Pumpkin at All Saints day by hkksew3563rd


									The preface: With an open look, an open mind to work, creativity is everywhere, both
heaven and earth to be my teacher.
  As a saying goes, life is a stage on which you could show various kinds of
originality to others. From my viewpoint, the life becomes colorful just because of the
help of innovation! I would like to collect some interesting things at my free time, and
here, let me share one of fabulous originality case to you. Inspired by the fantastic and
distinct ideas, I convince that your sense organ will be stimulated to breed new
creative thinking. I am a designer of an amusement park, now and then; I should
search online for some originality that could fresh my mind. And this time, before the
all saints day, I did look for some inspiration. A pumpkin at a Halloween at once
catches all my attention.
  The pumpkin made by some colorful plastic possibly, the volume of it approximately
three times than the real pumpkin, the most fabulous about this pumpkin was the use
of laser beam. You know the pumpkin at all saints day, the celebrating people more
likely to personalize it by gifting i the five sense organs, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.
The genius designer flexibly utilized to exaggerating and terrifying factors to decorate
the pumpkin to create a peculiar air for all Hallowmas day. They set a high power
laser pen into the month of that large pumpkin; its background was a LED blue screen,
a blue laser pointer and a red one also is equipped at the bottom side of screen in the
shape of shuttle back and forth.
  It looks like very common at the daytime. But when the cabbage Night comes, the
party animals crowed together to count down before the amazing party start, the laser
beam pointer at month was shining emitting the many green beams. Don’t ignore the
pointers as the background function, actually, when the red and blue beams mingled,
as if the hell and man’s world melt together instantly, How splendid the flash it is!
More interestingly, it promise the ghost come to you in this way, the mouth of
pumpkin was the door for a ghost t return to the earth again. I have to admit that the
designer was having a special inventive mind. Not only the use of laser beam but also
the color of it, the green, at a very special time, is the symbol of ghost. I can’t express
the true felling of beholding the many strong green beam work at same time, but I can
reliably reform you that even the most niggle person would involve himself to that
festival air.
  Plus: at the time of Halloween, I successful made good use of this originality.
Actually, I bought the laser pointer from retail electronics at very discount prize. The
beam of ghost easily was emitting by a 200mw laser pointer which is the hot cake at
the laser beam market, and I got ten pumpkins in group purchasing way. This
superexcellent inspiration didn’t cost my expense;

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