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New 2009 Marketing Opportunities

•	 New	audience	of	college-decision	influencers                                                                +
                                                  REACH                PRIMARY
•	 Parents	of	prime	college	prospects
                                                              ,        INFLUENCERS
•	 Youth	workers	and	other	trusted	advisors       of College-Bound Christian Teens!
•	 Faith-centered	believers
                                                  With four eagerly read issues each year, the Christianity Today’s Christian College Guide
                                                  focuses on the topics of vital interest to the parents of college-bound high schoolers—
•	 Fans	of	Christian	colleges
                                                  what college will my student attend, how will we pay for it, what will life at college be like, and
                                                  what is a parent’s role in the whole process?
•	 Funders	of	students’	education
                                                  timing for each issue falls into the primary researching and decision-making
                                                  months, when teens and their families are getting serious about the college search and
                                                  application process.

                                                  Rather than couching your message in “teen-speak,” christianity today’s  christian
                                                  college guides provide an exciting opportunity for your school to speak directly to parents
                                                  concerning the issues they care about most.

                                                  A secondary audience for the Guides—both print and electronic formats—are christian
                                                  leaders, pastors, guidance counselors, youth workers and others who influence and
                                                  advise college-bound teens.

                                                  Reach these influential parents and trusted advisors of prime college prospects in the
                                                  pages of Christianity Today’s Christian College Guides!

                                                                                          unique opportunity to reach parents!
                                                                                          Christian parents turn to Christianity Today’s
                                                                                          College Guides for trusted information about
                                                                                          Christian colleges and universities.
targeted editorial content of interest to parents, high school guidance
counselors and others who influence college decisions, plus:

majors matrix All four Christian College Guides include this useful
feature, which displays key majors and course concentrations available
at each school.

college map Shows the geographic location of each school.

directory listing Choosing a College and Paying for College themed
issues—in October and November—include directory pages offering
distinct listings for each school, providing readers with concise
information in one convenient section.

                                                                          TOTAL	REACH	FOR	COLLEGE-CHOICE	INFLUENCERS!

                                                                          CHRISTIANITY	TODAY’S	CHRISTIAN	COLLEGE	GUIDE	FOR	
                                                                          FAMILIES—Get a direct line to the influential parents of prime college
                                                                          prospects. Each issue—August, October, November and December—reaches
                                                                          100,000 families. 30,000 copies of the August and October guides will be dis-
                                                                          tributed at more than 100 National Christian College Fairs (through a special
                                                                          alliance with NACCAP).

                                                                          DIGITAL	CHRISTIAN	COLLEGE	GUIDE—Electronic versions of
                                                                          the same great content will be blasted to 200,000 pastors and church
                                                                          leaders and 200,000 active Christian women, and promoted in over 1.2
                                                                          million e-newsletters to Christian thought leaders. All four issues include
                                                                          live links to your website!

                                                                          TEEN	E-BLASTS to 42,000 teen e-newsletter subscribers! Ninety-four
                                                                          percent of the subscribers to these weekly emails are college-bound teens, who
                                                                          report they use the internet in their college search (83%). Seventy-four percent
                                                                          are considering Christian colleges.

                                                                          TODAY’S	CHRISTIAN	WOMAN—The College Guide for Moms, a
                                                                          special advertising section in the September/October issue, reaches 185,000
                                                                          active, involved Christian women, nearly half of which have children who plan
                                                                          to attend college in the next five years!

                                                                          TCW	E-BLASTS—Reach 200,000 Christian women through a special blast
                                                                          featuring the schools advertising in the September/October “College Guide for
                                                                          Moms” section.

                                                                          CHRISTIANITY	TODAY The CTI flagship publication connects your
                                                                          message with 140,000 Christian thought leaders through its November and
                                                                          March college guides. These influential leaders counsel others, including their
                                                                          own families, about which college/university to attend. E-blasts to this desirable
                                                                          audience will build awareness of the digital College Guides.
                                                     MAXIMIZE	YOUR	MARKETING	DOLLARS
                                                     An integrated marketing mix of traditional and electronic media in your choice of education
                                                     market packages!

