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					Plastic surgeons are surgeons who have received special training in cosmetic surgery
which includes a number of procedures that require major surgical techniques. These
doctors are also trained in performing reconstructive surgery, although some will
focus only on a specific area of plastic surgery in this broad field.
  The field of plastic surgery was first developed as reconstructive surgery to correct
disfigurements or injuries. Although the practice had been around for centuries, most
early cosmetic surgeries involved skin grafts, a surgical technique that involves
removing skin from one part of the body and placing it on another part. The first
American plastic surgery was performed in 1827 to correct a cleft palate.
  Cosmetic surgery as a specialty evolved tremendously in the 20th century after
soldiers came home from war with disfiguring facial injuries. Since then,
reconstructive surgeries are still popular, with breast reduction, tumor removal, and
laceration repair being the most popular procedures. This type of plastic surgery is
typically more invasive, and requires general anesthesia, as well as a hospital stay to
  Today, there are a variety of cosmetic surgeries that are beyond the scope of
reconstructing a disfigured face. The most popular surgeries include breast
augmentation, liposuction, and rhinoplasty. Unlike reconstructive surgeries, a number
of cosmetic surgeries are not considered major surgery, and most are outpatient
procedures. These procedures have developed to include non-surgical techniques that
do not require making incisions or anesthesia and are performed by plastic surgeons;
laser treatments and botox injections are also considered cosmetic surgery, although
they are less invasive.
  While some doctors are qualified to perform a number of procedures, most tend to
develop their skills in one particular procedure. Breast augmentation is one such field
where plastic surgeons may chose to focus specifically on this one procedure. Within
this very popular field of breast augmentation, a surgeon can then chose to perform
reconstructive surgeries for patients who have had a mastectomy, or purely cosmetic
surgeries. By focusing on one specific procedure, a doctor can develop their skills and
create more natural looking results. Most, if not all, surgeons will provide before and
after photos of their former patients to demonstrate to newer patients what they can
expect with a certain doctor’s skill set.
  Plastic surgeons are certified board physicians. These specialists are required to
attend medical school, complete a three-year residency program and another
three-year plastic surgery residency before they can receive their board certifications
and practice independently. There are a number of medical boards that specialize in
plastic surgery, and each has different requirements; while some doctors are certified
by one board, others chose to seek certification from each one. Plastic surgeons are
still required to have board certifications to perform even non-surgical procedures.
  Since the development of the first surgical techniques, plastic surgery has developed
into a broad field of medicine that covers patients in need of reconstructive
procedures or for those seeking to erase signs of aging, or to augment a specific body
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