Lesson 01 Getting Started with Excel

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Lesson 01 Getting Started with Excel

1.   Where is the address of the active cell displayed?

     A.     Row heading
     B.     Status bar
     C.     Name Box
     D.     Formula bar

2.   Where does the filename appear after saving a workbook with a new name?

     A.     Status bar
     B.     Formula bar
     C.     Ribbon
     D.     Title bar

3.   What does the [Ctrl]+[Home] key combination do?

     A.     Moves the insertion point to the beginning of the current row
     B.     Moves the insertion point to cell XFD256
     C.     Moves the insertion point to cell A1
     D.     Moves the insertion point to the previous worksheet

4.   Which command allows you to reverse an Undo command?

     A.     Redo
     B.     Repeat
     C.     Reset
     D.     Reverse

5.   What toolbar includes buttons for frequently used commands?

     A.     QuickBar
     B.     Microsoft Office
     C.     Quick Access
     D.     Ribbon Bar

6.   What key when pressed starts Edit mode?

     A.     [F1]
     B.     [F2]
     C.     [F3]
     D.     [F4]
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Lesson 02 Creating a Workbook

7.    Which key combination opens the Format Cells dialog box?

      A.     [Ctrl]+[1]
      B.     [Ctrl]+[2]
      C.     [Ctrl]+[3]
      D.     [Ctrl]+[4]

8.    What is included in a cell range address?

      A.     Upper-left cell address, a colon, and top-right cell address
      B.     Upper-left cell address, a semicolon, and top-right cell address
      C.     Upper-left cell address, a colon, and bottom-right cell address
      D.     Upper-left cell address, a semicolon, and bottom-right cell address

9.    How can you change column width?

      A.     Drag the bottom border.
      B.     Double-click the bottom border.
      C.     Double-click the right border.
      D.     Drag the top border.

10.   What is included in a document theme?

      A.     Fonts, colors, and effects
      B.     Styles, colors, and values
      C.     Fonts, images, and shapes
      D.     Styles, effects, and images

11.   What term describes a built-in formula?

      A.     Expression
      B.     Exponent
      C.     Function
      D.     Operation

12.   What key allows you to select non-contiguous cells on the worksheet?

      A.     [Alt]
      B.     [Ctrl]
      C.     [Shift]
      D.     [Home]
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Lesson 03 Using Editing and Style Tools

13.   How does the Error Checking Options button look?

      A.     Exclamation point within a diamond
      B.     Question mark within a diamond
      C.     Question mark within a rectangle
      D.     Exclamation mark within a rectangle

14.   Which wildcard character represents any number of characters?

      A.     *
      B.     ?
      C.     !
      D.     &

15.   A cell style can include which of the following?

      A.     Light, medium, and dark row
      B.     Font, border, alignment, and fill
      C.     Portrait and landscape layouts
      D.     Find and replace formats

16.   Which of the following does not appear as a result of ?n being keyed in the Find what

      A.     An
      B.     Ns
      C.     In
      D.     2n

17.   Which Excel feature changes "hte" to "the" automatically?

      A.     AutoCorrect
      B.     AutoFormat
      C.     Error Checking
      D.     AutoFill

18.   What code represents the current date in a header or footer?

      A.     &[Today]
      B.     &[Now]
      C.     &[Date]
      D.     &[Current]
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Lesson 04 Exploring Home Tab Commands

19.   How is the window arranged in this workbook?

      A.     Tiled
      B.     Split
      C.     Frozen
      D.     Stacked

20.   What command moves data away from the cell's edge for better readability of values and

      A.     Align
      B.     Indent
      C.     Wrap
      D.     Move

21.   Which button on the View tab freezes rows in a worksheet?

      A.     Freeze Panes
      B.     Freeze Rows
      C.     Freeze All
      D.     Freeze Here
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22.   How can you insert three new rows in a worksheet?

      A.     Drag across three row headings, right-click any heading, and choose Insert.
      B.     Right-click a row heading, choose Insert, and key 3.
      C.     Click anywhere in the row, click the Insert button, choose Rows, and key 3.
      D.     Right-click anywhere in the row, choose Insert, and choose 3.

23.   What is true about hidden rows in a worksheet?

      A.     They print with the worksheet.
      B.     They cause formulas to update without the rows.
      C.     They are included in formulas that include the row.
      D.     They change the results in formulas in all columns.

24.   What makes a drag-and-drop task a copy instead of a cut?

      A.     Hold down [Alt]
      B.     Hold down [Ctrl]
      C.     Hold down [Home]
      D.     Hold down [Shift]

Lesson 05 Exploring             Formulas Basics

25.   Which of these cell references is absolute?

      A.     A1
      B.     $A$1
      C.     $A1
      D.     A$1

26.   Which two commands are data visualizations?

      A.     Absolute and mixed references
      B.     Order of preference and math operators
      C.     Backgrounds and foregrounds
      D.     Color scales and data bars

27.   What can you use to control the order of operation in a formula?

      A.     * Asterisk
      B.     + Plus sign
      C.     ( ) Parentheses
      D.     & Ampersand
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28.   When a formula is copied, which type of cell reference adjusts to the new location?

