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                                 Loans Officer
                Job description and person specification

Purpose of Post

To develop, market, oversee and maintain the PRIME loan processes, ensuring
a steady flow of applicants, accrediting business plans, liaising with applicants
and feeding back to those that do not make the grade, and ensuring they are
posted on the loan dealing site to maximum effect:
To assess the effectiveness of the scheme and make recommendations on
whether a supplementary and more conventional scheme is required.

What we are looking for

We are looking for someone ideally who has some experience in and
understands the community development finance institution market, and is able
to develop administratively effective and efficient processes to meet the needs of
PRIME's clients. You will understand small businesses and be able to develop
schemes for assessing and accrediting business plans, providing outline
feedback to those whose plans are not investment ready. You will enjoy
marketing a radically new type of scheme but, equally, will be able to assess its
failings. If necessary you will be able to develop a conventional CDFI loan
scheme either run through a wholesale scheme or developed in-house.

Reporting to
The Director of Financial Development

PRIME was established in 2000 with the active support of HRH The Prince of
Wales. PRIME is one of the 20 charities of which HRH The Prince of Wales is
President, so PRIME has very close links with Clarence House and the Prince’s
Charities Group (

In 2002 PRIME became a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee wholly
owned by Age Concern England. In November 2005 it acquired linked charity
status with Age Concern England. This status is now being reviewed in the light
of the merger of Age Concern England and Help the Aged.

Since 2002 PRIME has grown considerably. It currently has development and
deliver staff working in 5 regions and nations (North West, Black Country,
Northern Ireland and NE Derbyshire, Doncaster and Sheffield), and has

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experience of working in all of the English regions. PRIME is in continuous
discussions with potential funders to extend its delivery coverage.

PRIME is funded through:
   a grant from Age Concern England (ACE)
   contracts with RDAs and government
   sponsorship (currently Microsoft but with major sponsorship from a large
     corporate pending)
   trusts and foundations
   EU projects

PRIME did run a loan scheme and provided about 90 loans of last resort
amounting to £400,000. It is anxious to re-start this and a loans officer will be
appointed working under the Finance Manager.

The strategic partnership with ACE has proved beneficial. ACE has provided
office space in Norbury, an ICT infra-structure, payroll and pension functions, as
well as a range of other help, support and advice; similar support with premises
has been provided in Belfast by Age Concern Northern Ireland. In return PRIME
helps ACE to fulfil one of its corporate goals, namely "To enable older people to
make a full contribution to our economy, society and neighbourhoods”.

PRIME has been negotiating with, to create a “social lending arm” to
the scheme. Zopa have required a guarantee fund to back the loans partially as
they are working on very tight margins and do not want the social fund to
destabilise the main loan broking business. This loan fund is a radical departure
from conventional CDFIs, since it is capitalised by ordinary lenders reading the
clients plans, rather than by banks lending capital to a CDFI at commercial rates
of interest.

This is a unique opportunity to be involved in a radical new type of loan scheme.

Main areas of responsibility
Developing and refining the administrative processes around the loan fund

In conjunction with the marketing team, creating appropriate loan fund marketing
literature and marketing the loan fund so that PRIME receives an appropriate
level of applications from people aged 50+ who are enterprise ready but who
have been rejected by banks for a loan

Overseeing the flow of loans, accrediting those that are enterprise ready and
providing suitable feedback to those that are not enterprise ready

Liaising with to ensure there is a process for up-loading the plans onto
the zopa site

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Maximising PRIME's advertising reach on zopa with a view to establishing an
income stream

Assessing the effectiveness and inclusiveness of the loan scheme and if
necessary taking a lead role in developing a conventional CDFI scheme

Developing the loan fund to meet targets

Developing PRIME within your sphere of competence as directed by the Chief
Executive and the needs of the organisation

Person Specification
Skills, attributes, experience and qualification

   1. experience in and understanding of loan funds in the CDFI sector

   2. experience or knowledge of small business loans and business plans

   3. an understanding of the business support structures

   4. proven experience of creating effective administrative systems

   5. demonstrable attention to detail

   6. the interpersonal and communication skills to interact and create
      sustained relationships with stake-holders and clients

   7. experience in marketing

   8. the capacity to work to deadlines and targets

   9. the ability to plan, develop, manage and administer sustainable systems

   10. attention to detail and ensure work is completed on time

   11. the ability to contribute to PRIME's strategy and business planning

   12. the interpersonal skills to work in and with a small team and relate
       positively to stakeholders, partners and clients

   13. the drive, initiative and self-management to get things done

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Salary & Outline Conditions

The PRIME Staff Handbook and PRIME’s Conditions of Service details all terms
and conditions of employment. The following serve as an outline

SALARY:                               up to £28,000 inclusive
HOURS OF WORK:                        35 hours per week. (The office core time is
                                      9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.)
TRAVEL                                Some travel and occasional overnight stay.
                                      Normal travel costs are met and time off in
                                      lieu is given to compensate extra working
LOCATION:                             Norbury, SW London
SUPERANNUATION:                       PRIME contributes 5% of salary towards a
                                      stakeholder pension scheme (currently
                                      administered through ACE) and a further 2%
                                      of salary towards a death in service policy
                                      worth four times annual salary.
HOLIDAYS:                             22 working days per year + Bank Holidays +
                                      extra days between Christmas & New Year.
PROBATIONARY PERIOD                   PRIME operates a six month probationary


For more details and application form:

or ring 020 8765 7833

or e-mail

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                                     Chief Executive
                                                                          Director of
    Director of                                                           Financial
    Operations                                                             Develop-

                RDM            Admin-          2 x 0.5       Marketing,             Loans
               NI (+0.5)       istrator       Mentor          Media &               Officer
                                                Co-          Research
                                             ordinators      Manager
          Black Country
                              Admin                                              Pensions
                              Assist                         Marketing            Project
                RDM           (tba) – post                    Officer           Assistant (to
                              Mar 09                                              Mar 09)

          NE Derbys’re

          Trainer (N)              Blue italic       = Remote / home worker
          Trainer (S)              Black font        = HQ based
          (tba)                    RDM               = Regional Development Manager
                                   ADM               = Area Development Manager
                                   ESW               = Enterprise Support Worker
        Doncaster Legi                               = Line management responsibility
                                                     = Overview responsibility
                                                     = Day to day working relationship
        Sheffield Legi

                           PRIME Organisational Chart

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