Pros and only pros of chocolates by hkksew3563rd


									Chocolate is the best choice when you mother hits you hard with her words or the
boss delivers all his frustration on you. It is so because chocolate is known as an
aphrodisiac product. It means that eating chocolate will make you feel good. This
happens as a result of a particular ingredient called serotonin which when released
into the blood produces a feeling of love, passion and happiness.
  The most preferred and demanded food consumption product is chocolate which
breaks all the barriers of ages. The only difference lies in the fact that the adults prefer
milk chocolates and the hard core chocolate lovers go for dark chocolate. There are
also flavoured chocolates which is taking the lead in today’s times. All the credit goes
to the innovation and experimentation ability of the chocolate makers.
  Kids and young population have their own special purposes and definition of
Philadelphia chocolates. The children’s medicines have the coating of chocolate so
that they eat it keeping the diseases miles away! The young ones are more interested
in finding their soul mates and celebrating happy times with their friends or girl
friends. As everyone knows, chocolates are one of the things girls will never deny.
Although the list is too long, chocolates top it!
  Chocolate is claimed to be the mood changing product. The mood altering chemicals
in the chocolate can make you experience euphoria which may even lead to chocolate
addiction. Things may be good to eat but too much of anything is never good. Always
keep this mind or you will soon be counted in the list of hard core chocoholics.
  Even different studies disputed on the effects of the chocolates. It is blamed for
producing acne and cavities. High blood pressure is also said to be caused by
excessive intake of chocolates. The more recent study of Pennsylvania school of
Medicine and The U.S. Naval Academy has proved all the above said accusations as
false. On the top of that, they have said that the cocoa butter in the chocolate makes a
coating on the tooth to prevent it from forming plague.
  Even the newspaper headlines are in the favour of chocolates. They say that the
chemicals contained in chocolate lower down the risk of heart diseases. That
particular chemical is known as Phenolics. It reduces oxidation which helps in
lowering down that risk.
  Get a Belgian chocolate truffle right now after reading so many assured benefits and

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