Precautionary Measures before Taking Carisoprodol

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					It has long been known that Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxant widely used by athletes,
heavy duty workers, and whoever who is experiencing serious muscle strains and
cramps. It has a sedative effect and thus your contracted and strained muscles are
relaxed. Although Carisoprodol is not really that controversial when it comes to side
effects, we still need to take extra precautionary measures before taking the said pill.
  鈥 ?Do not use Soma muscle relaxants if you are allergic to Carisoprodol,
Meprobamate, or if you have bouts of Porphyria, hereditary Coproporphyria,
congenital erythropoietic porphyria, or Erythropoietic protoporphyria. 鈥?Tell your
doctor if you are allergic to any drug for that matter. 鈥?Tell your doctor if you have
histories of epilepsy, convulsions or any seizure disorder, liver disease, or kidney
disease. If you have these, your doctor may perform tests and other measures in order
for him to properly and safely prescribe Soma muscle relaxant for you.
鈥?Carisoprodol may be drug prone to abuse and may be habit-forming, so people
with histories of drug addiction and suicidal tendencies may need to be closely
monitored by a health professional or perhaps may not be allowed to have
Carisoprodol. 鈥?Also tell your doctor if you are planning to be pregnant, already
pregnant or breastfeeding since there had been reports of possible harm of
Carisoprodol to unborn babies. Although there had been no reports and further
evidence that the drug may be passed on while breastfeeding, but it would be
advisable that you tell your doctor. 鈥?Do not self medicate or recommend this
product to someone else. You are also not to alter or change your dosage, either you
increase or minimize it. You need to follow the exact prescription given by your
doctor. This pill is also not to be given to children below twelve years old. 鈥?This
pill may have a sedative effect, so one should not drive, or operate in any form or
machinery which requires you to be alert, especially if it is your first time of taking
the pill. 鈥?Refrain from alcohol and nicotine when taking Soma muscle relaxants.
鈥?You need to talk to your doctor if you plan to stop taking Carisoprodol because of
its withrawal effects, especially if you have been taking the pill for quite some time
already. Your doctor may gradually decrease your dosage until your body adjusts.
As a final note, the word of your doctor would still prevail. Remember to always
consult your doctor if you have questions about the pill, and if you have any
undocumented side effects, you need to speak to your doctor immediately. With
proper guidance and procedure, Soma is still the best pill to alleviate any
muscoskeletal problems.
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