      A.     Mixed
      B.     Merged
      C.     Absolute
      D.     Relative

29.   What is the result of this formula: =1+2*3-1?

      A.     4
      B.     6
      C.     8
      D.     10

30.   Why might you display the actual formulas in a worksheet instead of the results?

      A.     They provided documentation of the work.
      B.     They fit in narrow columns.
      C.     They rotate in and out of view as the worksheet is scrolled.
      D.     They cannot be deleted.

Lesson 06 Working with Functions

31.   Which function might display different results on three different computers?

      A.     TODAY()
      B.     SUM
      C.     SUMIF
      D.     TRUNC

32.   What would be the result of =MAX(A1,B2,C1:C2), if A1=10, B2=20, C1=10 and

      A.     30
      B.     10
      C.     20
      D.     70

33.   Which function tallies all cells in a range whether the cell has a value or a label?

      A.     COUNT
      B.     SUMA
      C.     COUNTA
      D.     TOTAL
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34.   What statement describes this function: =SUMIF(D7:D14, ">1")?

      A.       It adds the values in cells D7:D14 if the value is greater than 1.
      B.       It adds all the negative values in cells D7:D14.
      C.       If the value in a cell is greater than 1, it is added to the other values in column D.
      D.       If the value in a cell is greater than 1, the range D7:D14 is placed on a summary

35.   Why might you want to group worksheets?

      A.       To view each one separately
      B.       To format them all the same way
      C.       To add labels particular to each sheet
      D.       To apply a group template

36.   In Excel's serial date system, what date is counted as 1?

      A.       January 1, 1900
      B.       January 1, 1990
      C.       January 1, 1999
      D.       January 1, 2000

Lesson 07 Using Logical and Financial Functions

37.   Which one of the following relational operators represents "Not equal to"?

      A.       <>
      B.       =
      C.       <<
      D.       >>

38.   In which view does a page break appear as a black dashed line on the screen?

      A.       Normal
      B.       Page Break Preview
      C.       Page Layout
      D.       Custom

39.   What is a print title?

      A.       A header added to the worksheet with a main label
      B.       Column and/or row labels that repeat on each page
      C.       An automatic header added by the printer for each page
      D.       The name assigned to the job in the print queue
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40.   Except for IF and IFERROR, what results from a logical function?

      A.     YES and NO
      B.     TRUE and FALSE
      C.     Calculated value
      D.     Arithmetic value


41.   What would appear as the result for this function if cell C5=60?

      A.     60
      B.     120
      C.     100
      D.     OK

42.   What cell style returns a label to the default format settings for the Office document

      A.     Mine
      B.     Normal
      C.     Office
      D.     Regular

Lesson 08 Rounding and Nesting Functions

43.   If a cell contains =ROUND(3.4567,2), what value would be used in a formula that refers
      to that cell?

      A.     3.45
      B.     3.46
      C.     3.457
      D.     3.4567

44.   If you key 1.2385 and format the cell for two decimal places, what will be displayed in
      the formula bar?

      A.     1.2
      B.     1.23
      C.     1.24
      D.     1.2385
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45.   Which button would provide a way to highlight lowest sales figures on a worksheet?

      A.     Format
      B.     Conditional Formatting
      C.     Top/Bottom
      D.     Cell Styles

46.   What results from subtracting your birth date from today's date?

      A.     Your age
      B.     A serial number
      C.     The date of your birthday
      D.     The date of your birthday next year

47.   To convert days to years, what number is the divisor if you account for leap years?

      A.     360
      B.     30
      C.     365.25
      D.     366

48.   Which Top/Bottom conditional formatting option was used to format the value range?

      A.     Top 10 Items
      B.     Bottom 10 Items
      C.     Average 10 Items
      D.     Below Average Items

Lesson 09 Building Charts

49.   Which type of chart is limited to one data series and compares each part of a whole?

      A.     Bar
      B.     Pie
      C.     Column
      D.     Radar
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50.   What are the gridline options for a chart?

      A.     Major and minor vertical and horizontal
      B.     Thick and thin single and double
      C.     Solid and dashed vertical and horizontal
      D.     Major and minor single and double

51.   What happens in the chart when underlying data is changed?

      A.     A wizard starts to update the chart.
      B.     Sizing handles appear to resize the chart.
      C.     The chart updates automatically.
      D.     A message box asks for confirmation.

52.   What is one purpose of the Selection and Visibility pane?

      A.     To select individual objects in the chart
      B.     To display/hide objects in the worksheet
      C.     To show/hide worksheet and chart tabs
      D.     To select charts on each sheet in the workbook

53.   What two chart types are used in the chart?

      A.     Line and area
      B.     Bar and area
      C.     Area and column
      D.     Column and background
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54.   What is the category axis in this chart?

