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									A Guide to
Free Food
and Assistance
Long Island City/Astoria
you can get nutritious food.
Read more to find out about:
Food Stamps • WIC•Summer/School Meals
Senior Meals•Soup Kitchens and Food Pantries
Specialty Services (Shelters, Health Care, etc.)
  Food Stamps
  A Food Stamps card can make you and your
  family stronger with nutritious food. Even if
  you are a working immigrant, there is a good
  chance you are eligible.

  What should I know about
  Food Stamps?
  • You can get food stamps even if you are working,
    but earning low wages.
  • Average food stamp benefits are over $100 per person
    per month, and $200 or more for families (varies
    with income). That means that the average family
    receives more than $2,400 worth of food per year!
  • Food Stamps do not adversely affect immigration status.
  • Food Stamps can be used at farmers’ markets.

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for Food Stamps?
Households have to meet income tests to receive food
stamps. Most households that have income over the
amounts listed below cannot get food stamps.

   People in     Gross monthly*    Maximum
   household      income limits   Benefit Amts.
        1              $1,127            $176
        2              $1,517            $323
        3              $1,907            $463
        4              $2,297            $588
Each additional person + $390 ≈+ approx. $117
are not subject to the gross income test.

If you meet the above income qualifications, it no
longer matters how much money you may or may
not have in countable resources. In other words,
you can now save money for education, a home
purchase, retirement, or other purposes and still
receive food stamps.

Which type of legal immigrants
are eligible for food stamps?
Legal immigrants can often receive food stamps if they:
• Have lived in the country for 5 years; or
• Are receiving disability-related assistance or benefits,
  regardless of entry date; or
• Are children regardless of entry date.

 NYCCAH Street Sheet | Long Island City/Astoria 3
  Certain non-citizens such as those admitted for
  humanitarian reasons and those admitted for permanent
  residence are also eligible for the program. Eligible
  household members can get food stamps even if
  there are other members of the household that are
  not eligible.

  How do I apply for Food Stamps?
  1. Call one of these numbers:
  • Call Sunnyside Community Services at
    718.784.6173 x414, 442, 443 to find out if you’re
    eligible and for help with scheduling an appointment.
  • Call 800.342.3009 to find the Food Stamp office
    nearest you.
  • Call HRA Infoline 877.472.8411 for qualifications,
    guidelines and applications.
  • Call FoodChange 212.894.8060 for detailed
    information, for pre-screening, or for help with
    the process.

  2. Visit your area food stamp office:

  Food Stamp Office – Flushing
  32-20 Northern Blvd, 4th Floor
  718.784.6123, or 6315
  For Zip Codes:
  11001, 11004, 11005, 11096, 11101-11106,
  11109, 11120, 11351, 11352, 11354,
  11375, 11377-11381, 11385, 11386, 11390

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3. Apply at select food pantries and soup kitchens.
If all adults in your household are:
• Over the age of 60; or
• Receive SSI or SSD; or
• You or someone in your household works 20 or more
  hours per week
• And you live in one of the following zip codes of
  Queens: 11001, 11004, 11005, 11096, 11101–11106,
  11109, 11120, 11351, 11352, 11354–11375, 11377–
  11381, 11385, 11386, 11390

First Call Sunnyside Community Services at
718.784.6173 x414, 442, 443 for a phone interview
to determine if you qualify for Food Stamps. If
eligible, you’ll be offered an interview at East River
Development Alliance (ERDA)* in Long Island City,
where you’ll receive help in submitting your application
by computer.You may not need to visit a food stamps
office in person!
*This site is listed on the map as the “POS” office.

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  Summer Meals
  If you are pregnant or have children,
  you can get help for yourself and for your
  baby from the WIC program. Your children
  can get free meals in school and after school,
  as well as during the summer, through the
  School and Summer Meals programs.

  WIC (Women, Infants, & Children)
  Healthy food and formula for mothers and children—
  including immigrants.

  What should I know about WIC?
  • WIC is for low-income pregnant women,
    breast-feeding women, and children up to age five.
  • You can work and still get WIC.
  • You can continue to get welfare or food stamps
    while receiving WIC.
  • Immigrants can get WIC—even if undocumented
    or not a citizen!

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How do I apply for WIC?
1. Call 800.522.5006 for the WIC office
nearest you.

2. Visit your area WIC office:

MHRA - 23rd Street WIC Program
21-34 Broadway
Mon-Fri: 9 AM–4:30 PM

School/Summer Meals
and After-School Programs
Healthy food for every child and teenager in the city,
including immigrants.

What should I know about
School/Summer Meals?
• During the school year, lunch and breakfast are
  served in every public school in New York City. Free
  breakfasts are available to all children regardless of
  income with no paperwork required.
• In June, July and August, breakfast and lunch are
  served for free to all children under 19 at many public
  schools, houses of worship, recreation centers, and
  community centers. For sites near you call 311.

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  Senior Meals
  Food with dignity for older New Yorkers.

  What should I know about
  Senior Meals?
  • Senior centers often offer older people meals
    for a small contribution (50 cents to a dollar).
    The contribution is voluntary—you are not
    required to pay.
  • If you are homebound and cannot cook, senior
    centers can provide home-delivered meals (Meals
    on Wheels) up to seven days a week.
  • For more information about senior meals, call senior
    centers in your community. For centers near you, call
    311. Be prepared
    to give your zip code.

8 NYCCAH Street Sheet | Long Island City/Astoria
Soup Kitchens
To find agencies closest to you with free
prepared meals call the Hunger Hotline at

Call first to confirm schedule.

