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PGA Championship Entry Form - ENTRY FORM


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 1-4 DECEMBER 2005
The Cadbury Schweppes Australian PGA Championship is open to all Professional Golfers who are currently financial           j. The Tournament Committee arranges publicity before and during the Championship in the Press, by live and recorded
members of a Professional Golfers’ Association and/or Tour recognised by the PGA of Australia.                                radio and television broadcasting, by filming, and in electronic form. The Competitors assent to references to them
                                                                                                                              and pictures of them in practice and play appearing and being used for commercial purposes by the PGA and
1. Conditions of entry                                                                                                        authorised Tournament Committee. Also, to comply with certain contractual limitations relating to advertising on
                                                                                                                              television, competitors assent that they or their caddies may not without the prior approval of the Tournament
a. The Championship will be governed by the current By Laws and Tournament Rules and Regulations of the PGA of                Committee display any commercial identification on clothing or equipment other than that customarily affixed to and
   Australia. All Players must be current members of the PGA of Australia; eligible non-members will be required to           of the normal size and in the normal position of any such clothing or equipment.
   join the PGA of Australia as a Temporary Member for the week of the Championship (membership application to be
   undertaken at Championship registration).                                                                               k. The decisions of the Tournament Committee shall in all matters be final.

b. The Championship shall be decided by strokes over four rounds of 18 holes in accordance with the Rules of Golf          2. Exemptions
   2004 – 2007 as approved by R & A Rules Ltd, and in accordance with the local rules approved by the Match
   Committee. The PGA TOUR Local Rules and Conditions of Competition as specified on the PGA TOUR Hard Card will            a. The host professional at the venue or, in his stead, his assistant if employed by him for not less than twelve (12)
   also be in effect for the Championship. Players shall be responsible to ensure that their caddies properly wear the        months, and is an Australian PGA Member or National invited trainee.
   caddy uniform for this tournament.                                                                                      b. First three (3) players from the previous Australian PGA Club Pro Championship.
c. In the event of a tie after four rounds the winner shall be decided by a sudden death play-off, the play-off to start   c. The winners in each State of the previous year’s Divisional Order of Merit to 30 October 2005.
   as soon as practicable after the last players have finished their round. The holes of play are to be determined by the
   match committee.                                                                                                        d. The leading Australian from the 2005 Australian PGA Seniors Championship.

d. The Ball: Rule 5-1 Note                                                                                                 e. Five (5) Invitees at the discretion of the PGA of Australia specifically reserved for previous Champions otherwise
                                                                                                                              not exempt.
   The ball the player uses must be named on the current “List of Conforming Golf Balls” issued by the Royal and
   Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.                                                                                       f. Exemptions as per the current Australasian Tour Exemptions 1-14 as advised by PGA Tour of Australasia.

e. Driving Clubs                                                                                                           g. The balance of the field to comprise successful players from the qualifying rounds.

   Driving clubs shall not have a characteristic time greater than 257 milliseconds when measured on a pendulum
   testing apparatus as approved by the R&A Rules Limited - see also Appendix II, 5a of the Rules of Golf. (A list of      3. Pre Qualifying Rounds – 30 spots
   non-conforming clubs is available at www.randa.org under rules equipment section).                                      Should the number of entries exceed the field size, those players not exempt under Clause 2 will be required to attend
f. Players are advised there will be one cut after the first 36 holes with the leading 60 professionals plus ties, being    a pre-qualifying round on Monday 28 November 2005.
   eligible to compete in the final 36 holes.                                                                               The Tournament Committee reserves the right to reduce the total number of pre qualifying spots available at any time
g. The Match Committee reserves the right to arrange and/or alter starting times.                                          prior to the commencement of pre qualifying. All players will be notified by notice at pre qualifying registration of any
                                                                                                                           reduction to the total number of pre qualifying positions available for the Championship.
h. The winner shall be the 2005 PGA Champion and the Championship Trophy shall carry his name and he shall receive
   the Pickworth Medal.                                                                                                    Pre-Qualifying Courses are:
                                                                                                                              Horton Park Golf Club - Maroochydore
i. 156 competitors shall be eligible to compete. In the event of any of these being unable to enter, the field may be          Pelican Waters Golf Club – Pelican Waters
   reduced accordingly.                                                                                                       Noosa Springs Golf Club – Noosa Heads
                                                                                                                              * Note - These Courses are all Soft Spikes Only
   • First round of 18 holes, Thursday 1 December 2005
                                                                                                                           Draw will be available from PGA Australia National Office (02) 9439 8111, Divisional Offices, PGA website (www.pga.
   • Second round of 18 holes, Friday 2 December 2005.
                                                                                                                           org.au) or PGA Tour, two (2) weeks prior to the Pre-Qualifying rounds.
   • The 60 lowest professional scores over the 36 holes and any tying for 60th place shall qualify for the third round
                                                                                                                           All players not exempt at that date will be drawn.
     on Saturday 3 December 2005 and the fourth and final round on Sunday 4 December 2005.
                                                                                                                           National Invited Trainees may enter the qualifying round.
   • The remainder shall be eliminated.
Members of the PGA of Australia are required to complete and return this entry form to: PGA of Australia, PO Box 1314, Crows
Nest, NSW 1585 [or fax entry form with credit card details to the PGA (02) 9439 7888]

Australasian PGA Tour Members (including those who are also members of the PGA of Australia) should NOT enter on this Entry
Form. They should enter the Championship on the official PGA TOUR Entry Form.
Please contact the PGA TOUR on +61 2 9956 0000 or forms can be downloaded from www.pgatour.com.au
Members of Overseas PGA’s or PGA Tours are required to enter via this entry form and return it to: PGA of Australia, PO Box 1314,
Crows Nest, NSW 1585, AUSTRALIA [or fax this entry form with credit card details to the PGA +61 2 9439 7888]
This should be accompanied by evidence of current membership of a PGA/PGA Tour, from which eligibility to enter will
be assessed.

wish to enter for the 2005 Cadbury Schweppes Australian PGA Championship. I enclose $66 (inc GST) entry fee and I agree to the
Championship conditions.

Signed:                                                                                    Date:


Home address:

Golf Club:

Telephone: Home:                                  Work:                                   Mobile:


Membership of PGA of Australia (state which Division):

Membership for Overseas Players (state which PGA):

Membership number:

Exemption category (if applicable):


Cheque for      $                                 enclosed (made payable to PGA Australia)

Please debit    $                                 from my                 Visa           MasterCard           Bankcard

Card number:

Expiry date:                                 Name on card:

Card holders signature:
                                                                               Date         Amount      Cheque/
                                                                             Received:     Received:   CreditCard
                                                             OFFICE USE
ENTRIES CLOSE 5.00pm 10 NOVEMBER 2005                          ONLY

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