      A.     Country/province names
      B.     Unit values
      C.     Dollar values
      D.     Column heights and area

Lesson 10 Inserting Shapes

55.   What is the draw layer?

      A.     Cover sheet for the workbook with filename and size
      B.     Transparent working area on top of a worksheet
      C.     Invisible worksheet for layering comments and objects
      D.     Bottom layer in the worksheet stack

56.   In what column is there a comment?

      A.     Column I
      B.     Column J
      C.     Column K
      D.     Column L
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57.   What are the small round or rectangle shapes at the corners and along the edges of a

      A.     Adjustment handles
      B.     Grouping handles
      C.     Rotation handles
      D.     Selection handles

58.   What does the Document Inspector find?

      A.     Shapes, charts, and objects
      B.     Comments, properties, and hidden sheets
      C.     Comments, shapes, and protected sheets
      D.     Shapes, properties, and objects

59.   Which of the following means that a shape's outline and fill can be edited?

      A.     Solid line boundary
      B.     Dotted pattern boundary
      C.     Diagonal line boundary
      D.     Hollow line boundary

60.   If a cell has a comment that is currently not visible, how can you display it?

      A.     Hover over the cell.
      B.     Click the adjacent cell.
      C.     Press [Ctrl]+[1].
      D.     Click the View Comments button.

Lesson 11 Using Images and SmartArt Graphics

61.   What is text or an image that appears behind the data?

      A.     Foremark
      B.     Transmark
      C.     Waterset
      D.     Watermark

62.   How can you simulate a watermark in Excel?

      A.     Place it in the Document Information Panel.
      B.     Insert it the Properties dialog box.
      C.     Place it in a header or footer.
      D.     Insert it in the Document Inspector.
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63.   What type of SmartArt Graphic is used in this worksheet?

      A.     Hierarchy
      B.     Relationship
      C.     Matrix
      D.     Pyramid

64.   hat term describes a picture that has been resized by a percentage?

      A.     Cropped
      B.     Flipped
      C.     Stretched
      D.     Scaled

65.   Which task allows you to hide part of a picture?

      A.     Cropping
      B.     Flipping
      C.     Scaling
      D.     Stretching

66.   What button in the Text group should you click to insert an accented character such as ç?

      A.     Character
      B.     Insert
      C.     Symbol
      D.     Translate
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Lesson 12 Using 3-D References

67.    Which of these formulas is a 3-D reference?

       A.       =SUM($B$3:$F$3)
       B.       =Sheet2!B7
       C.       =Jan+Feb+Mar
       D.       =([Book1]:Sheet1!)

68.    What is one method to create a 3-D reference?

      A.    Double-clicking each worksheet tab.
      B.    Dragging and dropping one worksheet to the other.
      C.    Clicking the cell(s) in the appropriate worksheet(s).
      D.    Right-clicking any worksheet tab and choosing Insert Reference.

69.    Why use a digital signature for a workbook?

      A.    It provides a preview of the worksheet before it is opened.
      B.    It allows the workbook to be e-mailed.
      C.    It allows for the data to be compressed.
      D.    It provides a basic security measure for shared work.

70.    What key(s) completes an entry and keeps the insertion point in the current cell?

      A.    [Enter]
      B.    [Alt]+[Enter]
      C.    [Ctrl]+[Enter]
      D.    [Shift]+[Enter]

71.    Which of the following best describes a 3-D reference?

       A.       A formula that refers to cells in another part of the same worksheet.
       B.       A formula that refers to cells in another worksheet in the same workbook.
       C.       A formula that refers to workbooks in another folder.
       D.       A formula that refers to worksheets in another workbook.

72.    Which of the following is true about a document that is marked as final?

       A.       It cannot be viewed.
       B.       It cannot be opened.
       C.       It cannot be edited.
       D.       It cannot be resaved.
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Lesson 13 Working with Tables

73.   Which of the following describes a single category of information in a table?

      A.     Field
      B.     Header
      C.     Record
      D.     Row

74.   Which Excel feature defines criteria or specifications for displaying data in a table?

      A.     Arranging
      B.     Filtering
      C.     Organizing
      D.     Sorting

75.   Which term describes the first row of labels in an Excel table?

      A.     Banded row
      B.     Header row
      C.     Setup row
      D.     Criteria row

76.   What is the primary sort field for this Sort command?

      A.     Last Name
      B.     First Name
      C.     Values
      D.     A to Z
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77.   Where are several variations of table colors and border designs displayed?

      A.     Live Preview gallery
      B.     Table Format dialog box
      C.     Table Styles gallery
      D.     View Tables dialog box

78.   Which of the following is not included in a custom view for a workbook?

      A.     Column widths
      B.     Active cell, row, and column
      C.     Folder name
      D.     Active sheet

Lesson 14 Using Named Ranges and Structured References

79.   How can you use the Name Box to navigate in a worksheet?

      A.     Key the range name and press [Enter].
      B.     Click the arrow and choose the range name.
      C.     Right-click the Name Box and choose Go To.
      D.     Click the arrow and key the range name.

80.   Which of the following is a structured reference?

      A.     #ALL
      B.     #NAME?
      C.     Print_Area
      D.     =A4
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81.   What does this dialog box display?

