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A Publication of Haviland Telephone Company, INC.                                      Vol. 12 Issue 5            May 2010

Abbreviated Dialing
       United Way

                             Directory Assistance

                         *Haviland Telephone Company

                                                       Kansas Highway and
                                                          Weather Info

                                                                                  H             TC
                                                                                  Haviland Telephone Company
                                                                                            Gene Morris ~ President
                                                                                            Haviland Office
   Kansas Relay Center            Dig Safe              Emergency Services
                                                                                         104 N Main, Haviland
                                                                                      620.862.5211 or 800.339.8052
    Did you know that you can call       issues, as well as making measur-              Mark Wade ~ General Manager
into your local service provider by      able changes in the communities              Jayne Thompson ~ Admin. Assistant
dialing only 3 numbers? Abbreviat-       through partnerships with schools,            Millie Hannan ~ Customer Service
                                                                                      Jayci Arredondo ~ Customer Service
ed dialing codes are short 3 digit       government agencies, businesses,              Sandy Erwin ~ Billing Coordinator
numbers that allow access to special     organized labor, financial institu-              Kay Lewis ~ Data Processor
services. While 4-1-1 and 9-1-1 can      tions, community development cor-           Dwight Smitherman ~ C.O. Supervisor
                                                                                   Alvin DeGarmo ~ Construction Supervisor
be dialed from nearly anywhere to        porations,       voluntary        and             Bobby Long ~ Technician
connect you to Directory Assistance      neighborhood associations, the                     Steve Lewis ~ Technician
and Emergency Services respective-       faith community and others.                        Ryan Oren ~ Technician
                                                                                       Sabrina Freeman ~ Plant Secretary
ly, other short codes for dialing vary       The abbreviated dialing number            Lori Larsh ~ Accounting Manager
from place to place. Keep reading        for Directory Assistance is 4-1-1.           Sue Leppert ~ Accounting Assistant
for information on which abbreviat-      Directory Assistance can find spe-              Conway Springs Office
ed dialing codes work within the         cific phone numbers and addresses                   211 W. Spring
Haviland Telephone Company               for businesses and residences. Un-           620.456.2211 or 800.287.7905
                                                                                    Vesta Charbonneau ~ Customer Service
(HTC) service area.                      published numbers and addresses             LaDonna Erker ~ Customer Service
    Dialing 2-1-1 from your landline     are not available through the Direc-          Brent Swingle ~ C.O. Technician
phone will connect you with a local      tory Assistance. Also, there are                Dan King ~ Plant Supervisor
                                                                                          Don Phillips ~ Technician
chapter of United Way located in         charges for placing a call to Directo-            Dan Bender ~ Technician
either Dodge City or Wichita. By         ry Assistance. Usually, the charge                    Office Hours:
contacting United Way you can find       is $.50 per call. These charges are           Monday ~ Friday 8:00AM~5:00PM
                                                                                  Office Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
help for mentoring, after-school pro-    billed on your local phone bill.      
grams, senior care, counseling, food          By dialing 5-1-1 from any land-         For Service After Hours Call:
pantries, disability services and        line or wireless phone in Kansas               Haviland Office ~ 800.339.8052
more. You can also find organiza-        you can learn about road conditions,           Conway Springs ~ 800.287.7905
tions to volunteer for, donate or ad-    construction detours and travel
vocate.                                  weather information for the Kansas
    United Way of America is based       turnpike and any Interstate, US or
in Alexandria Virginia and works         state highway in Kansas and Ne-
with nearly 1,300 local United Way       braska. 5-1-1 should not be con-
offices throughout the country. The      fused with 9-1-1. Any situation
focus of United Way is identifying       requiring police or highway patrol,
and resolving pressing community         fire department, ambulance or other
emergency services must be directed           erator assists with the call, relaying
to 9-1-1.                                     typed and spoken messages from one                    Now Accepting:
    Haviland Telephone Company
can be reached by dialing 6-1-1 on
your landline phone. You can use this
                                              user to the other.
                                                  Dig Safe’s abbreviated dialing
                                              number is 8-1-1. By contacting Dig
                                                                                                Discover Card!
number to contact us to make changes          Safe you can request to have under-                   Haviland Telephone
to your account, report phone troubles        ground lines marked before starting a               Company is pleased to
or with any questions or inquiries you        digging project. Companies with bur-                announce that we now
might have. Dialing 6-1-1 from most           ied lines must have a ticket from Dig
cell phones will direct you to your           Safe before doing any locating.
                                                                                                   accept Discover Card
cell phone provider. Usually you can              Probably the most recognized ab-                payments in addition to
pay your bill, get usage information          breviated dialing number is 9-1-1.                  Visa and Mastercard.
or speak to a customer service repre-         9-1-1 should be used only in emergen-               You can use your card
sentative.                                    cies when police, fire department or an            online, call or stop by the
    The abbreviated dialing number            ambulance is needed. 9-1-1 should                       Haviland Office.
for the Kansas Relay Center is 7-1-1.         NOT be called for information, to re-               There is no fee to pay
The Kansas Relay Center is a commu-           port power outages, pay a ticket or for
nication service that connects people         pet emergencies.
                                                                                                  your bill by credit card.
who are deaf, hard of hearing or                    These services can be accessed                 Sign up for recurring
speech disabled that may use special-         using your landline phone. If you have              credit card payments to
ized telephone equipment to people            any questions or comments please con-               have your bill automati-
who use standard telephones. An op-           tact our office at 6-1-1.                            cally paid each month.
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  7             8                             ‘NEWSLETTER’ page.                           is this possible?
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  5     1 9 6                      4          third is full of lions who haven’t eaten     6. How many 1 foot by 1 foot bricks
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