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					If prom is expected soon then you will be required to do some preparations to get
ready for the most awaited prom day. You can always start prom preparations by
deciding what to wear and what no wear. After deciding the dress you can pick out the
jewelry and take appointment for your hair and tanning sessions. Besides all these
things you can plan your day before prom in a following manner. Always make a
checklist of your appointments for your eyebrows, nails and tanning sessions this will
save your time and you will not have to worry about reaching at the prom on time. A
night before prom make sure that you have tried your prom shoes and prom dress, this
will make your shoes more comfortable at the prom and by wearing the dress,
necessary alterations would be done timely. If you want to add fun to the prom then
you should be planning activities and must be having great ideas. You can plan bunch
of activities with friends and you can also get great ideas from internet as well. It
would be good if you get something to eat few hours before prom otherwise you will
not feel fresh at the prom night. You will also be required to have a little rest at the
afternoon or else you will feel sleepy for up coming long night. Sometimes in hurry
boys and girls forget to take some relevant items along with them to the prom, this
happens due to lack of prom preparation. To avoid such kind of mishaps you can
make a second checklist which must be including all the essential items like cell
phones, prom tickets, lipsticks, wallet or purse and make up kits. Besides all these
things there must be a little amount of cash with you in case of any kind of emergency,
make sure that you do not carry excessive amount of cash. This second prom
preparation checklist must be made a day before prom with a fresh mind. Prom
preparation done with checklist is always helpful for fast checking and you always
keep things in mind and do not forget to take anything required at the prom.

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