      A.     Cells with formulas in the workbook
      B.     Range names used in the workbook
      C.     Header row labels from the workbook
      D.     Cell ranges scoped to workbook properties

82.   What term describes a cell address in a formula that refers to itself?

      A.     Circular reference
      B.     Self reference
      C.     Sequence reference
      D.     Circumference reference

83.   Which command changes a columnar cell range into a row range?

      A.     Arrange
      B.     Rearrange
      C.     Select
      D.     Transpose
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84.   What determines where a range name can be used?

      A.      The number of cells
      B.      The number of sheets
      C.      Its scope
      D.      Its references

Lesson 15 Using Auditing Tools

85.   What is a valid assumption about Chocolate in the Value box in this function?

      A.   It is a range name.
      B.   It includes the same value as cell B9.
      C.   It is on a different sheet in the workbook.
      D.   It includes 12 cells.

86.   What is data validation?

      A.   Process that validates the data signature
      B.   Process that validates data authenticity
      C.   Process that compares data to function arguments
      D.   Process that compares data to set conditions

87.   Which error value is displayed if =B30/0 is keyed into a cell?

      A.   #DIV/0
      B.   #N/A
      C.   #NAME?
      D.   #NULL!
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88.   Which dialog box provides a way to check each part of a formula?

      A.   Data Validation
      B.   Evaluate Formula
      C.   Go To Special
      D.   Watch Window

89.   What term describes the practice of examining a worksheet for accuracy?

      A.   Data validation
      B.   Proofreading
      C.   Auditing
      D.   Consolidation

90.   Which button opens multiple windows of the same workbook?

      A.   Arrange All
      B.   New Window
      C.   New Pane
      D.   Watch Window

Lesson 16 Using What-If Analysis

91.   Which command has displayed this dialog box?

      A.   Goal Seek
      B.   Solver
      C.   Trendline
      D.   Scenarios
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92.   Which cells might be changed to reach the target value?

      A.   F14
      B.   B6 and D6
      C.   B6:E6
      D.   B6, D6, and F14

93.   Why are there options for setting how workbooks with macros are opened?

      A.   Macros are read-only routines.
      B.   Macros might have viruses.
      C.   Macros use Visual Basic commands.
      D.   Macros are hidden files.

94.   What is a scenario summary report?

      A.   A formatted description of each scenario on a separate worksheet
      B.   A formatted defined range of Solver and Goal Seek solutions
      C.   A worksheet with a separate thumbnail for each formula
      D.   A worksheet with separate macros for each scenario

95.   If the problem is to determine how many units should be sold to reach a certain profit,
      which tool can be used?

      A.   Goal Seek
      B.   Scenario
      C.   Trendline
      D.   Highlight Rules

96.   What is already known when backsolving is used?

      A.   Arguments
      B.   Parameters
      C.   Results
      D.   Values

Lesson 17 Consolidating and Linking Workbook

97.    Which of the following is an external reference to the Sales sheet in the Oregon

      A.   C:\Oregon.xlsx\Sales: $B$6
      B.   '[Oregon]'Sales:$B$6
      C.   '[Oregon]Sales'!$B$6
      D.   [C:\Oregon.xlsx\Sales: $B$6]
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98.    Which term describes the process of combining and summarizing data from multiple

       A.   Analysis
       B.   Auditing
       C.   Consolidation
       D.   Summarization

99.    How many worksheets are being consolidated?

       A.   1
       B.   3
       C.   4
       D.   Unable to determine

100.   Which of the following is a worksheet that can be set to only display totals?

       A.   Dependent
       B.   Outline
       C.   Source
       D.   Workspace

101.   Which type of worksheet can display and hide details?

       A.   Detail
       B.   Link
       C.   Outline
       D.   Summary
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102.   Why does a security message panel open when you open a dependent workbook?

       A.   Automatic updates are disabled.
       B.   All links are broken.
       C.   All formulas have been hidden.
       D.   All data has been deleted.

Lesson 18 Using External Data Sources

103.   What task describes the process of copying information from Excel to another program?

       A.   Exporting
       B.   Formatting
       C.   Importing
       D.   Reviewing

104.   What type of file holds unformatted or raw data?

       A.   Access database
       B.   Excel worksheet
       C.   Text file
       D.   Properties file

105.   When getting Access data for use in Excel, what objects are listed in the Query Wizard
       dialog box?

       A.   Delimiters and columns
       B.   Filters and macros
       C.   Queries and tables
       D.   XML data and lists

106.   Which of the following format codes would display *24 in the cell?

       A.   *00
       B.   "*"00
       C.   "*00"
       D.   "*"00"

107.   What are Smart Tags?

       A.   A character that separates text
       B.   A character enclosed in quotation marks
       C.   An intelligent format code
       D.   A marker for a data type
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108.   Which file format is commonly used on Web pages?

