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					                             REA VAYA BUS RAPID TRANSIT (BRT)
      Venue :          35 Symons Road (Region B People’s Centre)
      Date :           22 January 2008
      Time :           11h00
                                   Meeting with Councillor Cindy Grobbelaar (Ward 69)
     No                                                   ITEM                                                ACTION
1.           BRT Section 5 Skills Audit (Ward 69)

             The purpose of the meeting was as follows:

                 i.   To discuss a strategy for targeting areas in Ward 69 for the public meetings and
                      labour registration processes;
                ii.   To decide on dates for the public meetings and labour registration processes to be
                      carried out in Ward 69.

             The following agreements were reached in terms of the public meetings and labour
             registration processes:

1.1          Targeted Areas

                 •    Clr Grobbelaar noted that the labour registrations for Brixton and Jan Hofmeyr will
                      need to be redone. She passed on the following contact details to NMA for people
                      who could possibly assist with publicizing the processes:
                      o Hans Visser - 082 952 2193
                      o Hal Wilson - 082 325 0888                                                              NMA
                      o Father Kalszlo - 072 041 3914
                      o Annetjie Du Toit - 082 873 2004
                      In addition, the police station, cafes and estate agencies in the area could be
                      contacted for further assistance.
                 •    Specific streets to be targeted in Hursthill and Rossmore include High Street,
                      Caroline Street, Magalies Street and Collins Street. Streets were selected based on
                      the high student populations within the areas.
                 •    Crosby and Mayfair West will not be targeted as they were classified as upper/middle
                      income communities and were also not along the route alignment.
                 •    Pamphlets should be distributed two days prior to the processes commencing. NMA          NMA
                      will be responsible for printing the information and Clr Grobbelaar will recommend
                      people to distribute them. Clr Grobbelaar requested that NMA provide R100 in
                      remuneration to each of those distributing leaflets.                                   Grobbelaar
                 •    NMA will make copies of the Skills and SMME audit process presentation available at      NMA
                      the meetings.

1.2          Dates of Public Meetings and Skills Audits

                 •    Brixton and Hursthill/Rossmore Public Meeting
                      Date: 7 February 2008
                      Venue: Brixton Recreation Centre, 67 Corner Fulham & Ripley Streets, Brixton
                      Time: 18h00

                 •    Brixton and Hursthill/Rossmore Skills Registration:
                      Date: 12 February to 16 February 2008
                      Venue: Brixton Recreation Centre

      Meeting with Councillor Cindy Grobbelaar: 22 January 2007                                                  Page 1
                  Time: 10h00am – 16h00pm

              •   Jan Hofmeyr/Vrededorp Public Meeting
                  Date: 12 February 2008
                  Venue: Jan Hofmeyr Recreational Centre, 1 Avenue, Jan Hofmeyr
                  Time: 18h00pm

              •   Jan Hofmeyr/Vrededorp Skills Registration:
                  Date: 19 February to 23 February 2008
                  Venue: Jan Hofmeyr Recreation Centre
                  Times: 10h00am – 16h00pm

                                              ATTENDANCE REGISTER

CONTACT NAME                                                   ORGANISATION

1. Urvashni Moonoo                                             NMA Effective Social Strategists
2. Lungelo Mgcina                                              NMA Effective Social Strategists
3. Councillor Cindy Grobbelaar                                 Ward 69 Councillor

   Meeting with Councillor Cindy Grobbelaar: 22 January 2008                                      Page 2