Prayen Puppies by hkksew3563rd


									Created by Denise Sumotzy, Prayen Puppies is a non-profit organization which
features a collection of inspirational prayers with beautiful puppy background images.
  Purpose: Customers receive a FREE 18x24 inspirational picture just by donating to
the Hope for Children Project - which provides encouraging books & audio CD's to
sick children in hospitals. At the very core of the project is the book & audio CD
entitled, Flowers for My Best Friend.
  Book synopsis: Flowers for My Best Friend is a story about friendship between a
little girl named Bailey, and her friend Cyriss. After going to the hospital to visit
Cyriss, who is suffering from an ugly illness, Bailey has a wonderful idea on how she
could raise money for children all over the world who are suffering from ugly
illnesses. All ages.
  Book description: 8x10, full color, coloring pages inside, audio CD inside
  How to order: Book available EXCLUSIVELY online at
  How to receive FREE gift with donation: To receive your FREE gift, visit the
author's website at

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