       A.   Customs
       B.   HTML
       C.   DOCX
       D.   Text

Lesson 19 Exploring List Ranges

109.   What terms describes a subset of data from a list range?

       A.   PivotTable
       B.   Filter
       C.   Output
       D.   Criteria

110.   How many outline levels are present in this worksheet?

       A.   1
       B.   3
       C.   9
       D.   12

111.   To copy the results of an advanced filter to another location, what must you create first?

       A.   Setup range
       B.   Output range
       C.   Range name
       D.   Wildcard range
                               STUDY GUIDE FINAL TEST

112.   What is the proper syntax for a database function?

       A.   FunctionName(Field, Criteria)
       B.   FunctionName(Field, ListName, Criteria)
       C.   FunctionName(ListName, Field, Criteria)
       D.   FunctionName(Field, Criteria, ListName)

113.   Which of the following functions is a database function?

       A.   DSUM
       B.   DGLAZE
       C.   DPART
       D.   DGROUP

114.   Which two commands result in an outline?

       A.   Consolidate and Subtotal
       B.   Filter and Consolidate
       C.   Filter and Subtotal
       D.   Group and Subtotal

Lesson 20 Using Data Tables and PivotTables

115.   What is the best way to illustrate profit ranges as the selling price is adjusted?

       A.   One-variable data table
       B.   Two-variable data table
       C.   Three-variable data table
       D.   PivotTable and associated chart

116.   What should you include when you select a data table range?

       A.   The formula(s) and all input values
       B.   The formula(s) and the input cell
       C.   The input cell and all input values
       D.   The formula(s), the input cell, and all input values

117.   How is an array formula identified in the formula bar?

       A.   Chevron braces <>
       B.   Curly braces {}
       C.   Parentheses ()
       D.   Square brackets []
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118.   Why are PivotTables considered interactive?

       A.   They allow you to add dynamic data.
       B.   They allow you to rearrange row and column data.
       C.   They allow you to generate e-mail enabled reports.
       D.   They allow you to print the reports with various settings.

119.   What should you do if you change data in the list range used for a PivotTable?

       A.   Click the Reset button.
       B.   Click the Update button.
       C.   Click the Refresh button.
       D.   Click the PivotTable button.

120.   From the PivotTable Field List pane, how can you remove a field from the PivotTable?

       A.   Right-click the field name and choose Delete.
       B.   Drag the field name into the Trash Can.
       C.   Click to show the check mark for the field.
       D.   Click to remove the check mark for the field.
Lesson 21 Working with Macros

121.   Which of these workbooks might contain a macro?

       A.   Sales.xlsx
       B.   Sales.xltx
       C.   Sales.xlsm
       D.   Sales.xlsb

122.   What is a macro?

       A.   Series of command buttons that run as a file is opened
       B.   Sequence of commands and keystrokes that perform a task
       C.   Sequence of labels coded in Visual Basic
       D.   Series of formatting tasks performed automatically

123.   Which of these statements about macros is false?

       A.   Macros are stored in workbooks.
       B.   Macro security is set in the Trust Center.
       C.   A macro can be recorded with absolute or relative references.
       D.   A macro can be edited like any worksheet.

124.   What does the acronym VBA represent?

       A.   Visual Basic for All
       B.   Visual Basic for Applications
       C.   Visual Basic Analysis
       D.   Virtual Basic for Applications
125.   Which line in the macro positions the insertion point?

       A.   Line 2
       B.   Line 4
       C.   Line 6
       D.   Line 8

126.   What is the name of the macro?

       A.   Susan Dee
       B.   CompanyName
       C.   Sub CompanyName()
       D.   Ctrl+Shift+N

127.   Which line represents a blank line in the code for easier reading?

       A.   Line 1
       B.   Line 3
       C.   Line 5
       D.   Line 9

128.   What three windows can be displayed in the Visual Basic Editor?

       A.   Project Explorer, Properties, and Code
       B.   Property Explorer, Projects, and Modules
       C.   Modules, Explorer, and Code
       D.   Project Explorer, Property Explorer, and Code

129.   If Excel disables and notifies you about a macro, how can you enable the macro?

       A.   Click the option on the View tab.
       B.   Click the Macros button on the Developer tab.
       C.   Click the option in the security message panel.
       D.   Close and reopen the workbook exclusively.
130.   What does this macro do?

       A.   Selects the California label
       B.   Copies a worksheet before the active sheet
       C.   Copies a worksheet after the active sheet
       D.   Selects and copies the California rows

131.   How many lines in the macro are comments?

       A.   2
       B.   4
       C.   6
       D.   8

132.   What keys would you press to run this macro?

       A.   [C]
       B.   [Ctrl]+[C]
       C.   [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[C]
       D.   [Shift]+[C]

133.   From what dialog box can you display the Developer command tab?

       A.   Excel Code
       B.   Visual Basic
       C.   Excel Options
       D.   Microsoft Office

134.   What is a button?

       A.   A sequence of commands and/or keystrokes when clicked
       B.   A form control that performs a task when clicked
       C.   A property setting in the macro code
       D.   A worksheet object that calculates a result when clicked

135.   What is the filename extension for a workbook with a macro?

       A.   xlsb
       B.   xlsx
       C.   xlmx
       D.   xlsm

136.   Which keyboard shortcut opens the Visual Basic Editor?

       A.   [Alt]+[F3]
       B.   [Alt]+[F7]
       C.   [Alt]+[F11]
       D.   [Alt]+[F12]
137.   What is recorded if you record a macro with relative references?

