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Plastic Surgery- Finding The Money


									By and large, plastic surgery procedures are not covered by health insurance. There
are exceptions to be sure—if you have a legitimate medical reason for a procedure
(such as reconstruction after breast cancer, skin grafts, etc.), insurance will cover the
costs. For the most part, however, people get plastic surgery because they want to, not
because they need to. For that reason, they must pay for the procedure out of their
own pockets. This can be difficult for some people. If you fall into that category, here
are some ways to find the money you need to pay for your operation.
 Without question, the best way to pay for a plastic surgery procedure is to have the
money up front. If you don’t have the money now, try setting aside a certain amount
each month until you have saved up enough to pay cash. If you aren’t making enough
money to do this, you should immediately rule out financing or any other payment
plans. Those will also require a monthly payment, except if you can’t make those your
credit will be ruined and you may find yourself in court. If you can afford it, but you
are the type of person that can’t wait until they get their reward, there are other
 One of the best ways to finance your procedure is to get financing through the clinic.
Many modern clinics offer financing for their patients, and the rates are typically very
fair. Of course, you’ll need to do some research about the particular financing they
offer before you make such a decision. Another option is to pay for the procedure with
a credit card. If you can pay off the credit card in a few months, this isn’t the worst
idea. If it will take you years to pay it off, put the thought out of your mind. With
interest rates, finance charges, and everything else, you’ll wind up paying twice the
amount the operation costs in the first place.
 A final option is to let everyone you know in on your plans. Tell them that you are
saving up for an expensive piece of plastic surgery and remind them that any help
towards that goal would be appreciated around the holidays. Rather than getting
mundane gifts that you won’t even remember in a month, you can ask for money to
go directly to your private plastic surgery fund.
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