normal environment:        each individual.    patient was able
gabi na.” (He’s                       alternating with      show                   amount, bedtime                                to show
having a hard                         periods of            improvement in         rituals, depth,                                improvement in
time sleeping                         depression. The       sleep/rest pattern.    length, positions,                             his sleeping
lately) as                            "mood swings"                                aids, and interfering                          pattern.
verbalized by                         between mania                                agents.
mother.                               and depression                             Document nursing           Often, the
                                      can be very                                  or caregiver               patient’s
                                      abrupt. Mania is                             observations of            perception of the
                                      the signature                                sleeping and               problem may
OBJECTIVE:                            characteristic of                            wakeful behaviors.         differ from
                                      bipolar disorder                             Record number of           objective
   restlessness                      and, depending                               sleep hours. Note          evaluation.
    noted                             on its severity, is                          physical (e.g., noise,
   dark circles                      how the disorder                             pain or discomfort,
    under eyes                        is classified.                               urinary frequency)
   irritability                      People commonly                              and/or psychological
    noted                             experience an                                (e.g., fear, anxiety)
   frequent                          increase in                                  circumstances that
    change of                         energy and a                                 interrupt sleep.
    mood noted                        decreased need                             Instruct patient to        This promotes
                                      for sleep.                                   follow as consistent       regulation of the
   V/S taken as                                                                   a daily schedule for       circadian rhythm,
    follows                                                                        retiring and arising       and reduces the
                                                                                   as possible.               energy required
    T: 36.5˚C                                                                                                 for adaptation to
    P: 54                                                                                                     changes.
    R: 12                                                                         Avoid including in        Gastric digestion
    BP: 110/ 80                                                                    the meal alcohol or        and stimulation
                                                                                   caffeine as well as        from caffeine
                                                                                   heavy meal                 and nicotine can
                                                                                                              disturb sleep.
                                                                                  Increase daytime          This reduces
                                                                                                              stress and
Student Nurses’ Community

                                physical activities as       promotes sleep.

                               Recommend an                To promote
                                environment                  sleep
                                conducive to sleep
                                or rest (e.g., quiet,
                                darkness, closed

                             Administer                  Different drugs
                               sedatives as                are prescribed
                               ordered.                    depending on
                                                           whether the
                                                           patient has
                                                           trouble falling
                                                           asleep or staying

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