       A.   All pointer movement commands
       B.   All cell addresses
       C.   All ending cell addresses
       D.   All beginning pointer positions

138.   If a macro must always start in cell B5 on a worksheet, what should you do?

       A.   Record it with relative references.
       B.   Record it with absolute references.
       C.   Record it with relative comments.
       D.   Record it with absolute comments.

139.   Which command ends a subroutine macro?

       A.   End
       B.   End Macro
       C.   End Sub
       D.   End Subroutine

140.   Why should you not use [Ctrl]+[P] as a macro shortcut?

       A.   It would override using an uppercase "P" in a label.
       B.   It would override the Print command shortcut.
       C.   It would only print the macro.
       D.   It would open a dialog box first for confirmation.

141.   If you have not displayed the Developer command tab, how can you stop recording a

       A.   Click the Stop Recording button on the View tab.
       B.   Click the Stop Recording button on the Developer tab.
       C.   Click the Stop Recording button on the status bar.
       D.   Click the Stop Recording button in the Ribbon.

142.   Which of these statements about a macro recorded with absolute references is false?

       A.   Cell addresses are recorded as part of the macro.
       B.   Pointer movement is not recorded.
       C.   Positioning commands are recorded.
       D.   The Use Relative References button was inactive during recording.

143.   What dialog box opens after you draw a button control?

       A.   Assign Button
       B.   Assign Macro
       C.   Insert Macro
       D.   Insert Code
144.   Why are you able to set security settings for workbooks with macros?

       A.   They have longer filenames and extensions.
       B.   They might contain viruses.
       C.   They might contain button controls.
       D.   They have excessive opening times.

145.   Where are macros stored in a workbook?

       A.   In form controls
       B.   In buttons
       C.   In modules
       D.   In properties

146.   What would the code .Name="Calibri" do in a macro?

       A.   Display the Font dialog box
       B.   Set the font to Calibri
       C.   Set the font from Calibri to the next one in the list
       D.   Display a font list with Calibri selected

147.   What two command tabs include a Macros button?

       A.   Developer and Command
       B.   Developer and View
       C.   View and Macros
       D.   Macros and Developer

148.   Which of these statements about macros is true?

       A.   Macros can be saved only once.
       B.   A workbook can contain only one macro.
       C.   Macros can be run from an open, hidden workbook.
       D.   Macros are automatically assigned to form controls.

149.   If you want to write sophisticated Excel macros, what programming language would you
       be likely to study?

       A.   C++
       B.   Pascal
       C.   Structured Reference
       D.   Visual Basic

150.   How can you select a button control so that it can be deleted?

       A.   Left-click it.
       B.   Right-click it and then left-click it.
       C.   Right-click it and choose Delete.
       D.   Double-click it.
Lesson 22 Using Templates

151.   What is the filename extension for an Excel template?

       A.   xlsx
       B.   xlst
       C.   xltx
       D.   xlxt

152.   If you click the Synchronous Scrolling button to activate it, what happens?

       A.   Workbook windows move together.
       B.   Workbook windows separate.
       C.   Workbook windows are hidden.
       D.   Workbook windows are unhidden.
153.   What option should you choose in the New Workbook dialog box to see the templates
       that you have created?

       A.   Installed Templates
       B.   Microsoft Online
       C.   My Templates
       D.   User Templates

154.   What is a template?

       A.   A model workbook
       B.   A summary workbook
       C.   A custom workbook
       D.   An installed workbook

155.   What property works with the Protect Sheet command?

       A.   Locked
       B.   Property
       C.   Protection
       D.   Thumbnails

156.   Why would you use worksheet protection in a template?

       A.   To test formula accuracy
       B.   To prevent accidental deletion of labels
       C.   To provide sample data
       D.   To hide the worksheet's purpose

157.   What is a good way to provide help for someone using a template?

       A.   Add a chart
       B.   Use a slide presentation
       C.   Insert a comment
       D.   Reformat the data

158.   To what does the Locked property apply?

       A.   Filenames
       B.   Cells
       C.   Columns
       D.   Rows

159.   What does the title bar show if you download a template that is in Excel 97-2003

       A.   [Excel 97-2003 Mode]
       B.   [Edit Mode]
       C.   [Inspector Mode]
       D.   [Compatibility Mode]
160.   Which of the following names applies to a workbook created from the Expense

       A.   Expense
       B.   Expense1
       C.   Book1
       D.   Untitled

161.   Which of the following statements about templates is false?

       A.   It is a model workbook.
       B.   It reduces repetitive work.
       C.   It must be saved using the same filename.
       D.   It might have protected cells.

162.   What is necessary to edit the original template?

       A.   Navigating to the folder where it is stored
       B.   Removing the filename extension
       C.   Changing the workbook properties
       D.   Displaying a thumbnail image

163.   Which happens if a worksheet is not protected?

       A.   It cannot be opened.
       B.   It cannot be saved.
       C.   It can be edited.
       D.   All cells are locked.

