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					    A guide to providing proof of your identity
    Transferring money between super funds (combining your super)

     These days when you are moving money between super funds you are required to prove your identity.
     This is no different to making a withdrawal from a bank account. Your super could be thousands of
     dollars, so super funds need to be sure that they are transferring super to the right place.

     If you don’t provide the right ID correctly certified, it will delay your super transfer.

                                                                         Using yo
A short cut to proving                                                 driver’s     ur
                                                                                          Most people can certify their ID in
                                                                        or passp          three easy steps, but if:
your identity                                                                      ort
                                                                                          • you don’t have a driver’s licence
                                                                                            or passport OR
Step 1:          Go to your local post office or police station                           • you have changed your name
                                                                                            since you joined AustralianSuper
Take with you:                                                                              and your super accounts are in
                                                                                            different names
1. Either your CURRENT driver’s licence or passport                                       you’ll need to read Other ways to
2. AND a photocopy of this ID                                                             prove your identity on the back of
                                                                                          this page.
You need to take both the ORIGINAL ID and the photocopy –
if you have a new address on the back of your driver’s licence,
you’ll need to photocopy both sides.

Step 2:          Ask them to certify your ID

To certify your ID they need to:
                                                                                       P A S
1. Compare the photocopy to the ORIGINAL.
                                                                                             S P O
2. Stamp or write ‘This is a true and correct copy of
   the original’ followed by their signature, printed
   name, qualification (eg Australia Post employee*,
                                                                                                   R T
                                                                                          This is a true and co
   Police Officer) and the date.

Step 3:          Send it all back to us                                                     copy of the original
Send the ORIGINAL certified copies of your ID
back to us, attached to your transfer form using                                                                 e
this reply paid address:                                                                      Sergeant Sam Sampl
                                                                                                2 November 2009
Reply Paid 1901

Because we need to see original signatures on your form
and certified ID you must send these documents to us, you
cannot fax or email them.

You’re done!

* Permanent employee of Australia Post with five or more years of continuous service                                                                                      1300 300 273
   A guide to providing proof of your identity

Other ways to prove                                                                               If you have changed your name or are
                                                                                                  signing on behalf of another person
your identity
                                                                                       You’ll need to prove the link between you and the other
                                                                                       person, or your name change. You can use one of the
           If you don’t have a driver’s licence                                        documents below as well as your other certified ID
           or passport                                                                 (such as a driver’s licence or passport).

You will need to have two documents certified:                                         If you have changed your name you’ll need one
                                                                                       of these:
One of these:
• birth certificate or birth extract                                                   • Marriage certificate
• citizenship certificate issued by the Commonwealth                                   • deed poll, or
• pension card issued by Centrelink that entitles the                                  • change of name certificate from the Births, Deaths
  person to financial benefits.                                                          and Marriages Registration Office.

And one of these:                                                                      If you are signing on behalf of another person you’ll
• a letter from Centrelink regarding a Government                                      need one of these:
  assistance payment
• notice issued by Commonwealth, State or Territory                                    • Guardianship papers
  Government or local council within the past three                                    • Power of Attorney.
  months that contains your name and residential
  address. For example:
  –     Tax Office Notice of Assessment                                                Need more help?
  –     Rates notice from local council.
                                                                                       If you need help and don’t know if your proof of ID is
                                                                                       acceptable, give us a call before you get started. Call
           If you can’t get to a post office or                                        us on 1300 300 273.
           police station

These other people are allowed to certify

• a finance company officer with five or more years
  of continuous service (with one or more finance
• an officer with, or authorised representative of, a
  holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence
  (AFSL), having five or more years continuous service
  with one or more licensees
• a notary public officer
• a registrar or deputy registrar of a court
• a Justice of the Peace
• a person enrolled on the roll of a State or Territory
  Supreme Court or the High Court of Australia, as a
  legal practitioner
• an Australian consular officer or an Australian
  diplomatic officer
• a judge of a court
• a magistrate, or
• a Chief Executive Officer of a Commonwealth court.

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