“The Aesthetic Dilemmas of Writing Fiction”

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					 “The Aesthetic Dilemmas
    of Writing Fiction”
                           a talk by novelist

                         Ch’oe Yun
          in Korean
    with English translation

         5:00 pm
     28 October 2009

     Linnett Room
    Robinson College

Ch'oe Yun, born in 1953, is a writer of formidable intellect and stylistic
versatility. She was the winner of the 1997 Yi Sang Literary Award for the
short story, “The Last of Hanako.” She makes inventive use of many of the
modern fictional techniques in her writing, such as mixing fantasy with reality,
parallel time structure, and multiple versions of an episode. Her novella,
"There A Petal Silently Falls," is considered to be one of the finest stories
depicting the devastation wrought by the Kwangju massacre of May 1980.