                                                     HIGH HONORS This deluxe package includes 4 College Guides, both November & March
                                                     college advertorials in Christianity Today, the September/October College Guide college
                                                     advertorial in Today’s Christian Woman, a one-year package on,
                                                     12 months of online ads and an exlusive targeted eblast.

                                                     OTHER	PACKAGE	OPTIONS—Dean’s List, Honors, Above Average and Audit—have been
                                                     created to provide broad exposure for your school through strategic placement in a variety of
                                                     media channels.

Christianity Today’s
circulation:   100,000                               Four issues move sequentially through the college application process!

                                                     Issue              Space Reservations Close
these must-read publications rank among
the most trusted information sources                 August             May 18
for parents and their students as they make          Features           Parent’s Guide
important college decisions. A powerful venue                           30,000 copies distributed at NACCAP college fairs
to showcase your school, each issue is packed                           FREE Majors Matrix and College Map
with practical advice related to the college
                                                                        Coming soon—specifics on distribution to minority parachurch leaders
experience—especially valuable to moms
                                                                        College Visits Section
and dads who are sending a child off to
college for the very first time. With the            October            July 24
additional electronic distribution of each is-       Features           Choosing a College
sue, the Guides are now promoted to over                                30,000 copies distributed at NACCAP college fairs
700,000 christian thought leaders,                                      FREE Majors Matrix, Programs Listing and College Map
pastors, christian parents and more!
                                                     November           August 24
Parents building a case for choosing distinctively
                                                     Features           Paying for College
Christian higher education place a great value
on this comprehensive college-choice resource.                          FREE Majors Matrix, Financial Aid Listing and College Map

                                                     December           September 4
                                                     Features           Life at College
                                                                        FREE Majors Matrix and College Map
                                                                        Southern Baptist Colleges Advertorial

Reach this desirable audience of parents, students and influential adults through the Christianity Today’s Christian College Guide online
channel—, e-blast opportunities and more! See page 4 or contact your CTI Account Executive for additional op-
portunities and rate information.
                  Christianity Today’s

PRINT	ADVERTISING	RATES                                        	
                                                                         Package	Pricing
                                       Open	                  Open       Package	                             Annual	      Billed	Quarterly
Ad	Size	                          4/C	&	2/C*	                 B&W        Integrated Marketing                 $2,500                 $625
Full Page                             $7,036                $6,191       Ala Carte                              3,000                     750
2/3 Page                               6,015                  5,294      Individual school pages on both and
1/2 Page (Vertical)                    5,066                  4,458 are designed to highlight your school’s
                                                                         important information, including a brief description, important dates,
1/2 Page (Horizontal)                  5,066                  4,458
                                                                         majors/programs offered, tuition, room and board costs, athletics and
1/3 Page                               3,554                  3,127      more. Contact your CTI Account Executive for details.
1/6 Page                               2,157                  1,897
1/2-Page Spread                        8,513                  7,492      Digital	College	Guides
2-Page Spread                         11,398                10,030       Included with each ad placement in printed Guides. Blasted to
*Applies to 2/C match and ROP                                            400,000 parents, pastors and active Christian women, and promoted
                                                                         through multiple channels in over 1.2 million e-newsletters to
Covers                                                                   Christian thought leaders.
Back Cover                            $9,216
Inside Front                           8,918
                                                                         Email	and	Online	Options
Inside Back                            8,590
                                                                         Reach parents, teens and other targeted audiences through electronic
                                                                         ad placements in CTI’s growing family of email newsletters and
Pre-Printed	Inserts
                                                                         web channels. See Online Channels at, or
Bind-in Card                          $6,186
                                                                         contact your CTI Account Executive for more information.
2-Page Bind-in                         7,656
4-Page Bind-in                        12,248

Rates listed are gross. Fifteen percent (15%) agency discount applies.

Discounts apply at various volume levels. Please refer to
the Volume Discount Schedule, or contact your CTI
Account Executive at 630-260-6202.

Contact your CTI Account Executive for more information on
expanded marketing opportunities for colleges and universities
through budget-friendly package options.

       / 465 Gundersen Drive, Carol Stream, il 60188 / 630.260.6202

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