164.   If you select a locked cell in a protected worksheet and press [Delete], what happens?

       A.   Nothing
       B.   A message box opens.
       C.   The Document Information Panel opens.
       D.   The contents of the cell are deleted.

165.   If you select a locked cell in an unprotected worksheet and press [Delete], what happens?

       A.   Nothing
       B.   A message box opens.
       C.   The Document Information Panel opens.
       D.   The contents of the cell are deleted.

166.   Which button allows you to lock cells and objects on the worksheet?

       A.   Protect Sheet
       B.   Protect Workbook
       C.   Lock Sheet
       D.   Lock Workbook
167.   How can you display two open workbooks horizontally tiled?

       A.   Click the Tile button.
       B.   Click the View Side by Side button.
       C.   Click the Tile Horizontally button.
       D.   Click the Tile Side by Side button.

168.   In the Save As dialog box, what should you choose for the Save As type to save a

       A.   Excel Binary Template
       B.   Excel Template
       C.   Microsoft Template
       D.   Template Workbook

169.   If Show a zero in cells that have zero value is unchecked, what appears in the cell for this
       formula: =B3*0?

       A.   The value in cell B3
       B.   A zero
       C.   Nothing
       D.   An error message

170.   What term describes a message that pops-up as soon as the insertion point enters the

       A.   Validation input message
       B.   Trusted Sources message
       C.   Styles Gallery message
       D.   Customization message

171.   In data validation settings, which error alert style displays an exclamation point in a
       yellow triangle?

       A.   Stop
       B.   Warning
       C.   Information
       D.   Help

172.   How can you remove sheet protection if there is no password?

       A.   Click the Remove Protection button.
       B.   Click the Unprotect Sheet button.
       C.   Click the Protection Off button.
       D.   Click the Reset Protection button.
173.   When protecting a workbook, what two elements can be set for protection?

       A.   Windows and Layout
       B.   Structure and Windows
       C.   Structure and Worksheet
       D.   Windows and Worksheet

174.   Which of the following statements about a locked and protected cell is true?

       A.   The cell contents can be modified but not deleted.
       B.   The cell contents can be deleted but not modified.
       C.   The cell contents can neither be modified nor deleted.
       D.   The cell contents can be modified as well as deleted.

175.   What category includes sample custom templates that are included when Excel is

       A.   My Templates
       B.   New from Existing
       C.   Microsoft Templates
       D.   Installed Templates

176.   When you choose a template in the New Workbook dialog box, what actually opens?

       A.   The selected template
       B.   An Excel workbook
       C.   A macro-enabled workbook
       D.   A template-enabled workbook

177.   Which of the following statements about workbook protection is true?

       A.   Workbook protection can be applied to a single worksheet.
       B.   Workbook protection requires a password.
       C.   Both worksheet and workbook protection can be applied to a workbook.
       D.   Workbook protection is set for multiple worksheets individually.

178.   Which dialog box includes templates that you have created?

       A.   New Workbook
       B.   New
       C.   New Templates
       D.   My Installed Templates

179.   What issues arise if a workbook runs in Compatibility Mode?

       A.   All features and commands are reduced.
       B.   Not all features and commands are available.
       C.   Not all data is visible.
       D.   Formulas may be deleted.
180.   How can you determine the default folder for templates that you create?

       A.   Search for an installed template and note the folder.
       B.   Save a workbook as a template and note the folder.
       C.   Download an online template and note the folder.
       D.   Start the Open command and note the folder.
Lesson 23 Using Workgroup Features

181.   When the track changes command is active, how can you identify a cell that has been

       A.   It is shaded and displays a comment.
       B.   It has a colored border and a small triangle marker.
       C.   It has a triangle marker and colored fill.
       D.   It is shown in a Filter list.

182.   What term describes a set of workers who share an Excel workbook?

       A.   Colleagues
       B.   Cooperatives
       C.   Workset
       D.   Workgroup

183.   Which task is not possible in a shared workbook?

       A.   Edit values
       B.   Insert a comment
       C.   Change column width
       D.   Use data validation

184.   Which two choices are available for handling conflicting changes in a shared workbook?

       A.   Changes from this user and Changes from that user
       B.   Allow changes and Do not save changes
       C.   When file is saved and Automatically every
       D.   Ask me which changes win and The changes being saved win

185.   What is a change history?

       A.   List of all edits in a shared workbook
       B.   List of all users with a copy of a shared workbook
       C.   A sheet with each user's name and computer location
       D.   A sheet with intervals between times changes

186.   How can you determine if a workbook is shared?

       A.   It displays [Shared] in the status bar.
       B.   It displays [Shared] in the title bar.
       C.   It displays [Shared] in the Properties dialog box.
       D.   It displays [Shared] in the Quick Access toolbar.
187.   When preparing to highlight changes on screen, what three options can be set in the
       dialog box?

       A.   Why, When, and Where
       B.   How, When, and What
       C.   What, Who, and When
       D.   When, Who, and Where

188.   Which button should you click to print a change history sheet?

       A.   Track Changes
       B.   Share Workbook
       C.   Accept Changes
       D.   Print History

189.   Which button displays/hides all comments on a worksheet?

       A.   Display Comments
       B.   Show Comments
       C.   Display All Comments
       D.   Show All Comments

190.   What happens if you reject a change?

       A.   The data returns to the original.
       B.   The data is deleted.
       C.   The data is set to the most recent change.
       D.   The data is removed from the column.