Food Pantries
Free groceries in your neighborhood.

Some agencies may require a referral; call HRA Hunger Hotline
at 866.888.8777 to learn more or visit one of
the agencies below at the specific days and times. Call first to
confirm schedule.

ACQC Food Pantry
44-61 A 11th St.
ID required for first visit
Mon-Fri: 10 AM–4 PM

Betel of America Food Pantry
26-02 4th St.
ID preferred
Sat: 11 AM–12 PM

 NYCCAH Street Sheet | Long Island City/Astoria 9
  Center of Hope International
  Bread of Life Food Pantry
  38-49 12th St.
  718.784.HOPE or 718.784.4673
  ID preferred
  Tues, Wed, Thurs: 12 PM–3 PM

  Goodwill Feeding Program
  4-21 27th Ave., Apt. 4 N
  Mon & Fri: 4 PM–6 PM

  Hour Children Food Pantry
  36-41 11th St.
  Mon: 2 PM–6 PM, Thurs: 4 PM-7 PM

  NY School of Urban Ministry Food Pantry
  31-65 46th St.
  718.204.6471 x 302
  Fri: 10 AM–11 AM - Please bring ID; if picking up for
  another person, must bring their ID

  Queens North Family Center Food
  23-40 Astoria Blvd.
  Mon–Fri: 9 AM–5 PM
  Open to clients by appointment only.
  In emergency cases recipients will receive food if they
  meet specific eligibility requirements

10 NYCCAH Street Sheet | Long Island City/Astoria
St. Margaret Mary Church Food
9-18 27th Ave.
Tues & Wed: 11 AM, Regular Families
Thurs: 11 AM, Senior Citizens
Call for an appointment

St Rafael RC Church Food Pantry
35-20 Greenpoint Ave.
Thurs: 10:30 AM–12 PM, Sat: 1:30 PM–3 PM

Steinway Child & Family Services
22-15 43rd Ave.
Fri: 10 AM–1 PM

NYCCAH Street Sheet | Long Island City/Astoria 11
  Map of Free Food Sources










12 NYCCAH Street Sheet | Long Island City/Astoria
                          1 BetelofAmericaFoodPantry
                          2 GoodwillFeedingProgram
                          3 St.MargaretMaryChurch
                              Food Pantry
                          4   QueensNorthFamilyCenter
                              Food Pantry
                          5   People’sUnitedMethodist
                              Church Food Pantry
                          6   WIC Office
                          7   HourChildrenFoodPantry
                          8   CenterofHopeInternational
                              Bread of Life Food Pantry
                          9   POS Office*
                         10   ACQC Food Pantry
                         11   Steinway Child & Family
                              Services Food Pantry
                         12   Food Stamp Office –
                              Long Island City/Astoria*
                         13   Salvation Army Astoria
       13 14                  Food Pantry
                         14   New York School of
                         15   St. Rafael R C Church
                              Food Pantry
                         16   LIC Greenmarket
                         17   Astoria Greenmarket
                         18   Sunnyside Greenmarket
                         *Call first to get an appointment.

     NYCCAH Street Sheet | Long Island City/Astoria 13
  Fresh produce sold in your neighborhood

  LIC Greenmarket
  48 Ave. & Vernon Blvd.
  Sun: 8 AM-3 PM, July 12-Nov 22
  Accepts WIC, will accept EBT after July 1

  Astoria Greenmarket
  14 St & 31 Ave.
  Wed: 8 AM-5 PM, July 2-Nov 26
  Accepts WIC, will accept EBT after July 1

  Sunnyside Greenmarket
  Skillman Ave. & 43rd St.
  212.778.7476 Saturdays 8 AM-3 PM, April 5-Dec 20
  Accepts WIC, will accept EBT after July 1

14 NYCCAH Street Sheet | Long Island City/Astoria
Shelters, housing help, etc.

Astoria Blue Feather Headstart Program
27-07 8th St.
Mon–Fri: 8 AM–4 PM

Astoria Community Center
4-05 Astoria Blvd
Mon-Fri: 9:30 AM–5 PM Senior Citizen Program
2 PM–7 PM Children aged 6 to 12
7 PM–10 PM Teenagers

East River Development Alliance
12-11 40th Ave
Mon–Fri: 9 AM–5 PM

The Floating Hospital
41-140 27th St.
Mon–Fri: 9 AM–5 PM
Call for an appointment

NYCCAH Street Sheet | Long Island City/Astoria 15
  Medical Care
  Junction Blvd Health center
  34-33 Junction Blvd. 11372

16 NYCCAH Street Sheet | Long Island City/Astoria

NYCCAH Street Sheet | Long Island City/Astoria 17
  Police/Fire/Ambulance: 9-1-1
  Emergency Shelter: 3-1-1
  AIDS Hotline: 718.452.8682
  AIDS Hotline (Spanish): 800.233.7432
  Alcoholics Anonymous: 212.647.1680
  Battered Women Hotline: 718.499.2151
  Child Abuse Hotline: 800.342.3720
  Crime Victim Hotline: 212.577.7777
  Domestic Violence Hotline: 800.621.4673
  Homeless Hotline: 800.994.6494
  Immigration Hotline: 212.419.3737
  Narcotics Anonymous: 212.929.6262
  Poison Control: 800.222.1222
  Rape Hotline: 212.621.4000
  Runaway Hotline: 800.RUN.AWAY
  Suicide Hotline: 800.273.8255
  Teen Hotline: 800.999.9999

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