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Probiotics Prebiotics - Understanding The Difference


									Although, the emphasis on probiotics prebiotics treatment has been steadily growing
in popularity for the past ten years, it 鈥檚 still rare that you hear people say that they
are treating their stomach condition or illness with probiotics and prebiotics. Instead,
you see so many people that are ready to waste their whole lives fighting over
prebiotics vs probiotics, when in essence the whole problem originates from the
people that are willing to let their bodies deteriorate vs. the people that are willing to
fight for their own right to health.
  Probiotics vs Prebiotics 鈥?Is there a difference?
  In order to understand the probiotics prebiotics dilemma, you 鈥檙 e going to have to
become comfortable with the fact that there are microorganisms at war in your gut at
this very minute.
  - When most people hear the word 鈥渂 acteria 鈥?they automatically assume that
they 鈥檙 e discussing something that 鈥檚 dirty and prone to introducing diseases.
  - The truth is that probiotics vs prebiotics isn 鈥檛 a fight so much as it is a decision
to help reinforce the defense systems that your body already has in place.
  - If you 鈥檙 e struggling with digestive issues and wish that you could help your
body repair itself and absorb the nutrients of the food that you 鈥檙 e eating, then
probiotics prebiotics might be the argument for you.
  Deciding Between Probiotics vs. Prebiotics
  It 鈥檚 important that people who are struggling with the use of probiotics and
prebiotics understand that there is a different purpose for using each type of
supplement. While probiotics are a type of helpful bacteria that you can use to help
improve your digestive health, prebiotics are the beneficial bacteria that mostly come
from the carbohydrate fibers that scientists call oligosaccharides. The fact is that if
you 鈥檙 e truly committed to digestive recovery, it 鈥檚 important to make both
probiotics and prebiotics part of your daily routine.
  Do Probiotics and Prebiotics Have Risks?
  Although you 鈥檙 e probably desperate for something that can improve the way you
feel and digest food, it 鈥檚 likely that you 鈥檝 e heard some side effects when using
probiotic supplements in general. If your taking probiotics for the first time you may
feel gas and bloating for a few days, but after your body gets used to it those side
effects will go away.
  Choosing Probiotics and Prebiotics Supplements
  If you 鈥檝 e decided that you 鈥檇 like to support the health of your digestive tract
and your immune system with probiotics and prebiotics, the most important thing to
do is decide which brand is best for you to use. While many people are taken in with
the imitation brands of probiotics and prebiotics that are offered in discount grocery
stores, some realize that specialty brands with high probiotic bacteria and
multi-probiotic supplements are the only way to ensure that you get the most potent
probiotics and prebiotics at all times.
  Jesse Mooreland is a researcher of probiotics health and probiotic supplements and
regularly contributes to She is a leading authority on
nutrition and digestive health.

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