191.   How can you display the Compare and Merge Workbooks button?

       A.   Open the Mini toolbar.
       B.   Open the Microsoft Office menu.
       C.   Right-click the Quick Access toolbar
       D.   Right-click the status bar

192.   In what dialog box can you reset the user name?

       A.   Excel Tools
       B.   Excel Options
       C.   Excel Menu
       D.   Excel Review

193.   Which of the following steps will not allow you to insert a comment?

       A.   Right-click the cell and choose Insert Comment.
       B.   Click the Review command tab.
       C.   Edit a cell in a shared workbook.
       D.   Click the Insert command tab.
194.   When adding buttons to the Ribbon, which pane in the Excel Options dialog box is

       A.   Advanced
       B.   Customize
       C.   Popular
       D.   Trust Center

195.   What is the purpose of the Show/Hide Comment button?

       A.   Display/hide the comment box for the selected cell
       B.   Display/hide all comment boxes for the current column
       C.   Display/hide all comment boxes for the current row
       D.   Display/hide all comment boxes on the worksheet

196.   What term describes the complete list of edits made to a shared workbook?

       A.   Change List
       B.   Change History
       C.   Edit List
       D.   Edit History

197.   How can you work with changes highlighted in a merged workbook?

       A.   You can accept changes but cannot reject edits to labels.
       B.   You cannot accept all changes but can reject any change.
       C.   You can accept any change and reject any change.
       D.   You can neither accept changes nor reject changes.

198.   Which of these statements about a shared workbook is false?

       A.   A shared workbook can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously.
       B.   A shared workbook is usually located on a network drive.
       C.   A shared workbook can be copied.
       D.   A shared workbook has rows that cannot be deleted.

199.   Which command combines multiple user copies of a workbook into one file?

       A.   Compare and Merge Workbooks
       B.   Consolidate Workbooks
       C.   Track Changes
       D.   Accept or Reject Changes

200.   Which of these statements about merging workbooks is false?

       A.   The original workbook must have been shared before copies were made.
       B.   All workbooks must have the same filename and extension.
       C.   Workbooks must be merged before the expiration of the change history days.
       D.   Each copy of the workbook must have been made from the original.

Unit 1            Unit 3
1.    C           49.   B
2.    D           50.   A
3.    C           51.   C
4.    A           52.   B
5.    C           53.   C
6.    B           54.   A
7.    A           55.   B
8.    C           56.   B
9.    C           57.   D
10.   A           58.   B
11.   C           59.   A
12.   B           60.   A
13.   A           61.   C
14.   A           62.   C
15.   B           63.   A
16.   B           64.   D
17.   A           65.   A
18.   C           66.   C
19.   B
20.   B
21.   A
22.   A
23.   C
24.   B

Unit 2            Unit 4
25.   B           67.   B
26.   D           68.   C
27.   C           69.   D
28.   D           70.   C
29.   B           71.   B
30.   A           72.   C
31.   A           73.   A
32.   A           74.   B
33.   C           75.   B
34.   A           76.   A
35.   B           77.   C
36.   A           78.   C
37.   A           79.   D
38.   A           80.   A
39.   B           81.   B
40.   B           82.   A
41.   C           83.   D
42.   B           84.   C
43.   B
44.   C
45.   B
46.   B
47.   C
48.   A

                      Unit 7
Unit 5
85.    A              121.   C
86.    D              122.   B
87.    A              123.   D
88.    B              124.   B
89.    C              125.   D
90.    B              126.   B
91.    B              127.   C
92.    C              128.   A
93.    B              129.   C
94.    A              130.   C
95.    A              131.   C
96.    C              132.   C
97.    C              133.   C
98.    C              134.   B
99.    B              135.   D
100.   B              136.   C
101.   C              137.   A
102.   A              138.   B
                      139.   C
                      140.   B
                      141.   C
                      142.   C
Unit 6                143.
103.   A              145.   C
104.   C              146.   B
105.   C              147.   B
106.   B              148.   C
107.   D              149.   D
108.   B              150.   B
109.   B
110.   B
111.   B
112.   B
113.   A
114.   A
115.   A
116.   A
117.   B
118.   B
119.   C
120.   D

Unit 7
151.   C
152.   A
153.   C
154.   A
155.   A
156.   B
157.   C
158.   B
159.   D
160.   B
161.   C
162.   A
163.   C
164.   B
165.   D
166.   A
167.   B
168.   B
169.   C
170.   A
171.   B
172.   B
173.   B
174.   C
175.   D
176.   B
177.   C
178.   B
179.   B
180.   B

181.   B
182.   D
183.   D
184.   D
185.   A
186.   B
187.   D
188.   A
189.   D
190.   A
191.   C
192.   B
193.   D
194.   B
195.   A
196.   B
197.   C
198.   D
199.   A
200.   B

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